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Friday 31 December 2021

2021 In Review, Filtering Through the Belly Button Fluff


As 2021 draws to a spluttering conclusion, thank you to everyone that has supported us in our first 6 months. We knew we were onto something pretty early on in the year as the first songs fell together, often literally. We're super proud of the debut LP "Catch Nasty" as a strong statement of where we started. The first twinkling for the second one have begun to form.

We've been called ugly. We've been called aristocratic. We've been called wilful and compared to many artists we love, and strangely a few that we hate.

Special thanks to the reviewers, a few of whom we've referenced below, and of course the lady at Rothley Post Office. As soon as get past this Coviod-self-isolation thing we are coming to post some Nasty Packs!

It's been fun. Let's do some more....

"They slither into your ear, reverberate around your cranium and swagger down your spine.”

The Other Side Reviews

“A bafflingly all over the place smorgasbord of tunes …  they believe is their duty to add to the god given collective hysteria. Musical hooliganism at its finest.” 

Find No Enemy

“You always know what to expect and get it wrong with 9 o’clock Nasty….. You’re still going to get a special brew of Irish coffee with these guys. Beware for micro doses of LSD though, they’re perfectly capable.” 


“From the first second I heard 9 o’clock Nasty, I knew I was in for something special and Cut got my heart pumping in a wonderfully ear-bleeding way. Is ear-bleeding in a metaphorical sense wonderful? In this case, you’ll love it!” 

The Other Side Reviews

“Avantgardist, nihilist, and artistic Punk, Post-Punk, Art Rock, Garage Rock, Funk, Wave.”


“Their humour has a hint of aristocratic punk that turns glamor into underground and vice versa.” 

Indie Dock Music Blog 

“A working man’s rock band for our blue-collar times…. stoner garage rock is back in full force…. drips with originality amid the influence.  Ripe with commentary that reflect our current condition much like Shakespeare satirically cited the ironies of the elites.  The album serves as a collective comment in Orwellian fashion.”

The Wild Is Calling

"This is real music, the one played in garages or small bars. Proletarian music made of sweat and blood"

The Edgar Allen Poets

"Where the living fuck-mother did all those strange raccoon videos come from?"

Lady at Rothley Post Office

“If you're tired of the too many processed vocals and too many predictable sounds you listen to every single day on the radio, then be ready for this eclectic and explosive rock band from Leicester.”


Wednesday 22 December 2021

Sunday 19 December 2021

Pigeons Have an Opinion


At The 9 o'clock Nasty Orbiting HQ we have come to respect the opinion of pigeons. When therefore the official spotify playlist of Pigeon Opinion places one of our songs, we pause and take note.

Our pigeon-related journeu began in the warmth of summer when our new intern asked why we didn't use pigeons as acting talent for the King of Hackney video, and only two hours later she was driving a bemused Ted to the centre of Leicester with a bin bag full of approved, safe pigeon food. If you noticed the local avian population were plump... we did that.

You may be pleased to know that the pigeons shall be making a return in January with our video for King Thing.

Friday 17 December 2021

Politic Isn't Even Out Yet and it's reviewed already!

Politic is our release for January 2022, but we do share early versions with some writers, and now that he is talking to us again, failed journalist and cheese rejector Danzig Krupp is back on the list. He continues to be the most dangerous man in Western Music.

He's fucking off back to Germany for the holidays so he dropped his review like a hand-grenade on the way to the bus station.

He likes it. We won't quote it word for word here, please give Danzig a view by clicking the link.

"None of the quirky, tight small band from Leicester sensibility. This sounds like a statement of intent."

Not sure we've ever been described as having small band sensibility, but King Thing certainly is bolder and more loaded than the songs we've put out before. It's an absolute belter of a song.

"It lurks, prowls. Guitar parts fizz into view and then wait in the shadows. The bass drives and drives on the edge of distortion, and the lyrics seem to be actually trying to say something rather than score points. "King of Leicester love me truly. Love me much but love me cruelly." Indeed. It is hard when you are more loved in Brazil than your home city."

We're pretty much on the same page as Danzig here. We wanted the song to tease you and then slap you in the face. The shifts in the dynamics are intentional, and there is still that leftover pivot from King of Hackney from dance to guitar led. He managed to write the line out of the lyrics out accurately, but it is absolutely not about a lack of love from the home city at all.

