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Sunday 4 September 2022

Existential Dread, Review Roundup


Aural Aggravation @AuralAggro "It’s definitely noisy, and it’s brief, the sound of the band in a hurry to say their piece and get the hell out of the way. ‘Existential Dread’ is an ominous, bass-driven, bowel-churning slab of hard psychedelia that’s driven by thunderous, propellant drums with choppy, echoed guitars and needling synths – or heavily processed lead guitar – over it. Initially, I’m thinking The Black Angels, but his is harder, darker, punkier, and it’s totally exhilarating and totally relevant. We’re fucked. All of us. One way or another."

Iggy Magazine @iggymagazine “It's still quite funny to find 9 o'clock Nasty who had seduced us with the title "Team Player", but also I Am The Unicorn Head who had conquered us on the titles "All the Right Things" and "Future Dinosaurs”; and yet it's a day of celebration tonight because these two Rock-infused universes mix to offer us a little killer called "Existential Dread". New indie hybrid, "Existential Dread" is an electric Garage Rock-like song, a fusion of dark, gripping groove and a fever that takes you by the heart, feelings guided by the intoxicating vocals that ride a wave of instrumental of cheek.”

Rising Artists @risingartists.musicblog “Existential Dread” provokes many emotions. The song seems to be the most in control song these groups have had, the teamwork has proven to be successful. “Existential Dread” is a song that won’t get out of your head, it has a nostalgic feel to it and makes you feel warm inside. You will not be able to stop yourself from repeating existential dreadddddd over and over. The ending of the track puts it all into perspective.”

Artist's Online @artistionline “I Am The Unicorn Head and 9 o'clock Nasty have teamed up to create something that has a lot in common with the laws of chaos and the beauty generated by chaos.The transatlantic horsehead duo and the masters of garage punk have decided to join forces and creative madness to produce their first single together: "Existential Dread". In "Existential Dread" we stumble upon a truly unique mix, which doesn't look like anything we've already heard but takes all the best of what we've already loved. The bass line is so hot that it seems fiery (and a bit hellish), the rhythm of the drums is gritty and pressing, the saxophone melody would raise the dead. I Am The Unicorn Head put their existential and profound lyrics on the plate with a background sweetness that emerges clearly, as it is in their style. The 9 o'clock Nasty manage to act as a backdrop without disappearing, indeed, with a consistent presence that perfectly stages all their experience and mastery. Harmonized voices, ethereal songs that rebound existential doubts and mutual answers (or at least seek them), sparkling little guitar solos, an unstoppable rhythm that seems to proceed towards infinity with a touch of grunge. This collaboration is the perfect metaphor for chaos because it was born with premises and stories that could have led in any direction and eventually exploded into perfection.”

Rock Era Magazine @rockeramag “Existential Dread” doesn’t fall under a certain genre or category, but the guitar melody progression is so catchy and highly anticipative to the ears with its motif. The drumline is on point, subtle, and very vibrant, giving the song a strong structure along with the varied and intriguing mix of vocals.

TJLP News @tjplnews "This banging track is dark, bold, and thunderous!" 

Said Zedan @djsaiidzeidan “I’m not always impressed by goofy chaotic acts but damn this band has mastered chaos with their own incredible twist. 9 O’Clock Nasty is one band I’m happy to be covering as their energy is through the roof. Drums and guitars are combined with amazing vocals to make the song even more powerful. “Existential Dread” dives deep into the existential crisis everyone goes through, and I’ve been able to relate to the song on different levels; I believe you will too.”

EDMK Records @EDMREKORDS "“Existential Dread” is exactly what you would expect when u read the title. The single is a massively energetic rock song that resonates energy in the room. This is just right for blasting out through your car radio or at home while diving into the loop of your existential crisis. The song provides amazing delivery of vocals with incredible instrumental skills with guitars and drums all over the place. So turn up your speakers and blast out all your negative energy with this masterpiece and when you are done pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. The song is backed by an incredibly creative music video that is a must-see, so be sure to check it out."

Phantom Power Music Blog @phantom_power_music_blog “This collaboration should only elevate their names, it’s stunning.  Here’s our review of “Existential Dread.” Huge drums and a heavy bass riff start the track, with an oddly beautiful guitar riff that fits perfectly between an erie sax-like synth line.  As vocals start, we get an analog pulse in the mix to drive up the fever a little bit.  The lyrics are introspective, dark and captivating…. The drum pattern is killer - it’s a bit of a disco vibe that really moves the section…. This is The Eels meets Iggy Pop, Sub Pop Records meets Carpark Records.  It’s not prog, but it’s definitely intellectual - like the best garage/punk/muse band in your town.… It’s rare when bands can find a partner in musicality but it certainly feels like they’ve done it here.”

