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Monday 31 January 2022

Mr Thumbs: The Fourth Wheel On Our Pram

9 o'clock Nasty are a three-piece band. There is something about that compact, tight-knit group that just works.  But in the last few months we've begun to work with a few kindred spirits to allow us to keep the songs we produce fresh and bring some new talent to bear on our artwork.

Mr Thumbs, whose real name is Brynn Chipps (well that isn't his real name either, but that is what he is calling himself for the project) is working with us as a gun for hire guitarist and producer. Thumbs, a veteran of the Leicester music scene with a number of bands, some of stature, some of despair, met the band when Pete Brock broke into his studio to steal a wah wah pedal.

After a brief and uncomfortable legal process, Thumbs agreed to lay down some true scorching rock guitar for "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" which will be released on the next EP "Sex" on 12th February.

We were so happy with his work that we've now started using his as a consultant producer and fixer. If a song has gone into a creative cul-de-sac or needs a reworking, Thumbs is the man. For our May LP he's produced Hot Disco Shit! and Choke, and the April single, Playboy Driver has his massive thumb-prints all over it.

We hope that the great man will join us onstage at some point soon, watch this space for news of rehearsals.

So Brynn. Thumbs up. Welcome to the Nastyverse.

Sunday 30 January 2022

The Nasty fully support the global movement to de-platform Coldplay



Brothers, sisters, we can move mountains, so moving Coldplay should be a piece of piss.

Saturday 29 January 2022

We Score "Most Half Arsed Christmas Song Ever Written with The Other Side Reviews.


Oh we fucking LOVE the Other Side Reviews. It is nice to read an interview that's fun

We won't copy and paste her words, but we did want to share and respond to a few snippets.

9 o’clock Nasty approached the festive season with a hard-hitting, eyebrow-raising smirk on their faces. Showcasing their versatility and eclecticism, the trio take on an alt-rock tune with tinges of contemporary pop and indie-rock 

Hell yeah! I does seem so long ago: we had a lovely Christmas as it turned out but you've just got to kick against the pricks from time to time. 

With the exception of My Chemical Romance’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, I despise Christmas songs; however, 9 o’clock Nasty may change my mind with this track. Adding silvery lashings of sleigh bells and cheery children atop brash, raspy vocals, ‘What Time Is Santa?’ is the eggnog-induced “most half-arsed Christmas song ever written”. 

We will be getting "We Wrote the Most Half Arsed Christmas Song Ever Written" t-shirts made. Nicola, we promise you next year we will produce something that is quarter, or even one eighth arsed! 

What I love about this song is the desperation and despair oozing from the guitar riffs building into a catchy chorus.

Recording Preach Me Down was interesting. It was a slow but steady new wave thing and suddenly we had this chorus that got bigger and bigger and bigger.

So, here’s what we have: slow, steady and intoxicatingly mind-bending tracks followed by laughter, headbanging and infectious sing-along lyrical poetry. 

Bendning minds, laughing and headbanging are our brand. Thank you. 

Thursday 27 January 2022

Dark Strudel Previews Our Next Release "Sex" - Utterly Obvious and Compellingly Original


Danzig over at Dark Strudel is a long-term friend and fixture of the local music scene. We share releases with him a couple of weeks ahead of the due date partly out of courtesy, partly to have something to put in quotes in our press pack!

He doesn't always like our stuff, he is possibly the world's worst at actually promoting his blog which has some cracking reviews that never fail to be funny (he does the BEST bad ones) and he does it for love not money.

"When I met them they were wannabee freak-punks with a cool name and big ideas and I was an established print-journalist fallen on hard times. Now I eat through a straw and they sit at the end of my bed and indulge me."

We met Danzig on tour in Czechia a long long time before 9 o'clock Nasty were spawned. He was always that guy at the back of the room not talking to anyone and making notes about the band, and his photocopied zine handed out at venues was a thing of beauty. It is our fault he came to live in England though.

"Relentless, brutal and poetic, they mapped out a genuine fusion of garage punk and a dancefloor sensibility that made a real statement."

From the point of view of the person that will have to write the press release, that is the hero sentence!