"Ted meets some strange people in pubs, mostly because of his awful dress sense and inability to apply make up. People feel at once both a need to give comfort, but also a deep atavistic fear that this thing they are in the presence of could ping off in a different and entirely more dangerous direction at any given moment."

Bhangra Assassins were a delight to work with, and yes Ted did meet them at a pub, but only after they'd invited him to come and talk about working with them! We provide a rock dimension to their debut single "The Bomb" out next year on Fuzzbop Records. This did make us laugh though as literally the moment we read it Ted wandered in still made up with a broad stripe of black make-up from last night wearing Pete's Bruce Lee tracksuit bottoms and the biggest anorak ever seen on earth and announced he was off to the Royal Oak for a pint.

Thursday 16 December 2021

We're On A Christmas Show Yo Ho Ho Ho Ho


This Sunday at 2pm we will be on the lovely Jim Gellatly's show on Amazing Radio. You can listen to it online.

Or catch up with it after broadcast.

Truth be told we would love What Time Is Santa? to boozily crash a trad Christmas radio show, belching and trailing glitter all over the carpet, but Jim seems to have an altogether alternative Christmas playlist in mind, so we may well have it on at the Koala Studio Christmas Party. We are especially looking forward to checking out A Very Tory Xmas and Lucifer's Christmas.

Carol LaulaChristmas Is Coming Home To Glasgow
Callum BeattieIt's Christmas
Emerald SundayI Wish the World Would Sing
Forgotten GardenChristmas Time
DarinWhat's Christmas Anyway
Will Joseph CookNo Time To Be Alone (Radio Edit)
Kyle Falconer & Rianne DowneyJingle All The Way
Billy NomatesChristmas Is For Lovers, Ghosts & Children
Kinnaber JunctionXmas No.1
MEL 2DA Very Tory Xmas
The CundeezXmas In The Schemes
Bootyard BanditsChristmas No.1
Mel QuinnShed A Tear (for Christmas) Radio edit
Oh My God! It’s The ChurchChristmas Ain’t Cancelled
AmourPlease Santa
Mist & WingWhen This Time Of Year Comes Round
Becci WallaceGhost
Elbrook CourtChristmas Lights
MISTER KERRFamily Christmas
The Sacred AngelsPeace At Christmas Time
The Legendary HeartsCold Christmas
Benjamin Francis LeftwichTinsel In The River
9 o'clock NastyWhat Time Is Santa?
JanaNo More Xmas
People of the BeltaneWelcome Christmas
The Future UsMerry Christmas Happy New Year!
The Vintage GirlsChristmas is Here (Remastered)
DaleLucifer's Christmas
BrawIs Anybody Home?
Ewan MacFarlaneThis Year
Tiffani VinyardThis Christmas Time
The KutWaiting for Christmas

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Jingle Strain: Party Reviewed by Indie O'Clock

Those apostrophe killing writers from Brazil are killing it again. Thank you Indie O'Clock for your lovely write up for Party.

With it being in Portuguese and all here is a translation.

9 o'clock Nasty has just released new EP "Party" with 3 tracks.

This year, they've been through here and the latest release was the cover of Justin Timberlake's old hit "Sexy Back" that you guys followed here.

The band has worked a lot this year, there were exactly 7 EP's released and "Party" is to celebrate the great year that 9 o'clock Nasty had.

We've had this from so many reviewers, we write a lot of songs and just choose to release them in monthly 3-song releases rather than LPs as it seems a better fit for social media. Anyway the actual EP releases are Dank, Dry. Growl, Dust, Cut and Party which is six plus a single and an LP. 

The EP "Party" starts with the song "Preach Me Down", a dark rock-song, with strong presence of guitar and bass. The drums are responsible for building the rhythm in the track. The vocals are interesting, as a live performance of this song would be full of energy and expressiveness. In the 2:00 minute, there's the guitar solo which is devastating and powerful. They started with everything!

This will probably be in the live set, it would be hard for a three-piece to do it justice without some high-tech additions but stripped down it may be better actually. 

"As The Ship Goes Down" is the second song. With a guitar solo and drums in the main arrangement of the song, it reminds us of ACDC. A very rock and roll song, vocals and backing vocals in harmony, an incredible energy to hear this 9 o'clock Nasty anthem. It's a short song, but full of life with vibrant rock music.

