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Saturday 17 February 2024

Smash, Grab and Go


"Pixellate Me. Hide My Face.”

It could be a song about the politics of identity. About surveillance capitalism and how your privacy became an asset. It could be a song about the morals of sexting. Or perhaps it's just about plundering.

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Crowland is the February 2024 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

We thank reviewers for taking the time to listen to our stuff - we don't always agree with what they write but we value the effort! Thank you to these reviewers who gave our song a few words.

@jpgchief “It is as advertised…  imagining a multiverse where the Beastie Boys stuck more with the hardcore punk sound”

“What I like best about the vibe of the track is that it’s noisy and menacing like you’d hear on a grunge record a kin to “In Utero” yet it is steadily energetic and hyped up like a Public Enemy, or even more so, Beastie Boys track from the late 80s.”

#auralaggravation said “a filthy, serrated bassline that grates away like a rusty saw, it’s nasty alright, and probably best not to be aired pre-watershed. It’s punky, but also owes an immense debt to The Fall, not least of all with the delivery of the sneery, snarky vocals, chewing on the refrain and spitting it out, mangled and messy. The there’s the thumping repetitive drumming and, appearing unexpectedly, some quite buoyant 80s indie synth work. “

“But it’s not just some cheap Fall rip-off – although its lo-fi fizz is integral to its appeal – but brings elements of The Pixies into play as part of its grungy four-chord stomp. They’re not wrong when they describe it as ‘Simple. Direct. Violent.’ And say that they’ve made ‘a song that sounds exactly like the adrenaline rush when you realise that life will never be the same again.’ Clocking in at two minutes and fifteen seconds, there’s no space for mucking about.”

@iggymagazine said “it does not disappoint. A real springboard that projects us into an unbreathable and intoxicating atmosphere. With powerful guitar riffs, energetic drums and powerful lyrics, this song captures the raw energy and rebellious attitude that characterize the distinctive sound of 9 O'clock Nasty.”

“The incisive and provocative words reflect the indomitable spirit of the group, while the dynamic instrumentation creates an electrifying atmosphere that transports you instantly. There is such power and recklessness that emerge both in terms of musicality and vocally, resonating in our head even after the end of the piece.”

#ariyelsblog “A sonic explosion that encapsulates the raw adrenaline rush of life”

“But beneath the surface, "Smash, Grab & Go" is more than just a high-octane anthem; it's a canvas upon which listeners can project their own interpretations. Delving into themes as diverse as identity, surveillance, and scrutiny, the song serves as a multifaceted reflection of the modern human experience. “

Nicole Mendes, Music Assassin wrote in @theothersidereviews “a two-minute blast of anarchistic adrenaline”

“Over time we’ve come to appreciate the UK-based trio 9 o’clock Nasty with their eclectic, enigmatic crash of chaos bound by a profound ribbon. The ups and downs of their rollercoaster singles met by the soothing sincerity lying beneath.”

Mr Smith, kingpin of @york_calling wrote “Smash, Grab & Go! is a track that grabs you by the goolies and takes you on a two-and-a-bit-minute adrenalin-fuelled thrill ride.”

“Opening with rumbling bass and the sound of distorted air raid sirens, it quickly envelopes you in a pacy groove before chanting vocals come in. 9 o’clock Nasty describe the track about being whatever you want it to be, and frankly the meaning feels secondary to the feeling of excitement that it stirs within you.”

@thebuzzyband said “Three simple verbs yelled with an air full of lungs, along with a groovy bassline and guitar outbursts are all you need for the revolution (or the party) to start. “

“Their sound is akin to their fellow brits IDLES–Punk rock that’s equally as groovy as it is to encourage the wild swinging of fists.  I’m especially enamoured by the second verse, in which the lead singer says “Pixelate me, hide my face”, alluding to the eroding privacy that us regular citizens are losing to the powers that be. Perhaps there’s no other solution but to take up that (metaphorical) sledgehammer and those (real) dancing boots. It’s time to Smash, Grab and Go!”

@risingartists.musicblog “Reminiscent of 80s/90s punk rock, with a sprinkle of experimental electronic and indie rock”

“There is something truly special about 9 o’clock Nasty’s music that isn’t like anything else being put out in the music scene right now. Their sound is instantly recognizable within the first few seconds, which is a difficult stride that the group succeeded in”

@saiidz said “SMASH, GRAB & GO" is essentially musical whiplash, and I'm addicted.”