Info Music @info_music_fr “There is no need to worry about the quality of this music because here, there is no lack of taste, just quality, a rare know-how. You will not need several listenings to validate every moment of this beautiful jewel. What could be better than the new pull from 9 o'clock Nasty & I Am The Unicorn Head whose talent jumps out at you from the start.”

KIMU @KARLISMYUNKLE “Kicking off with immersive drums, a luscious bass and guitar licks expanding into a synth melody with the situational lyrics, “I am climbing out, a hole I dug myself, when I look around there’s only worms…”The piece has a more vulnerable edge compared to previous releases, … in collaboration with the enigmatic, I am the Unicorn Head and the band describe the opus as a “new indie hybrid”.

MangoWave @mangowavereviews “…there is that thin line where moments and dreams meet, that magical border region of dreams and desires coming true. This is the story of one those special moments…. These five musicians unified their minds embracing the possibility of accidentally creating a supernova of Jangle Garage Post Psych Punk (and Roll). The result is here to amaze you: This is 'Existential Dread':Like a Geiger-Müller-Counter under high radiation, bass and drums create a dynamic and simultaneously eschatologically atmospheric Post Punk verse. Guitars and vocals complete this apocalyptic sonic scenario by adding sweet doomsday romanticism and joyful psychedelia to the soundscape…. Garage meets Jangle Pop, Post Punk kisses Psychedelic Shoegaze, Tom Waits marries Muse, and the whole world is dancing to the rhythm of Earth falling to bits and pieces.”

Edgar Allan Poets @edgarallanpoets "The new single Existential Dread brings with it the psychedelic style of I am The Unicorn Head and the irreverent approach of 9 o'clock Nasty. I honestly don't think a collaboration could be better. When such original and eclectic people come together to create art together we are facing a new cultural big bang. Creativity gushes from every pore and you can only listen to this beautiful song in amazement. If before 9 o'clock Nasty managed to open my third eye now with this collaboration with I am The Unicorn Head they have also opened my 4th eye! I finally see the matrix!"

Send Me Your Ears @SendMeYourEars "In Existential Dread, these two artists have come together to form what we believe is a very promising collaboration. This is a track that feels dark and foreboding.…
The thunderous kick drum in the intro sets the mood and we love how busy the drumming pattern is under the vocals when they come in. There’s a sense of urgency. We like the almost disco feeling that the hi-hat brings in places; drawing influences from all over the place to create a track which is a true stand out number. The vocals have a very cool effect on them that makes the stand out well in the mix. The occasional layered vocals in the choruses are well considered and help bolster the lead and bring some extra interest in to the track. Of particular note is the vocal break down right at the end of the track, with lots of layers and swirling, driven effects, this was a great way to end a song that had already impressed us.The running bassline adds to the sense of urgency and the repeated guitar riff helps you figure out where you are in this super-catchy-less-than-three-minutes song."

Less than 1000 Followers @jpgchief and @madzeman "In “Existential Dread” we encounter a mix like no other. A hot-as-hell bass line, a gritty and steady drum beat, and a mother-fucking saxophone-like melody. The Unicorns provide the existential lyrics with a palpable bittersweetness to them (just as they like it). The Nasty holla in the background with their unmistakeable presence and foundational mastery. Harmonized vocals, ethereal ask and response chants. Glittering guitar phrases. An unstoppable rhythm that goes on and on with a filthy attitude. This collaboration is everything you’d thought it’d be, and more. I looked around and all I found was “Existential Dread.”

Saturday 3 September 2022

Existential Dread (with I Am The Unicorn Head)

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Existential Dread is the collaboration September 2022 single by 9 o'clock Nasty and I Am The Unicorn Head.

Listening Notes

Are you a White Trash Prodigy? Look it's simple. Either you are, in which case you have a new theme tune. Or you want to be. In which case try harder. Walk the canal paths. Kick trash. Call people you barely remember as the dawn licks the rooftops. Or you deny that you want to be. In which case, that sickening drip, drip, drip in your stomach. That twisting, loosening in your bowels. That is your Existential Dread. Embrace it before it embraces you.

Copyright 2022 9 o'clock Nasty/ I Am the Unicorn Head

Dragon Lord Apocalypse vocals, drums, guitars

Kid A’ guitars, bass, keyboards, and brass/string arrangements 

Pete Brock Guitar and vocals

Ted Pepper Bass and vocals

Sydd Spudd Drums