AC/DC reference! Boom. We have some more metal-leaning material for 2022, so let's see if any more short trouser wearing, hiring hitmen comparisons get made :)

What Time is Santa?" It is the third and final song on the EP. It's bustling, with a guitar background reminiscent of garage rock, a sound effect that sounds like cans rolling across the floor. It's a self-appreciative song by the band, where they ask "What Time is Santa?" and then it looks like a crowd responds "9 o'clock". It's a good mix of rock and hip hop, an exploration of how far the genres can offer musically speaking.

The sound is our attempt to do jingle bells, which turns out is harder than it looks. Pete had to go to the doctors the next day as he had fluttering shoulders from the jingle-strain. 

9 o'clock Nasty releases an EP as irreverent and brilliant as they always are.

We are looking forward to the next releases from the 9 o'clock Nasty guys!

Thank you Indie o'clock, you are kind, wise and almost on the "Most Dangerous In..." spectrum, which is high praise. 

Tuesday 14 December 2021

P***ssBoy Driver Withdrawn, New Merch out nonetheless

We've uploaded some nice new designs to our merch shop this week - all based around songs coming out next year. We have the King Thing hoodie, and tee, badges, baby bib....

Sadly, our tee shirt for Playboy Driver - which actually outsold all our merch because it is a truly wonderful design has been withdrawn. The word "Playboy" isn't allowed on the printing company's shop for trademark reasons, so we named it P***boy Driver. Apparently that wasn't OK. Hey ho. Hopefully the newly renamed Prickboy Driver design will get full approval.

Thank you everyone that has bought our stuff. It is a mind-fuck to think of someone in South Africa wearing our tee, and a true event when we see one worn in Loughborough market!

Monday 13 December 2021

Swaggering Down your Spine: Sexy Back gets the Other Side Reviews treatment


Imagine if you will the meeting. The meeting. Sydd has added memes to the Powerpoint. Pete is drinking the coffee straight from the filter machine and Ted has all the paperclips laid out on the table in alphabetical order.

"Right" intones the voice. Our objective gentleman is to "slither into their ears, reverberate around their craniums and swagger down your spines with this cover of Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back'."

"Ted, you're reverberations, Sydd, prepare to slither, Pete, please stop belching. Pete. PETE. You're on swagger for this one mate."

Cut to scene in review room as Nicole Mendes (5th most dangerous woman in modern music) at the Other Side Reviews posts "they slither into your ear, reverberate around your cranium and swagger down your spine with their cover of Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back'."

Cut to scene of high fives and paperclips strewn over the anonymous wipe clean carpet tiles.

It's a lovely review. Go Read It.

"Known for their brash, loud and unmistakeably attention-grabbing style, the UK-based trio are genre-defying with elements of alt-rock, grunge, punk and indie-rock in their sound."

Well just as we finish the mix of our musical collaboration with Jeffrey Epstein we can totally relate to brash!

As mystics, we generally can claim it was the devil that unleashed the Sexy Back bassline that night as we jammed naked until dawn.

"Instead of smooth bubblegum pink sounds, they use gruff vocals to execute a super-sexy grittiness throughout the single. It appears these lads are definitely bringing sexy back with their renovation of ‘Sexy Back’."

Make no mistake, our cover comes from love for the original, we aren't being snide, if we could stretch to be more smooth we assuredly would, but these voices in our heads.... We did bring sexy back. It's locked in our spare room and we aren't going to let it out until after Christmas.

Thank you Nicole. Stay Nasty.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Bovine Recognition Engine: Edgar Allan Poets Review Party.


So this is a once upon a time story. Bear with though, it does have a purpose. Once upon a time there was a farm and it had fields. Many fields. In one field there lived a big black bull. He was a big horny fucker with a wet nose and massive bollocks. Huge ones. Pink. Swinging nuts. You got that image in your head? Hold the thought. Meanwhile in another field there were some bullocks. They were quite mild tempered. Black as coal, they ate and they ate and they ate. Only a total idiot would confuse the many bullocks without the huge swinging testicles and the singular grumpy bull that was in the full possession.

And that boys and girls, in a nutshell, is the story of why Ted Pepper got sacked on his first day working at a farm. It was a short career and ended in a single kick ass bull in the yard rather than a herd of docile cattle. Ted did nearly get hurt but nobody said "There There" nobody made him tea, and worse of all nobody paid him for the part-day of work. It did make for a very interesting interview at the Job Centre.