"Do Me Too is anchored by a driving bassline and swirls with guitars and a chorus that tells a story and makes you feel. You can rock around the room to this music, or you can lean back and sigh. It is all there. What Have You Done For Me Lately? picks up where King Thing left off. They blend the utterly obvious with the compellingly original. "

The two songs mentioned were written and recorded in the same week as King Thing, so although they have their own identities and feel they are built from the same palette of noises and the themes running through our brains at the time.

Thank you Danzig for a stellar review. We won't put any of your negative comments here, you don't get many readers so they will live in obscurity with you! Much love.

Sex is released on 12th February.

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Irreverent, Intelligent, Authentic, Indie O'Clock review Politic


Indie O'Clock wrote up Politic, and we hope they won't mind us sharing a translation of sorts here. Bold bits added by us! 

You can play Politic here: https://open.spotify.com/album/72uPJTWslZ6WTcaXQQPfDO?si=rop70hi-RU-ctLhZItdoXA  Please spread the word.

You must have seen 9 o'clock Nasty around here. They are back! The group releases the new EP "Politic", the first of the year, with 3 tracks.

The band has already been here releasing the 2021 works "Dekket" and "Party". With an irreverent, intelligent and authentic way of making music, they arrive with this new EP with a more conceptual tone, instrumental evolution and new rhythm creations.

The EP starts with the track "King Thing" which is an indie rock, drums give the rhythm and the guitar makes the riff, a different sound, with some parts having guitar strumming in the background of the song. The vocal makes a performance that reminds us of Ozzy Osbourne in some songs in Black Sabbath (1). In the chorus, emphasis is given to the guitar making a distorted, light riff and on the other hand, the vocal and backing vocals are in harmony.

The second track is "Get Into Them, Pt.1", an electronic rock, with a voice that resembles a loudspeaker, distorted sound. The singing vocal recalls "What Time is Santa", a song that belongs to the last work "Party". It's a characteristic 9'o clock track, where they improve the sound even more each time they bet on the electronic rock style (2).

"Get Into Them, Pt.2" is a rock with punk elements, a song that lifts the crowd and makes everyone jump (3). The guitar at the beginning shakes, very well played, brings music to life. The whole song has a positive vibe marked by the main voice and backing vocals, which together bring us great vibes, make the song electrifying and mark the EP at the end.

We've been following their work closely for some time now and they show a lot of sound, vocal diversification, with different themes and something more critical or conceptual, in a relaxed and irreverent way. We really like 9 o'clock Nasty and the artistic authenticity they have. Out of curiosity, the EP cover photo shows politicians, star, clothing style that alludes to some rulers or countries that they act or have acted.

Thank you Indie O'Clock - we are planning a bit of a media blitz in Brazil in the next few weeks and we'll be sure to link to your blog at every opportunity.

  1. Ted is not a Black Sabbath fan until he gets compared to Ozzy. He is now devout.
  2. We write the electronic stuff entirely differently and it is almost a refresher before more punk stuff. Watch out for Shoot! Shoot! The Judas Goat which is probably our high point in the genre.
  3. Also watch out for the spiritual successor to this which will be called Rise Up.    

Monday 24 January 2022

Catch Nasty: Grab a Nasty Pack


We are deeply dippy about our debut LP "Catch Nasty." We love it so much we made a special Nasty Pack to accompany it for people that like the physical object rather than just the download.

You can grab one of the remaining limited edition packs here before they run out. 

(We appreciate that we would say that, sales technique etc, but sales have really picked up this year and we are thinking about what we will replace the pack with).

This is what you get.

We expect to get some more CDs made, mainly to sell at gigs, but they won't be the proper "pack" and they'll sell at the price of the pack.

There will be another physical product - an LP. We will probably be ready to release it in April and the working title is Flat Nasty. We know the songs on it will be superb, we think the conceit behind the design is very original and hilarious. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Sunday 23 January 2022

Merch Madness at Spreadshirt


We are very proud of the quality of our band-merch. We have two shops, and this one, Spreadshirt doesn't make us a lot of money, but because we don't hold a stock it allows us to be playful and put things out without worrying about making a huge loss. You can find t-shirts, hoodies (the King Thing one is Ted's live-in garment) but also cheaper stuff like stickers and badges.

Have a look. Smarten Up Your Act. Make People Envious.