A searing guitar riff slashes through the darkness, breathing fire. The vocal delivery is pure grit laced with lightning bolts. As the song hurtles towards the chorus, it flexes its muscles. It's like mainlining pure punk rock energy straight into your veins. 

@illustratemagazine said “grabs listeners by the collar and takes them on a wild, exhilarating ride.”

“infectious energy and an unapologetic attitude. The track builds upon a foundation of pounding drums to create something aggressive and invigorating. The relentless drive of the music sets the stage for the bold and commanding vocals, which lead the charge with thick, authoritative delivery.”

@gdltudosobremusica said “a chewing gum chorus and instrumentation dominated by a highlighted bass and very well executed drum line.”

“Being an energizing track and perfect for action movies”

Meanwhile @headbangersnews_br said “irreverent songs with a very commercial sound”

“An electric shock of passion filled with a fearless attitude”

On @hardbeatmag Dan Hemming said.  “ontinuing their pattern of releasing fun and funky tracks that just don’t take themselves all that seriously….in a good way”

“the Leicester-based band have created a sound that feels unique to them, combining catchy guitars and repeated lyrics that you just don’t quite have the power to ignore. “

Kamil, longtime supporter of the band writing at @the_musical_road said “a visceral journey into the heart of chaos and transformation.”

“At its core, "Smash Grab and Go" is about the complexity of identity and the relentless scrutiny of modern life. In a world where surveillance is omnipresent and scrutiny is constant, the song cuts through the noise with its unapologetic honesty and directness.”

@mesmerized.io said “feels more like a triple shot of espresso than a track. Strap in!”

“I’m not entirely sure what it is that keeps on drawing me back to 9 o’clock Nasty. Their experimental nature and inventiveness definitely have something to do with it, but there’s something indescribably magnetic about their sound that always leaves me wanting more.”

@lastdaydeaf said “A song to sing and jump to, with no more than twenty words in its lyrics, it delivers a figurative punch in the face.”

“Upbeat guitar verses with a bold bassline, electrifying drums, and a fast paced tempo, make the sound distinct, giving an almost anthem-like feeling to the song, jolting the listener’s senses into a frenzied state of mind.”

 @cheerstothevikings said “a heart-pounding track that encapsulates the essence of adrenaline-fueled punk rock. Bursting with raw energy and unapologetic intensity”

“Lyrically, the song explores themes of identity, society, and existentialism, offering listeners a chance to reflect on the complexities of the world around them. Yet, despite its depth, there’s an underlying sincerity to the track that makes it feel authentic and relatable. One of the standout features of “Smash, Grab & Go” is its sheer infectiousness. From the moment the chorus kicks in, you’ll find yourself tapping your foot along to the beat. It’s the kind of song that demands to be played at full volume, leaving you with a sense of euphoria that lingers long after the music has stopped.”

@allenpetersonreviews said “Kicking off with a seismic bassline and the haunting wail of distorted air raid sirens, the track beckons us into a chaotic realm where liberation and relentlessness dance hand in hand”

“The grimy, serrated bass, akin to a rusty saw in action, lends a visceral quality to the track’s nefarious charm. While punk roots are evident, a nod to The Fall surfaces through snarky vocals delivering incisive lyrics. Unexpectedly, buoyant 80s indie synth work weaves through the gritty four-chord stomp, adding an exhilarating layer to the auditory journey.”

Nishant Varma, manic music savant writing on @sinusoidal said “the reason your amplifiers bleed tears of joy.”

“I have always felt that 9 o’clock Nasty are lyrical scriptwriters, and they could write the song to possibly any scene. As simple as they are verbose, as sharp as they are with blunt force. There is a false end only a minute or so into the song, but they’re just teasing, aren’t they. Crowland has ushered them into the new phase of darkness, and we at Sinusoidal are all for it.”

Nish, fear not, we have some tight-pants disco madness for you in the Summer. We are seasonal fruit.

@thisisapolloharp wrote “By now, it has become a rule of thumb to expect the unexpected with this band. Their interpretation of punk, play, and pandemonium with each track has only become nastier and grittier”

“The track is inlaid with an orbit of expanding momentum. It is introduced with reverberating bass lines. Its conspiratory and urgent undertone sets the scene for the theme to unfold. With blocks of progressing riffs and rousing vocals, the band invites you into the mayhem.”