So imagine Pete and Sydd's joy when reading this lovely new review by the Edgar Allan Poets of Party.

We can't paste anything from it here because the web site has powerful voodoo to prevent the copy pasters of the world, and who is to argue with that. You've got to protect yer intellectual property in these days of post austerity fiction. (Sidenote: Doesn't "Austerity" seem like a somehow simpler and more wholesome time? No? True enough)

Chris calls us mad and we're happy to adopt the label, there is a kind of enlightened lunacy in creating all this stuff. Mad is certainly better than eclectic.  His poetry extends to comparing us to a black cow grazing free being instantly recognisable. Well, instantly recognisable to every human on earth, past, present or future with the exception of Mr Ted Pepper who actually lives opposite a farm and owns green wellies.

Pete was less amused by being compared to a celibate porn actor. Ted managed a smirk on that one. We ought to say something to the effect of.... oh never mind we'll only circle back round to big pink swinging bollocks and you've had enough of those in your heads for one day haven't you?

Thank you Chris at the Edgar Allan Poets for this review and all the others, you rock our world and we hope one day to meet you and raise a glass.

Saturday 11 December 2021

Find No Enemy Declare "Party" Madness and Musical Hooliganism


KartikSundar was one of the first people to listen to our stuff and give us a review. Believe us, we had written a ton of emails without even a reply before he gave Unspool My Heart a really strong review. It doesn't mean we're going out or anything, but at the end of a crazy sixth months, as we release a wonky Christmas Record and know we are sitting on a whole series of amazing unreleased songs for 2022 (we shit you not, if you don't believe us we can argue in 6 months when we've scorched tyre tracks through your synapses) it is good to just pause and think, this is someone that got us in June, is he still on the Nasty Train in December.

Their latest three track EP is a bafflingly all over the place smorgasbord of tunes that span a more mellow pop rock bite size offering to a gloomy gothic horror core track that overbears on you. The group thrives of madness, with their latest release on the eve of Christmas a decision they believe is their duty to add to the god given collective hysteria. Musical hooliganism at its finest.
We prefer all over the place to eclectic. Just as a tasting note. Eclecticism implies a nurturing, curating thoughtful process. This is a musical gatling gun. We only use a gun because we can't afford the steamroller.

Is it our duty to point out how mental Christmas is, whilst pointing that organised religion is a conspiracy of smelly old men with papery skin and delusions that they should control the world around them?

Well yes. There's a reason that Cyril Smith is the cover star. Research him. Go look up old interviews. Check his moves. He wasn't a one off, there are more. We see them everyday.

Kartik, come back in 6 months and tell us we've sold out and lost our mojo. Until then we shall continue to love you.

Friday 10 December 2021

Roadie Music calls Party "the product of a madhouse"


Brazil. We love you! Roadie Music? You too. Come here for a big heavy metal hug. You think we're mad? Ha ha you should sit down for a drink with us sometime.

Roadie get what we do, and have done a great write up for us. Have a look-see, as it is in Portuguese we've translated it below.

An EP like this, was recorded in a madhouse and with an absurdly wonderful production.

The 9 o'clock freaks Nasty round out the year with the most wonderfully unbalanced release we could ever come across.

There was a time when we would have been mildly annoyed at being called freaks. We'd have been fetching our pistols and demanding a duel at dawn out by the dog turds near the gas works. Now we are putting on our FreakSuits. 

This British trio managed to produce three highly whimsical pieces that address themes such as religion, Christmas and other subjects that transit in a widely organised chaos and which, despite the difference between the tracks, complement each other in a masterful way.

Ah. The word eclectic was missed. Thank fuck for that! Whimsical is a lovely word. If it means wilfully odd then we're there. 

The 9 o’clock Nasty has musicians of the highest competence who also know very well how to add effects to their compositions so that this journey becomes even more curvy in a car that seems to have no brakes. 

Party is a work that has to be heard at maximum volume so that no details are lost and the party is really good, as it yields a lot to shake, jump and have fun in the most different situations.

If he were alive these days, Frank Zappa would have invited 9 o'clock Nasty to join his band, for sure, such is the madness that permeates the masterly work of these guys.

We would say Mr Zappa was a little straight in his contrived tableaux of artful wonk, whereas we are more instinctive and feral. That said, hell ueah!  

