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Saturday 31 July 2021

What Time Is Nasty Tee - it's back baby!


Probably our own favourite design, now remastered and rejiggered. Head over to our online store for this and more.

Kristian K Butter joins the 9 o'clock Nasty



9 o'clock Nasty today announced that world-famous Theramin player with a CV that includes work with Elton John, Coldplay, G D Sexphatt and the Caledonian Bustbangers, will join them with effect from 1st August 2021.

As part of the mulit-pound deal, Kristian will be helping to re-record all of the 9 o'clock Nasty back-catalogue with a Theramin track with the exception of the upcoming EP Growl, which will be free from his tantric influence.

The change will also not affect the upcoming launch of the 9 o'clock Nasty Only Fans channel "9 o'clock Super Nasty."

Kristian said "it is an honour to join this band. We will make music. We will make history."


9 o'clock Nasty can confirm that Kristian K Butter is in fact Christian Cage, notable wrestler with no known affiliation to Theramin playing. 

Band spokesdrummer Sydd Spudd commented "well, that's a shame."

Friday 30 July 2021

Gammon Free Tee


Make your feelings abundantly clear this summertime with this 100% Gammon Free T Shirt.  Limited run available at our online shop.

Thursday 29 July 2021

DJ Dirty Boy In Nasty Pasty Incident

Long time collaborator of 9 o'clock Nasty and landlord for Koala Studios, the world's smallest full size recording studio for the small of stature, is in trouble with authority once more.

Ever since his Pukka Pie disco smashing incident left him with scalded palms and a number of enemies, he has been on a strange diet prescribed by Band Physician Dr Ghooz as well as the most powerful painkillers allowed in the western hemisphere.

In a delirium of pain DJ Dirty Boy attempted to purchase a Cornish Pasty at the all-night garage on Cumberland Way and was excited to hear Gammon v Pilgrim by 9 o'clock Nasty come onto the radio. As he frantically explained to the attendant that he was the man that produced the song pouring from the speakers he clearly crossed the customer/ robber line and local special constabulary resources were mobilised.

The resulting fracas was a battle with one loser and a great many victors. DJ DB is now at home under sedation and will be appearing in front of the authorities on Friday. Three people have suggested 9 o'clock Nasty once more put on a Free DJ Dirty Boy benefit gig to raise the funds for the enigmatic pie slapping DJ's legal costs.

When speaking to local news, Pete Brock, the irascible performer in the Nasty said:

"Look it's all the circle of life. He has to stop leaving rotting food about and the whole crushing pastry based foods with his bare hands thing has got to stop. The carpet is ruined."

Rumour has it that a number of local bands that owe a debt of gratitude to the wayward DJ's skills are planning a series of concerts across the city of Leicester this weekend.

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Roadie Music in Brazil reviews Unspool My Heart


It is an absolute pleasure to get a review on Roadie Music, an incredibly popular and well-put-together Brazilian Music blog

We struggle to understand Portuguese but Google Translate works wonders and we really enjoyed Allesandro's words:

Leicester's art-indie collective manages to "insult" virtually every demographic group in its second release, but always with naïve kindness, energy and memorable melodies. They are irresistible songs, with a symbiosis of openly pop aura with experimental elements. The lyrics only makes the artistic precept even more engaging!

We're old enough to remember when the musical universe was the venues within an hour's drive of your house, and if you were lucky a few gigs in London. Those were wonderful days, truly. We had the tremendous good fortune to break out of that bubble and play overseas at different times and that gave us something special. But the joy of being heard on the other side of the world, having music we made in this stunted endurance test of a studio, covered in old crinoline and hairspray, and having the impressions of people there, well it is humbling.

Here is a salute to the internet, social media and of course to Nasty. Perhaps we can include Brazil in our first tour?

Monday 26 July 2021

Dark Studel Review of Monstruosa is in: "Tightly Wound Thunder."