Saturday 22 January 2022

Find No Enemy nail it: we're Eccentric Eclectic


Kartik Sundar is a true rock guru, well he liked our records so of course we'd say that, but truth is when we started sending out press releases he was one the first to pick up and write about us, and it feels good that he's still throwing in his hand-grenades or critical love from time to time.

Please check out the review.

A couple of snippets

"On the appropriately titled ‘Politic’, the group take their psychotic rock energy and infuse it with a substance that’s pointed and poignant in equal measure."

First off, psychotic rock energy. Yeah Baby. But also he picked up something we are trying to do. We started wanting to be a garage rock band that kicked down doors. Now we want to add poignancy. Sing about how good the door was we just broke. Seriously - the next EP (Sex) reveals a lot more feeling and is decidedly less arch.

"It’s psychotic, messy, but strangely intriguing. All of what makes 9 o’clock Nasty appealing, packaged once again in a short and sumptuous EP that combines elements of hard rock, bhangra, and even more pleasant pop melodies towards the end. "

Thank you.

Friday 21 January 2022

"Three madmen trapped by a global pandemic in a recording studio outside Leicester" SOUNDSGOOD put us under the microscope


Three madmen trapped by a global pandemic in a recording studio outside Leicester. Funny music that comes from the search for sounds and atmospheres that does not want to be intellectual but engaging and listenable.

We've never had any dealings with Soundsgood before, but they seem to have got right under our skin on the first listen - none of our normal press-pack, just the sleeve and the music. Please give it a read - as it's in Italian we've put a translation below

Three madmen trapped by a global pandemic in a recording studio outside Leicester. Funny music that comes from the search for sounds and atmospheres that does not want to be intellectual but engaging and listenable.

King Thing, is a song whose sounds refer to an Electronic Pop, well amalgamated by rough grafts that in some circumstances manage to cut the atmosphere, something decidedly original and overwhelming a proposal that can be listened to with extreme ease and naturalness. A dynamic trend where melody and energy blend thanks to a good glue made of deep sounds that embellish listening. The overall sound creates an excellent sound impact that gives additional body and fluidity to the listening.

Beck, first of all comes to mind with this track, but most of the riffs are flour from the mill of the 9 o'clock Nasty, which manage to amaze in a positive way for simplicity.

The 9 o'clock Nasty reveal good technical and compositional skills, and demonstrate how they know how to move with familiarity in their musical environment. "King Thing" lays the foundations on alternative metrics that are really right, managing to dose a mass of sounds that give concreteness and a mature sound just enough to be noticed and appreciated.

Thursday 20 January 2022

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Wednesday 19 January 2022

The Wet Caravan of Punk - on the Indie Dock


Yes Pop Pickers, those jolly scamps at Indie Dock Music Blog have found a whole new paradigm for the band and we love it. Have a look-see at their review of Politic and see what you think.

We love the language as well as the fact they liked our record. Minimalism and grotesque refrains for example.

But the kicker that Ted is going to have inscribed into pottery is "9 o'clock Nasty continue their caravan full of wet punk rock and alternatives on the dry sands of the boundless desert of modern show business."

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Psychotic Pop: Os Garotos de Liverpool review Politic

As it's in Portuguese we have deployed Ted's debatable language skills to share a translation:

Back on the site for the sixth time, the group from Leicester (UK) released the EP "Politic" on the 8th, both on Spotify and Bandcamp, to follow up the other works released by them recently.

A drum that dictates the rhythm of the track merges with a classic blues guitar from the late 60's/early 70's, with beautiful fingerings and a psychedelic touch on the track 'King Thing', responsible for opening this work of three beautiful songs.

"You know the world is going badly when even freaks are making political records. With that, we opened a toolbox full of songs that the world needs to hear" they comment in an official release.

Beloved in Brazil, they then bring the track 'Get Into Them', divided into two parts and which brings a psychotic pop sound that will surely make the listener want to listen a few times in a row, presenting compelling music throughout the length of this record.

Monday 17 January 2022

Spotify - No Pennies But Many Playlists


Spotify. Love them. Hate them. We'd love them love them if they weren't exploitative tyrants that take our music and pay us less then pennies. We do however love to stream. We stream all day long, and we love being able to reach people with minimal friction. Conflicted. That's us.

Anyhoo, playlists are good. We love being added and we love discovering new bands through them - we found the joys of I Am Unicorn Head, Femegades, Our Man In The Bronze Age, Molosser, the Qwarks and others through them. We're listing a few here because if you like what we do, you may like some of the other artists on these. Enjoy!


