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Wednesday 8 December 2021

The Darkness the End of the Year Needs: MangoWave


Delighted to make it onto the Fresh Mango list for the week. It is a good list and worth a proper look (we especially enjoyed Two Man Advantage).

Leicester's Post Punk and Experimental weirdo trio 9 o'clock nasty does not seem to know things such as fatigue, breaks, or lack of creativity. 

We are getting Eclectic, Relentless, Weird a lot. So we may have to make some ERW t shirts. Truth is, if you enjoy recording songs you don't need a break!

Restlessly, the band shoots release after release, and now that this special time of the year has begun, the band provides a holiday EP. In a time when everyone is blinded by commercials and fake love, "party" is here to bring the darkness that the end of the year needs.

Christmas is too bright, too saccarine, too self assured. It needs a little mud in its eye.

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