"A lifetime of disappointment made real with plastic words over an incandescent beat*"

The enigmatic visionary and most dangerous man in western music** Danzig Krupp has passed judgement on a preview of the lead track for our August release "Monstruosa."

He liked it.

"At times I have felt that 9 o'clock Nasty were flirting with something truly original, pausing on the edge of true madness, teasing us with a vision of otherworldly beatpop. Unspool My Heart made me think they may in fact have serious intent. The song made me believe that under their innocence, behind the artful posture, there was a coherent, muscular pop group fighting to get out."

"Monstruosa confirms that belief. A little over two minutes of tightly wound thunder, it expresses a lifetime of disappointment made real with plastic words over an incandescent beat. For the everywoman and the everyman in this broken world, they provide a moment of respite where the listener realises they are not alone in their confused feelings, and as they pummel their foreheads into the speakers and sing along with the chorus, the four corners of the apocalypse reunite and hum softly with deep contentment."

"Nasty songs hunt in packs and the power of Monstruosa is tempered by the sense of loss in Walkman Walk and the whimsical fury of Big Fish (en eine Kliene Puhl)."

Danzig, we never doubted you.

Monstruosa is the lead track on our August release "Growl" which will be available from the 7th August or so, depending on how things on the internet go. You can catch a preview of the songs on our Instagram page.

*We paid him £5 to write this.

** He paid us £5 to write this.

Saturday 24 July 2021

Coming soon: Growl, the Autumn 9 o'clock Nasty EP release

We're pleased to confirm that this time next week we'll be starting to release Growl through the usual channels, with the aim of officially declaring it out on 7th August. If you thought Dry was groovy pop in some places and batshit crazy in others... well Growl will certainly push those limits a little further. The EP features Monstruosa as its lead track - a proper shout along stomper, with the synth-driven anguish of Walkman Walk and the delicious nonsense dance of Big Fish (In a Pool of Piss).

If you'd like to snag a sneak preview, we've released short clips from the videos for the songs on Instagram this week.

Friday 23 July 2021

Final Call for the InstaNasty Gang


Just a little time left on the special offer for anyone that follows us on Instagram before Sunday 25th July.

All Instagram followers on that day, will get a link send to them via DM that allows the download of a special sneak preview of one of the songs from the September EP "Dust" - probably a demo mix of "Say No To Funk." Free mp3 forever.  https://www.instagram.com/9oclocknasty/

This week we've shared short previews of some upcoming songs (Say No To Funk, If They Won't Eat Beef, Walkman Walk & Big Fish and we still have a few other as yet unreleased video previews to share as well as a pile of Nastyriobillia.

Please do head to Instagram and give us a Follow.

If you want to complete the set, we do also tweet most days with things that the Internet Needs to Hear.

Thursday 22 July 2021

9Nasty Scoop Tourism Award


We're pleased to announce that we won the 13th place in the Underground Leicester Tourism Promotion Awards (as sponsored by TurnipPlan your home insurance comparison app) for our portrayal of Leicester in the King of Hackney video.

Judges seemed perplexed that the song title wasn't King of Leicester, but they clearly will never understand irony. 

There was an invitation ceremony at the exclusive 83 Granby St eaterie to which none of the top 12 bothered to turn up to, therefore by default as the highest place entrant to turn up, 9 o'clock Nasty scopoed the prize. Marissa, tour manager and existential threat was accompanied by philanthropist Benjamin Ding. They wore Versace and Slump. 

Band members unable to attend included Sydd Spudd (on assignment), Pete Brock (polishing his brass) and Ted Pepper (remixing a version of Gravy Train with DJ Dirty Boy and his filthy bandaged hands).

Nasty, out.

Tuesday 20 July 2021

Video for "What Time Is Nasty?"


Gold Paint. Copious Eyeshadow. The clock ticks up and up to Nine O'Clock. Itch and Burn. New Wave of Garage alt-rockers 9 o'clock Nasty tried their first live-action video shoot and the results were.... Nasty.