Indie Dock Recommended

Monthly Gems Pigeon Opinion



Roadie Music  New Songs and New Artists 

Dark Side of Lights 


Saturday 15 January 2022

We're Pirates! Arrrr! Well Indie Dock said so in their Party Review!


Indie Dock Music Blog took a look at Party this week. It feels a bit weird to be talking about last month's EP right now but the article deserves a response. At the moment we're promoting Politic, preparing the promotional material and videos for next month's EP "Sex" (which, spoiler, is about sex), finishing the EP after musically (which will either be called Speed or Thumbs, for reasons that will be made apparent) and writing material for the EP after that. Funny old world. We may be Nasty but we're Busy Nasty.

Anyhoo, Ted loved the review in particular for it's mention of pirates. He seems to think pirates wear monocles. (spoiler: wrong).

'As The Ship Going Down' is an energetic and lively composition. The bass drum sets the pulse for the whole company, which sings like a pack of pirates who are not afraid for a moment of their immersion in the depths of the sea.  

We fear no salty brine. Our starting point for this was a luxury liner and the premise, "the ship is sinking, you have an hour of life before going under, what would you do." Seems our main idea was getting to the Captain's Table and sampling the first food and drinks, getting that freaky haircut you never thought you would, and dropping some over-truthful conversation bombs. Had we thought of us being pirates on the sinking ship we'd have totally come up with another verse!

Thank you Indie Dock. We also really like your playlist to which you've added us!

Friday 14 January 2022

An Official Apology On Behalf of 9 o'clock Nasty



Obscure freakshow post-punk band 9 o'clock Nasty today wish to apologise to their fans, non-fans and the world media about parties held on their premises "Koala Studios."

Pete Brock, guitarist and raconteur stated

I wish to apologise for any feelings you may have as a result of my feelings about the alleged but unconfirmed party event held apparently against my will and to which I may possibly have attended. Furthermore I wish to apologise for the trumpet playing on 16 occasions and for breaking the neighbour's children's swing in a nocturnal bare-chested event at some point earlier in my life.

Sydd Spudd, beatmaster and devil-wrangler added

I also need to set the record straight. I have no no knowledge of the party that I attended that may have happened. I found myself drawn into the party. I could not help it. I think it was a work event not a social gathering. I have asked Pete Brock to investigate and I will also be investigating his behaviour.

Ted Pepper, bassman and enigmatic future traveller whispered

Sorry. Sorry for the impact that the  suggestions may have had on people that were not at any party that may or may not have happened. Sorry. Any and all messages relating to the non happening party which was in fact a work event. I will be awaiting the result of investigations by my co-workers into each other's behaviour before making any further statement.



Voodoo Battle, Headbangers News review Politic "Sound Unlike Any Other"


Meanwhile, elsewhere in Brazil (we do actually see almost 1/3 of our streaming plays from Brazil) Headbangers News wrote a great review for Politic, please give it a read.

As it is in Portuguese we present a cod-translation here (no haddocks were available). The website has some powerful voodoo to prevent copy-pasting but our voodoo is more powerful :)

British power trio 9 o'clock Nasty have shared the new EP, titled 'Politic', featuring garage music and alternative art.

After the incredible and recent EPs, 'Dust', 'Dank', 'Growl' and 'Cut', the 9 o'clock Nasty, never satisfied, deliver another EP in digital format, another work in a short period of time, proving that the group worked hard and managed to release four EPs and a full album in 2021 and starts 2022 with another great release. All with very eclectic tastes and definitely pushing musical boundaries.

It was five EPs in 2021 actually, and a single and an LP. Ha! We love writing and recording. 

'Politic' brings the classic form used by the band, with unusual sounds and indie rock references. In this EP we also have a more funky and electronic sound – Front 242 style. Here we have three powerful tracks that should provoke and evoke feelings, with fresh music and sound unlike any other.

Oooo Front 242 - cool reference! 

These musicians have fun with their eccentric musical instruments and videos – which can be seen on youtube. The releases are easy to listen to, and it's a great choice for the playlist. The best part and what makes the work interesting is that the band does not follow standards and does something unusual. "We're not trying to please anyone, we're writing the songs we want to make."