A band highly recommended for anyone with an open mind and hoping to expand their musical horizons to unimaginable levels, and become a fan of one of the coolest combos that have emerged in recent times on the world music scene.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

The Darkness the End of the Year Needs: MangoWave


Delighted to make it onto the Fresh Mango list for the week. It is a good list and worth a proper look (we especially enjoyed Two Man Advantage).

Leicester's Post Punk and Experimental weirdo trio 9 o'clock nasty does not seem to know things such as fatigue, breaks, or lack of creativity. 

We are getting Eclectic, Relentless, Weird a lot. So we may have to make some ERW t shirts. Truth is, if you enjoy recording songs you don't need a break!

Restlessly, the band shoots release after release, and now that this special time of the year has begun, the band provides a holiday EP. In a time when everyone is blinded by commercials and fake love, "party" is here to bring the darkness that the end of the year needs.

Christmas is too bright, too saccarine, too self assured. It needs a little mud in its eye.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Headbangers News Takes on Cut


Sometimes we wish we were Brazilian. The music scene there seems to be pretty lively and the blogs show us a lot of love, which we of course being properly brought up reciprocate. Platonically.

This is their review of Cut, translation below.

Apologies for the machine translation - typically we'd copy and paste the text into Google Translate and tidy up the awkward phrases, but their site isn't letting us copy the text!

Monday 6 December 2021

Venuewatch - two new ones as 2021 Farts and Mutters to an End: The Donkey and Royal Oak

Too often we lament the closure of venues, but we can tell anyone of the Leicestershire persuasion that they have not one but two new venues opening their doors for live music.

Already open is the Royal Oak in Rothley, just a jam-jar ride away from our studio. We went to see the first gig there and judging by the state of our bar-tab we had a good time. It was good to see the mix of regulars and band-followers mixing happily and drinking along with the stomp-inducing music. Danzig came with us and of course he wrote it up. They will have live music on Saturdays once they get into full swing.

Meanwhile. we think it is announced elsewhere, but The Donkey looks set to re-open for gigs in Leicester. First night will probably be 11th December and we hope to go along to cheer along and celebrate the happening.

Running a venue is hard. There was a time when music promoters were all stone-hearted bastards making easy money off the sweat, blood and tears of naive bands. Now the sweat, blood and tears is very much from the promoters that have to fight hard to keep venues operating. If you have one near you, give it some love this weekend. Nasty, out x

Sunday 5 December 2021

Passion for Chasing Fumes: Sinusoidal Get Nasty with Party

OK so we were in the Aldi. We shop. We dress as racoons, we go into the world. Ted is placed in the vegetable aisle, he feels safe there, Sydd prowls the beverage section, spots the bargains. samples the goods. Pete get in the meat products and strikes up conversation with the folk that pass to and fro, back and forth. The staff there are used the hulking presences. The stares. The heavy kohl. They know to turn off the music in case it upsets us.

"Hey, you're in 9 o'clock Nasty aren't you?"

It's a stupid question. Why else would Ted be wearing gold facepaint and his girlfriend's fur coat next to the courgettes? Ted does not like people that talk to him, he crabs sideways to the cheese. He is visiting Danzig later and needs supplies. 

The friendly man, who used to be in a band himself in the 1990s and was quite a face on the Leicester scene persists with Sydd who is now camped at the Christmas specials. 

"Your manager just posted a link to a good review about you on the band Facebook page. Have you seen it?"

It is a pretty fucking amazing write up, and it comes from Nishant Varma, the fourth most dangerous man in modern music. Sinusoidal rock our world. They had called us in the week and we had this strange late night phone-call interview with an echo and a slight lag between the words being spoken and the words being heard. 

So it was that Ted and Pete were sat on their haunches in a huge mesh bin full of footballs while Sydd read the article to them. There are worse ways to spend a Saturday, although Ted had to apologise to all the children when Pete kept autographing their footballs with his Industrial Sharpie, the one he used to adapt the singer out of Bash to make him look more rock and roll.

We can't reproduce the article here. Well we could but fuck it, you should click and go read it. Look you've read this shit this far, so you must be interested on some level or other. Read it now, please.
You always know what to expect and get it wrong with 9 o’clock Nasty.

True say. Truth is the band have no idea whatsoever to expect so if you're watching and expecting to see and hear a particular thing you may be disappointed. If you like entropy, they're your boys.