It had been a long, hot, sweaty day when the NastyPack congregated at the orbiting HQ. Nobody except Jethro will suffer Koala Studios right now because the accumulated moisture and grease running down the walls is all too much. That and the stench from DJ DirtyBoy's rotting cornish pasties. Imbibements were imbibed. New videos for Monstuosa, Walkman Walk and Big Fish in a Pool of Piss* were viewed. More imbibing went on. It was an all-round imbibathon. 

Then the challenge. Why not make another video? Luckily Band Tour Manager, Millenial Consultant Camera Operator, Marissa (the most dangerous woman in Western Music) had a ton of gold panstick and kohl, so.... the video got made.

Enjoy. Nasty, Out.

*These songs form the August EP release "Growl" which for the first time will have actual proper videos on YouTube from day 1 rather than adding afterwards.

Monday 19 July 2021

InstaNasty; Offer for anyone that follows us there


We have a special offer for anyone that follows us on Instagram before Sunday 25th July.

All Instagram followers on that day, will get a link send to them via DM that allows the download of a special sneak preview of one of the songs from the September EP "Dust" - probably a demo mix of "Say No To Funk." Free mp3 forever.  https://www.instagram.com/9oclocknasty/

On our Instagram you'll find 30 second clips of songs we haven't released yet, something new every day, and assorted NastyGrams. It won't just be gently reheated stuff from Facebook.

Please do head to Instagram and give us a Follow.

If you want to complete the set, we do also tweet most days with things that the Internet Needs to Hear.

Sunday 18 July 2021

Review of What Time is Nasty? on Phork


Huge thanks to Phork for wonderful review and interview. It is a real pleasure to be read terms like "demonic possession and fractured poetic gesture" associated with our stuff because (shock) that is EXACTLY what we were aiming for. We are recording the video for What Time? this weekend, if the weather holds (we can'f fake dancing naked in a lightning storm, it has to be real) and we will work hard to live up to that phrase as we cavort, screaming for vengeance to the thunder gods.

If you feel like you're on our wavelength, go read the review on Phork, because you will probably feel on their frequency too.

Friday 16 July 2021

New Video for Gammon v Pilgrim


We are currently hard at work on the next Nasty EP, provisionally entitled "Growl." All work and no work does however make Jack a dull person. Apparently. So we made this for you all. And ourselves, mostly. Jethro hates it and had to leave the room screaming. 

As well as providing a suitable backdrop to dance along with Gammon v Pilgrim the video has a useful educational role in assisting the viewer in Gammon identification. You may disagree with our choice of faces to include, which is fine, if you edit your own video with a different selection please drop us a line.

There is the moment the next morning when you think... dammit, I missed XXXXX. There is always one more Gammon. They are like year-old samosas embedded in the wall like throwing stars the afternoon after you got back from Skegness all high on rock and breeze in the heady days of summer 2020.

Anyway, if you do think of a missing Gammon, feel free to name them in the comments below. One that makes us go "Oh Yes!" the most wins one of Pete Brock's discarded E-Strings.

We'll start the ball rolling. Dyson.... GO! 

Thursday 15 July 2021

Nasty Shoppe

The 9 o'clock Nasty shop is now open. This is in addition to the Merch link on our homepage, and deals exclusively with.....


Hard to explain this one.

So we bought some doll's shoes as props for a video that will come out in August. And we didn't realise how many shoes were in the bag when we ordered it. It is a Fuck-ton of doll shoes.

So we're selling them, but to make it attractive we offer with each sale a free exclusive mp3 of an as-yet unreleased 9 o'clock Nasty song. It will only be exclusive until September, as the song we will give away will then be released as normal. But it isn't filler, it is a top class classic.

If anyone wants to just take them off our hands, and can give us something fun in exchange, get in touch.

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Review: Unspool My Heart on Nenes Butler


Thank you to Nenes Butler for their review and for publishing an interview with us, which was a real pleasure. It's a great blog and well-worth a look.

