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Sunday 10 October 2021

JPG Chief Reviews Cut "high gain guitars shredding"

Waiting for reviews for the songs is never easy. We hope that if someone is going to bother writing anything they will probably say something positive, but JPGChief at Less than 1000 Followers have been consistently supportive and clearly do more than copy and paste our (admittedly hilarious) press release.

This is a link to their review. The usual plea, please do give their site a visit, it is a vital part of the indie music ecosystem that bands have an audience and people to write about their work. 

Rock, Rap and Rockabilly is a challenging phrase to describe any music with, and in fairness none of the songs on Cut try to do all three at once. That would kind of be like dancing with your mum whilst wearing platform shoes and sipping three kinds of ice cold beverage at once.

That sounds quite cool actually.

We didn't mean YOUR mother, we meant our mother. It was a made up thing. We have different mothers. Glad we are getting all this cleared up.

Rockabilly is interesting because that is not our thing at all, although back in the day we may have got bruises at Meteors gig or two. Gravy Train, the OG version, already had a stripped down almost 50s beat. Adding a skiffle element to it worked, and the strong guitar riff does sort of make it sound like a post-rockabilly-art-garage-post-punk sort of thing.

Starting right away and with no hold backs, “Dead Planet” starts with an instantly memorable guitar riff. Sexy, mysterious and all around cool, this guitar riff gives me a 70’s James Bond vibes, only cooler. The chorus is catchy and easy to learn, you’ll be singing along in no time.

Dead Planet started with that riff. Pete already had the lyric, in the Big Black Book of Brock. Writing it was a joy because it sort of spun up and up each time we added more to the song. Cooler than James Bond is pretty cool. The rumours that Ted will be the next James Bond are pure conjecture. He's too tall for the suits. And he's not big on Martinis. Or murder. Or being a paid assassin for the Crown. Or the misogyny. Or the getting punched. Especially on the whole being punched thing. Now if an opening ever came up for super-villains....

Thank you MadZenMan, you are a good human.

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