Then the sick funk is in order, with a Les Claypool style bassline 

This utterly foxed Ted, who was the author and performer of the bassline in question but Pete just slapped his back and congratulated him for being compared the the Claypool and blathered on about Primus. Ted, who stopped listening to music when Siouxsie sacked the Banshees is none the wiser.

You’re still going to get a special brew of Irish coffee with these guys. Beware for micro doses of LSD though, they’re perfectly capable.

That is a godamm lie, we have never drunk Irish Coffee or micro-dosed with LSD. We are entirely capable though. Nish, come visit and we will show you how we have a good time in Leicester on a wet Wednesday evening. It won't be pretty but you will end up with an incredible story to tell the grandchildren of strangers on the bus. 


Saturday 4 December 2021

What Time Is Santa?


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

What Time Is Santa is the third song on the December 2021 EP "Party" by 9 o'clock Nasty. Of course it's a Christmas single, what else could it be? A song about Santa Claus what wasn't a Christmas single would be sheer madness!

Listening Notes

It's the teeth that get you. You never expect Santa Claus to have those teeth. And that breath. Fuck, he stinks. Ever since the Coca Cola thing he's just let himself go. He would like to, if you'll let him.

Sing Along

Really? You going to ask for the lyrics? OK well um.. What Time Is Santa? Nine O'Clock. Repeat. Make everyone join in, this isn't a carol.

Preach Me Down


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Preach Me Down is the second song on the December 2021 EP "Party" by 9 o'clock Nasty. A slab of goth-rock. Doom laden and harder than it looks.

Listening Notes

They never knew you. They never cared. All that mattered was that you didn't spoil the neat edge on their world. The tidy lines. On each day the right thing. The right feeling. The right action. Because a power in the sky said so or because some bunch of fat old smelly fucked up idiots thought they should control your life? If you're lucky all they will do is fuck you up.

This song is not about faith. This song is about faithless, fickle manipulators.

Sing Along

Belly laugh, guy punch. Preach me down to dust.

Damn my eyes, damn my soul. Preach me down to dust.

Touch my heart, steal my lust. Preach me down to dust.

Dance all night for your sacred trust. Preach me down to dust.

Hash to Ash

Lust to Rust

You'd think that they would have had enough

Tiny Hands

So much love

While we sip the devil's cup

Belly, laugh, sucker punch

Move along with your tainted love. Preach me down to dust.

Sunday best, the sharpest cut. Preach me down to dust.

Judge me not. Love me much. Preach me down to dust.

Count me down to 9 o'clock. Preach me down to dust.

Hash to Ash

Lust to Rust

You'd think that they would have had enough

Tiny Hands

So much love

While we sip the devil's cup

Belly, laugh, sucker punch

Preach me down

Preach me down

Friday 3 December 2021

As The Ship Goes Down


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

As The Ship Goes Down is the first song on the December 2021 EP "Party" by 9 o'clock Nasty. A giddy pop head-rush that leaves you wanting more.

Listening Notes

Look, the ship is going down. That is the one known fact in the universe. This could be the end. In this slow-motion endgame, you have perhaps two hours before the embrace of the icy water. Think dammit. Think. Focus. You can get a lot of shit done in two hours. You may live, you may die, but you have two hours. You may never see snow again, but there is plenty of entertainment available. Now you can have a consequence free haircut.  Tattoo? Don't mind if I do. Eat, drink, be merry. The ship is going down. 

Sing Along

We all want to sit at the captain's table

When the ship goes down.

We all want to press the A Bomb button.

When we're not around.

We all want the world's freaky haircut

When it's not our hair.

We all want to eat at the Captain's Table

when the ship goes down. 

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Fantabulous, that's Us!


Formula Indie, who get their show played on about 27 FM stations worldwide (not that we were counting) are giving Dead Planet a play on 6th December. We plan to head over to Verona and get a taxi and cruise the midnight streets with the radio at full volume waiting for that guitar riff to crank out. They gave us a nice write up too. Last time they played us we were very different from the other artists, but it was a great show - see the link in the article and give them a listen, or join us for that midnight taxi ride.

As they say "Discover the new fantabolous EP of ‘Nine O’Clock Nasty’ from Leicester, listen to ‘Dark Planet’, a guitar riff pop song that warns what happens when you take a step too fare the December 6th in Formula Indie."