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Sunday 21 May 2023

Reviews for Mood Is Low


As always we thank the people that took time to listen to our stuff and write words about it. This is a list of our favourite quotes and links back to the original articles. Translations are a mixture of Google Translate and Ted's ability to badly converse in many, if we make an error or change any meanings we apologise, it isn't on purpose!

““Mood Is Low” is the Nasty going back to what gave them birth. Like the prodigal son, or an excommunicated John Wick looking for solace, 9 O’Clock Nasty returns with 2 minutes of pure aggression, sweaty T-shirts, and high levels of self-induced dopamine. We will vibrate to the groove, and scream in ecstasy once again to the sheer power of these loon-raccoons” @jpgchief

"After a year of experimenting with different sounds, the band 9 o’clock Nasty is back with a new single that harkens back to their garage punk roots. The song, titled “MOOD IS LOW,” is a two-minute blast of raw energy that is sure to get you moving.” @HailTunes 

“Bringing in their customary Leicester abandon and disarray, Nine O’Clock Nasty returns with a charismatic and loud single, ‘Mood Is Low’...Loud and menacing, the song’s roughly vintage 4-on-the-floor rhythm, the simplistic rock n roll riff, and wonky lyrics ” @rockeramag

“The pace is infectious and as usual these amazing guys keep me entertained.” @edgarallanpoets

 “If you’ve finished reeling from the adrenaline rush, go ahead. Add it to your playlists. Tell your friends. Worship it as a spiritual entity, I’m sure it’s worth it. This trio will continue their horsing around in the lab till we find another mutant species of a song. “ @sinusoidal.music

“Mood Is Low pays homage to classic garage rock but simultaneously resonates with innovative, modern, brilliant ideas distilled into catchy, dirty, powerful riffs…. 9 o’Clock Nasty never cease to amaze with their exceptional music, and Mood Is Low is more than rock-solid proof how garage rock can still sound powerful, energetic, exciting, and entertaining.” @thoughtswordsaction

“It's more of the same urgent and direct angular-punk-rock tones that has got them so much attention, it's just why would you change a formula that is clearly working.” @itsallindie

“Ever the provocateurs and ever the trailblazers in that process, 9 o’clock Nasty spare no punches on the rather confoundingly titled “Mood Is Low”. Bringing out their signature style, there’s a rage to this track, a bellowing and powerful smashing audacity that they bring out with a garage rock sound that’s unfiltered, expressive, and continuously audacious. ”@findnoenemy

“glittery aesthetics with a no-holds-barred attitude. Their music is characterized by driving beats and a hint of sarcasm, providing a unique and refreshing take on the world around them. “ @euphony

“Grimy, gritty and oozing a grungy dark goo (sonic goo of course), 9 o’clock Nasty’s music is, well, nasty but you love it…. They take punk, add some sprinkles of rock or hip-hop or pop or all of them, shake it and place it in a jar for all to view.” @otheothersidereviews

“With “Mood Is Low,” 9 o’clock Nasty reaffirms their position as a band that refuses to conform to expectations, consistently pushing the boundaries of their sound. Their ability to combine biting guitar riffs, driving rhythms and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek lyricism sets them apart, carving a distinctive path within the UK rock scene.” @plasticmgzn

“…delivering performances charged with electricity and with "Mood Is Low", they demonstrate once again their ability to create a shocking musical experience by highlighting the essence of garage punk with a modern interpretation that resonates in the hearts of rock lovers“ @musicaenpalabras_

“Mood Is Low" is a song that takes you to the guts. The mix of raw guitars, catchy drums and emotional voice creates an intense musical experience. The lyrics express a dark and melancholic mood, but the catchy rhythm makes you want to dance despite everything.” @iggymagazine

“Prepare yourself for a raw, unadulterated sonic experience as you encounter this untamed beast of a song “Mood Is Low” by 9 o’ Clock Nasty. The song is an energetic display of sheer rock 'n' roll power. The guitars are unhinged, the bass is rumbling, and the drums drive the relentless onslaught.” @lostinthemanor

“Nostalgic and innovative at the same time, a track full of energy that manages to create a perfect atmosphere of rebellion, inspiration and intellectuality, once again the band proves its power in the current world of punk rock.“ @Indieoclock

“a frightening lyricism that demonstrates a kind of deep liberation that the group wants to undergo by expressing their feelings. A beautiful experience that justifies the sensible contrast in this production.“ @info_music_fr

“We’ve seen some experimentation from 9 o’clock Nasty but for Mood Is Low they’ve returned to their garage rock roots, with looping riffs, rumbling bass and chanting vocals. It’s a stomping track that’s all wrapped within three minutes, in truest punk fashion.“ @york_calling

“The song is like a wild and unexpected visitor that knocks on your door in the middle of the night, intoxicated and exuding the scent of cheap cologne” @the_musical_road

“Mood is low shows that creating a banger does not always need huge arrangements. A nasty guitar riff, a dynamic beat, a catchy chorus, and Bob’s your uncle! (seriously, this idiom is weird) And last but not least, this buttkicking song carries a very relatable topic. Someone asks you ho you feel, you truthfully reply them, and suddenly they are pissed. What the flipping heck? What is wrong with having a bad day?” @mangowavereviews

Saturday 20 May 2023

Mood Is Low


“How's yer mood?”

Sometimes, not all the times, but sometimes, simple is best. If you're trying to deal with a global problem you probably shouldn't be looking at a nice simple solution. If your feelings are complex, some nuance in how you describe them will go a long way. But somethings are best done direct and in the smallest number of short words possible.

Not a song about getting ready to go out (as has been suggested a couple of times). It is what it says on the tin. It's a song about being asked how you feel when you're low.

Bonus points for recognising the cover-star.

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Mood Is Low is the May 2023 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

(c) 2023 9 o'clock Nasty

Sydd Spudd vocals

Pete Brock All of the many instruments

Ted Pepper vocals