We hope they won't mind us putting a translation of the German section here (and forgive our mashed up efforts at translation. 

What I really appreciate about 9 o'clock Nasty is that they don't play around for long, you get straight to the point.Unspool My Heart starts immediately, starting with the chorus, a chorus in the 60s sound, seasoned with psychedelica, a breeze of rock and sixties harmonies.The sound is very earthy and raw which is absolutely suitable for this genre. The vocals bring you even closer to this musical decade. Original and more than just good, they force you to sing along. If you listen to the rest of their EP "Dry" it quickly becomes clear that they do not concentrate on this style alone or let it be nailed down. We are already eagerly awaiting their next EP which will be released soon.

We shall be asking our good friend Danzig Krupp to check out Nenes Butler (he may be the most dangerous man in Western Music, but his reviews aren't as good as this). 

Sunday 11 July 2021

New Video for King of Hackney


So we took a large bag of weaponised birdseed and Agnes, the new intern at Koala Studios into downtown Leicester to make a nature documentary. Ended up making a tourist video.

Love you, Leicester.

Nasty Out.

Screaming Hearts Playlist


Lovely Sunday Morning Treat to be added to the Screaming Hearts playlist on Spotify.

We're rocking along to the Chris Ruben Band at the Orbiting Nasty HQ this morning, considering a deconstructed cover version or two....


Saturday 10 July 2021

Dry, Now Released


DRY, the July EP release by 9 o'clock Nasty is now available.

They* say everyone is a village. Well, someone is the idiot left behind by the village. You can download the songs from our free download area, or watch them on YouTube. Many other ways of playing them are shown in the links below. Please do make a noise on social media if you like them. Nasty Noise.


*"They" in this case being "us"

Friday 9 July 2021

What Time Is Nasty?


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

What Time is Nasty? is the third track from "Dry," the July 2021 EP of 9 o'clock Nasty. The answer cannot come as a surprise, but in truth, don't we always just want to hear the answer we expected when we ask a question?

9 o’clock approaches as the clock ticks down. You gulp, staring at the second hand as each second stretches out to be milliseconds of little devils laughing in your ears. You start sweating in a daze. “What time is nasty?” “9 o’clock!” “What time is nasty?” “9 o’clock!” The night is going to be nasty, and there’s nothing you could do to stop it. Tick-tock, tick-tock. It’s all you could think about.  

9 o’clock nasty has nailed that demonic, poised moment with a fractured, poetic gesture in reminiscence of the 60s psychedelic, garage rock expression. Progressing towards the final madness of the night in a steady, rhymical, endless loop smashing into a clang, joyously and irresponsibly. The band has a nasty sense of humor.  (Phork, July 2021)

Listening Notes

Check your timepiece. Wait until 8.45. It doesn't matter if it is am or pm. 8.45. 

Strip. Strip naked. Dispose of clothes. Cast aside shoes. All of it. Jewellery. Hats. Piercings. 

Return yourself to your original state. Bare.

Shake all the tension from your body. Avoid mirrors. Roll your shoulders. Be at one with the meat that makes you. We are all meat. Meat and Thoughts.

Walk in a slow circle. Pace. Steady. Breathe and breathe. Get the air into your body. Let the clock do its work.

9.00. Exactly. No more, no less. Throw open all windows. Throw open all barriers. Shriek like you were just fucking born. Rebirth yourself into a cruel and stupid world. Fuck this. 

Press play. Get Nasty.

Sing Along

We say "What Time is Nasty?" 

You say "Nine o'clock!"

It really isn't hard. 


Sick Child


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Sick Child is the second track from "Dry," the July 2021 EP of 9 o'clock Nasty. We all have a history, but let's be honest: Yours really is a bit special.

Listening Notes

Sit down to watch television in a friend's house. Let yourself slowly descend into that armchair. Feel the gap by the armrest, stretch your fingers down to seek out dust, refuse, a coin. Hold the remote control in your hand and think about all the great television programmes you have seen in this short time on earth.

