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Thursday, 7 April 2022

Playboy Driver Reviews


We would generally like to write a proper response to every review we get. We enjoy it and hopefully it shows some respect to the hard working people that either for work or passion or both write about indie music. Time is however tight, so for the moment we will post some bits on social media when we see reviews and list and quote from them here. Please do give these sites your clicks, they are an important part of the indie music scene.

In no particular order....

Infomusic @info_music_fr "Sans aucun doute, vous serez conquis par 9 o’clock Nasty." *** OK so this should be translated but zut alors, our first review in French!

MusoMuso @musomusouk "If you’ve become accustomed to the 9 o’clock Nasty EPs, prepare yourself for the distilled essence. ‘Playboy Driver’ is one song. There is nothing playful or eclectic about this one. This is a statement of intent. A moment of violence. Garage rock is back, baby."

Red Rock Magazine @redrockmagazine "Hide your daughters and lock up the liquor cabinets, 9 O’clock Nasty is coming through town."

Izzy the Gent @izzythegent "The latest single by 9 O'clock Nasty is a high energy nod to old school Beastie Boys and Fugazi. It's a beautiful sunny day in the Bay Area, bump this new track on the way to your pleasure destination." ***Spotify reliably informs us that the number 1 place where the song is played is in fact Oakland - by a wide margin, which has now taken over from Brooklyn as our top audience spot. We're writing the May single for the central states. Let's see....

Havoc Underground @havoc_underground "The track explores an impressive blend between the raw attitude of Punk Rock, and the more melodic side of Indie Rock, to leave the listener with a poppy tune that's easy to leave on repeat."

Indie o'clock @indieoclock "Raw rock, full of class, overflowing with talent and power, Playboy Driver is one of the best rock tracks of recent times, sincerely rooted and genuine. Brilliant, 9 o'clock Nasty rocks again."

Rising Artists Blog @risingartists.musicblog "Capturing the feeling of wind through your hair and not knowing the speed limit, “Playboy Driver” is in your face and unapologetic about it. The type of song that will have you feeling cool and reaching to turn your radio up. Exactly what I imagine goes through Vin Diesel’s head during the Fast & Furious movies." ***We often wonder what goes through Vin Diesel's head. Best not to dwell on that too long...

Roadie Music Mag @roadiemusicmag "weight meets harmony, with a very well measured dose of madness..... paving the way like a rampant tractor.... The bass attacks precisely, cohesively and devastates everything in front of it so that nothing can escape its relentless fury filled with groove and bass absurdity." ***we are relying on Google Translate and Ted's ability to speak Spanish which isn't always great rto catch the subtlety of Portuguese but... we always love reading these reviews. Pete has packed his back. This June, Brazil is added to the World Tour.

Sinusoidal @sinusoidal.music "With just the right mix of funky, dirty and catchy- Playboy Driver is a tender surrender to a man who seemed to have it all in the spotlight... When Ted, screams, it sure sounds like he’s going for blood." *** Yes Nish, we are proud to be as mad as badgers. Raccoons often get mistaken for badgers which is to their advantage.

Os Garotos de Liverpool @gdltudosobremusica "This is the music on the verge of collapsing and spilling onto the sidewalk every moment. Somehow, he stumbles forward and keeps pace. There's something very dark at the heart of this song. Kinetic. A casual death. However, it fills me with adrenaline and joy and I can't help but play it over and over again. " ***love the original style of this one

Nene's Butler @nenesbutlerpresents "70s Grand Prix fantasies mix with the screams of the band and roar through the pit lane of our ear canals." ***if you'd like to know more about us there is a really good interview with this piece

It's All Indie @itsallindie "Playboy Driver honestly sounds like it was written with F1 in mind, as a backing track for some on-track action. It's a fast-paced grunge-rock track with some seriously thick and deep bass-lines filled with vocals that sound like they command a field of excited fans. The guitars here sound sexy as James Hunt ***They're not wrong, we'd just watched 48 hours straight of Grand Prix highlights before recording it.

Kimu @KARLISMYUNKLE "Setting the frequency with psychedelic and immersive electric guitar, 9 o’clock Nasty open their latest release, Playboy Driver with an epic introduction fused with visuals of some iconic and disastrous F1 footage." ***really enjoyed this piece especially as it mentions martinis and gasoline. 

Mangowave  @mangowavereviews "'Playboy Driver' is a song too sexy, too unique, and soaked in gasoline too much for this planet - and yet here it is.... artistically anarchist approach ... Heavy Garage Rock and the most confident no-future (Post) Punk attitude carry this anthem on which 9 o'clock nasty embrace the thrill of living life on the fast lane." ***We watch "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" on heavy rotation and we LOVE being called artistic anarchists even more than punk aristocrats.

Less Than 1000 Followers @jpgchief "Now, after 9 o’clock Nasty brought you politics and sex, the time has arrived for pure speed; it’s time for you to take a drink, hit the gas, and live life like you really mean it.... Steeped in garage rock and stinking of gasoline and sex, “Playboy Driver” puts its boots on your table and sips a dry, dry martini." ***and they are GOLD crocodile skin cuban heeled boots too.

Send Me Your Ears @SendMeYourEars "Playboy Driver starts with some real dirty guitar riffs and makes you feel that perhaps you accidentally sat in some gasoline whilst ordering your drink. It makes you feel as if you’re at the race track and something is about to happen." ***we adored this review. Clearly kindred spirits. We will be using the feedback about the lack of stereo and poor frequency something in the upper range to avoid paying Mr Thumbs.  Mind you "the chaotic feeling that everything is all happening and there’s nothing you can do to stop the wall of noise onslaught" is EXACTLY the sensation we carefully crafted the song to elicit!

Edgar Allan Poets  @edgarallanpoets "The energy this song releases is incredible. Every time I listen to it I feel like drinking a lot of beer." ***same here Chris, same here. Thank you for the nice things you said about the production, it was Mr Thumb's first production/mix for us and we loved working with him and he will be super-happy with your comments I'm sure. We may have to pay him now though.

Rock Era Magazine  @rockeramag "The music takes us impressively to 90s rock sounds with a lot of guitars and rhythms on the ear with all the power to make every piece in your body dance from hyper-adrenal response." ***we are shooting for your adrenals, watch out!

Headbangers News @headbangersnews_br "The song is powerful, fresh and unlike any other." ***Obrigado e um abraço.

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