Welcome to the 9 o'clock nasty

Saturday 4 May 2024

Bad Monkey


"I make the sun come up, I do it every day.”

Sharpened and polished to a state of absolute transcendental rock perfection. Open your ears to the BAD MONKEY. On the rock’n’roll highway, the speed freaks are back in town.

A life of excess needs a soundtrack. You can’t party hard and make the sun come up every day without a decent theme tune. Yes folks, Leicester’s very special aristocrats of punk have strapped on their guitars to bring you something that sticks within the swim lanes of genre and style. But crafted to absolute pop-rock perfection. 

Every note, every whiff of petrochemical. Every arrogant flick of the head. Curated, balanced and honed.

Because we can. Despite our artful pretension, we are a rock band after all.

Follow the footprints of BAD MONKEY all the way to Hell. Because all the good boys are girls as well..

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Bad Monkey is the May 2024 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

Much love to the people that have taken time to listen to our stuff and write about it.

@jpgchief said “The Nasty proves themselves, once again, as the masters of dismay, the conjurers of destructive and exciting riffs that pump diesel into your veins.”

“…a wild ride, an obscene hymn dedicated to the road. Hell is on the loose, and it is time for us to hit the gas.”

@rockeramag said “Rock is their playground, and this is shown beyond a shadow of a doubt with “Bad Monkey”…an instantly catchy riff with a vocal melody that won’t leave your soul for weeks to come…”

“The adrenaline pumping song is just 2 minutes and 35 seconds…but boy, do they take you on the road, in an American muscle car, doing 180 km/h and just leaving a blazing fiery trail behind it.”

@edgarallanpoets said “They’re smart creating something unique and undeniably catchy.”

“It’s like a fragmented memory of a wild night, flashing through your hungover head the next morning.” 

@york_calling said “Opening with some big, fuzzy riffs, Bad Monkey at once sounds like a classic rock number."

“Everything that 9 o’clock Nasty do, they do with their tongue placed firmly in their cheek. It’s something to bear in mind when we read the band describing Bad Monkey as being “middle of the road”. True, they’ve put aside some of their most out there elements in favour of familiar rock in their latest single, but there’s nothing generic about it.”

@theintelligence.music said “The guitars in this song are as dirty as they come”

“The overall vibe is undeniably some of the most punk energy you’ll find in modern day music.” 

 @theothersidereviews said “‘Bad Monkey’ slips a slice of pop-rock into 9 o’clock Nasty’s high-voltage punk sound.”

“It’s the drunken daze swirling with memories of fantastic night-time frolics before an abrupt end to the melody while you pass out on the floor; good night though.”

@MESMERIZED said “more like a triple shot of espresso than a song, ‘Bad Monkey’ is a sonic rampage that leaves you buzzing with adrenaline and wondering what just hit you.”
“A high-octane and fierce piece of music, it’s another track that showcases the act’s relentless energy and boundary-pushing determination. Rebellious, raw, and defiant, ‘Bad Monkey’ is yet another banger for 9 o’clock Nasty to add to their ever-increasing arsenal of ferociousness.”

@beachhouse.blog said “They’ve somehow managed to keep it fiercely unique yet familiar, striking that perfect chord between innovative and classic rock vibes”

“From the very first riff, it’s clear that this song is something special. It’s a thrill ride of fast cars, gender politics, and beats that’ll make you rethink your whole lifestyle. “

@allenpetersonreviews said “This isn’t a song for the faint of heart; it’s a full-on rock and roll assault, a middle finger raised high at conformity. Forget catchy pop hooks; “Bad Monkey” injects a potent dose of adrenaline straight into your veins, urging you to break free from societal expectations.”

“There’s a sense of adventure woven throughout—a celebration of late nights and defying the ordinary. Forget the creepy crawlies; the real “Bad monkey” here is the untamed spirit that refuses to be confined.” 

@sinusoidal.music said “Like a gift in a cereal box, just the bare name is addiction enough that needs a large area of nicotine patches on my body. Luckily they’re back with crack in a nifty pack, this is called Bad Monkey. “

“A song that will send the distortion knob squealing, the car tires a-peelin’ and make you cherish that junkie feeling. This is a 3 chord change with a V8 humming for the rhythm section, while Sydd, Pete and Tedd can smell the adventure written in the outro of the script.”

@lostinthemanor said “Taking on an avatar of alternative rock, they bring the feel-good of the fuzzy guitars and the clockwork-like drumming together with the vocals, which shine with their unconventional processing that sounds distinctive, and positively amazing.”

“they deliver relentless energy and a dose of mild sarcasm; and they're here again, punishing the world with their unique brand of love-infused rebellion” 

@thisisapolloharp said “9 ‘o’ Clock Nasty gets grittier, snottier, and nastier with every release. They love to celebrate human folly, extrapolating it with absurd notions and cerebral pulses.”

“Like packing a blasting agent with gun powder, these two load the vocal trajectory, emotion, and evocation. It is incredible how this band achieves the most unexpected sonic chemistries”

@musicistoblame said “Funnelling through the instrumental, you're hearing a nasty (and we mean the excellent nasty) filtered and distorted lead guitar and a drum pattern full of attitude - it's simple but loud, proud, and gritty.”

“They're a band that tries to stick it to the man and the world with killer beats that will make you return for more!” 

@cheerstothevikings said “With precision crafting yet wild at heart… For those seeking a new anthem to accompany a life of excess and excitement, “Bad Monkey” hits all the right notes and then some.”

“an electrifying experience that resonates with raw, infectious energy throughout the duration of the song. From the very first listen, the vocals grab hold, etching memorable lines into your mind with their catchy hooks.”