Think how much they may have mattered to you. The way you could share them with a friend or your family. All those times you did this exact same thing.

Get ready to turn the television on, but be prepared. This is not going to be one of those magical moments.

Sing Along

Me I exist stage left

But You Keep Singing

And I can't trace your lip sync

While my ears are ringing

I feel like Dennis Potter

There's lipstick on my collar

Sick Child of the Swinging Sixties

Won't you bleed me dry? 

Unspool My Heart


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Unspool My Heart is the first track from "Dry," the July 2021 EP of 9 o'clock Nasty. You may have lived in relationships that wound forwards. Wound back. Forwards. Back. This is for you. Both of you.

We all know one. The idiot the village left behind. The Gammon Believer.

The star of the porno in their freakshow mind. 

"He is the poundshop Stalin of my broken heart."

Reviewers Said

"Wasn’t sure what to expect from such a short track, but it was pleasantly surprising with its cool funky delivery. I enjoyed it, short but sweet!" @Porcupiny 

"Classic Rock Sound with some entertaining lyrics" @IndieBandGuru

Listening Notes

Consider an ex. Consider, really consider where it went wrong. Think about the person they are with now. Be honest, do you like their new lover? Tolerate them? This is the song to sing when you think of that rival. The one that took away your love. Be honest, they defeated you. You lost. 

Now, find a playlist, or a mixtape that you particularly associate with that lost love. Find it but pause there. Pause. Take a deep breath. Delete the fucking pile of shit and play this instead. Dance with joy. You won. It doesn't matter what anyone else may say, there is only one winner in the game of your life, and you are it.

Sing Along

He was a one man conga. An accident of fashion.

The star of the porno in his freak-show mind. 

The idiot the village left behind. 

He was the gammon believer.

The giver not giving. 



Preach Me Down (Prelude)


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Preach Me Down is the pre-EP track from "Dry," the July 2021 EP of 9 o'clock Nasty. Designed to set a mood. Not the mood. There are many. This is an early fragment of a full song with the same name. We just haven't written it yet.

Listening Notes

People Preach. They shouldn't in truth. But they do. Preach, preach, preach. When you are on the receiving end of a sermon, pop in your headphones, set the apparatus to repeat. Press PLAY. Nod at times, it won't matter when. Suck your teeth. It will all be over soon. 

Sing Along

Touch my heart. Let it burn.

Preach me down to dust.

Thursday 8 July 2021

Dark Strudel review "Dry" : der Pfundladen Stalin meines gebrochenen Herzens

Danzig Krupp, blogger, fantasist and "the most dangerous man in Western music" is at it again. We sent him an advance copy of Dry (release this Friday) on red vinyl (10" white label, he insists) and his review does not disappoint. With his permission we reprint his short but poignant bout of narrative abuse here in full.

Dark Strudel. Wednesday 7 Jul 2021

Mit DRY haben die 9-Uhr-Nasty die vierte Wand zwischen dem Interpreten und ihrer Musik durchbrochen. Sie wollten die Mauer durchbrechen, die sie von ihren Fans fernhält, aber in Wahrheit bauen sie diese Mauer immer höher und laufen stattdessen barfuß über die Akkorde und den Rhythmus ihrer Lieder und zerschwirten sie zu Staub.  Sie fragen :dass die Zeit böse ist, aber in ihrem Universum ist jeder Moment NASTY. 

Das englische Phänomen des Gammon zieht seinen lila und abscheulichen Kopf in Sick Child auf, aber der Hauptschub der Platte, wenn der Leser das Wortspiel entschuldigen wird, ist eine rohe Sexualität und die Anbetung der verlorenen Liebe. Buchstäblich die Sehnsucht nach Sex, die verloren geht. Sätze wie "der Pfundladen Stalin meines gebrochenen Herzens" betonen diesen Verlust. Muscially eine Tour de Force. Lyrisch zutiefst beunruhigend.

Danzig, if he will allow us to shorten his already short name by five letters and a space, makes some profound and yet utterly banal comments about our new disc. Our favourites include:

....in truth they build that wall ever higher and instead walk barefoot over the chords and rhythm of their songs, squishing them to dust.

Herr Krupp, we love the feel of broken notes between our toes. But we squish them to jelly. As we point out in the song, we PREACH things down to dust. 

Meanwhile, lurking in the second paragraph a poised observation worthy of a Pope with an urgent telephone call from Leicester coming through...

Literally the desire for sex that is lost.

This is not what we thought about in the writer's room. We worked hard to craft some beautiful words, and we think we hit the target. We do feel like Dennis Potter. But if we had written about sex, it would be for desire for that which we did not have rather than the other kind. All the other kinds.

We probably don't get the subtleties of the review but he gave us five stars so that's a double thumbs up. 

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Pigeon Requirement


We have an idea for a really cool video for "King of Hackney." Really cool. Does anyone have 1000 pigeons they can lend us for the weekend? Small waistcoats and tiny hats optional. Contact us by the usual methods.

Any suggested good places for pigeons willing to work on a music video in exchange for birdseed, please use comments.

Nasty. Out.

Monday 5 July 2021

Three New Tee-Shirt Designs

It isn't easy being a new band. You rely on word of mouth to engage an audience. Nothing quite prepared us for how quickly the original 9 o'clock Nasty Tee (which is still available for a limited time) was getting orders, so we thought we'd share three new designs which are limited edition, and only available in the colours shown below.

Click on the photo of the shirt to go to the shoppe.

NastyGram - Offer to Instagram Followers


We do, of course, love all social media. But, we keep hearing that Instagram is where it is at. And we want "it" whatever that is. Human Nature. So we have a special offer for anyone that follows us on the other Facebook Platform before Sunday 25th July.

All Instagram followers on that day, will get a link send to them via DM that allows the download of a spacial sneak preview of one of the songs from the September EP "Dusty" - probably a demo mix of "Say No To Funk."

Free mp3 forever.  

We try not to just do the same content on all the social media, so for Instagram we are going with the whole video thing. You'll find 30 second clips of songs we haven't released yet, something new every day, and assorted NastyGrams. It won't just be gently reheated stuff from Facebook.

Please do head to Instagram and give us a Follow.

If you want to complete the set, we do also tweet most days with things that the Internet Needs to Hear.

Sunday 4 July 2021

DJ Dirty Boy Liberated by Donna McDonna

Judge with no relationship to the case.

We are pleased to announce that DJ Dirty Boy was acquitted of all charges related to the unfortunate incident with the decks and the red-hot Pukka Pies.

Donna McDonna, prime attorney to the reclusive Ding family, stepped in to convince the court in the embattled performers defence, overcoming significant barriers in terms of the legal position and the evidence given by a number of eye-witnesses who were either confused or the tool of the oppressive state.

Dirty Boy did himself no favours turning up in a Home and Away shell suit, 1990s platform sneakers and with both hands bandaged with cotton wool and gaffer tape.

The magistrates were heard to say afterwards "but what happened? This boy was clearly as guilty as hell."

The Nasty salute this outcome. Dirty Boy, please collect the cardboard box with your belongings from the studio. The Cornish Pasty is getting whiffy.

Nasty, out.

Friday 2 July 2021

Get Dry. Friday 9th July


Dry, the second EP by 9 o'clock Nasty will be available on all the usual inter-web sites, and here for free from Friday 9th July.

The four songs will drop at different times in the day, with "What Time Is Nasty?" bringing up the rear so to speak at 21:00.

The track listing is

  • Preach Me Down
  • Unspool My Heart (The Poundshop Stalin of My Broken Heart)
  • Sick Child
  • What Time Is Nasty?

Nasty, out.