Thank you Headbangers News - Muito obrigado 

Thursday 13 January 2022

Roadie Music Bring Out The Wiggle for a Politic Review


Pete loves Brazil. The second he hears it mentioned he's putting his make up on and preparing for some serious dancing.

Roadie Music press those buttons. They wrote a lovely review of Politic. As it's in Portuguese we've done a cod-translation below.

When we listen to a band, or artist, we always look for some kind of differential that makes us want to know more about their work.

If that's the case with a band like 9 o'clock Nasty, let's come across every differential imaginable.

Their latest release, Politic, is something that cannot be explained linearly, as well as the music practiced by the band.

 We are non-linear people. We live the wiggle.

It is a material that does not follow a specific line, but that identifies them even if one composition is quite distinct from the other.

We will listen to heavy guitars with psychedelic tone in the same proportion in which they will appear cleaner and with melodies that remain in the head.

The bass that usually forms a whole basis for the music to develop on it, here is giving support, but also, traveling every second of the tracks on its own, forming a beautiful, crazy, opposition with the guitar.

And then it's up to the drumming to take on the role of containing all this, right?


Percussion enters this musical insanity brilliantly, marking time like clockwork, but also juggling it so that the songs don't sound empty at any time.

And to top it off, we still have some electronic elements to give a totally different colour to what was no longer normal, forming a true surrealist work of art that only Dali could explain.

Politic is a worthwhile EP in all respects as it will open our perception to other, and new, situations within the music.

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Loopy? Us? Sinusoidal Drop a Monster Review for Politic


So we seek attention. Always have. Must be in the water, But the review from Sinusoidal caused a stir in the Koala Studio recreation area.

It is a scorcher of a review. Rather than read all the bullshit we wrote about it below, do yourself a favour and check Nish at his poetic best. He is now the most dangerous man in modern music.

So Ted got a monocle. He is wandering about trying to see and basically walking into everything. Pete has found a trumpet and is launching honks and warbles. Sydd is wrapped in disco lights, so tightly wound he will probably never get out without the aid of wirecutters, but he does have the use of a mobile phone and the wit to use it.

As Sydd reads the review from Sinusoidal out, Ted and Pete gradually melt into a heap of simpering honk. It ain't pretty. Bloggers are described as The Enemy in the review, but we don't see it that way. We would love to have revealed our inner thoughts to Sinusoiudal, so in the absence f questions, here are some answers.

Your favorite trio after Charlie’s Angels are here, and no they aren’t The Three Musketeers. 9 o’ clock Nasty bring in the good tidings for the year.... dial for weird must always have a marking towards the right, and I hope we’re cranking it up early this year.

We struggled with our favourite threes, thanks for asking. We'd go with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Three Johns (fucking great band) or Millband, Corbyn and Starmer. Sydd would make a good Charlie in Charlie's Angels, Ted would of course be Bosley, and Pete Brock the glitter man.

You have a dial for weird? We have a big brass lever. On or Off Pal. It is binary. not analogue.

The boys open up the gift with King Thing, a rapid fire, funky track. The drumbeat is a solid, up-tempo version of Zeppelin’s When the Levee Breaks, and they nailed the sound detail on that as well. The guitars have their own voice, so you know they have their opinions too. 

Pete's guitars are very opinionated. The drum track isn't actually Zep, it's taken from a song of our own, "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" and accelerated about x3 in the computer-thingy. Going digital has given us a lot of new tricks. We layered two versions of the drum-track, one "straight" and one subsonic that only runs in key parts of the song. High volume with big speakers recommended.

The second track is a rather ominous, Get Into Them. At least, the first part of it. An interesting dance programmed drum beat comes to play with the group here, and its all fun and games. 

The track is actually built using a series of Bhangra samples. We listen to a lot of pirate radio hereabouts and wanted to make something that would work in that format.

I would like to call the track their approach to some hip-hop as well, but I wouldn’t. I know they’ll be giving that a fair shot soon, and I want my references library to be wide open to have a great time.

Ah well we do have a couple of hip-hop things on the operating table.

We've made a "Street Circuit" mix for Playboy Driver, our March single, which is a pretty straight down the line hip hop reworking of a rock song. It's a tried and tested formula and we've played it straight.

We're working on a more out-there piece entitled Shoot! Shoot! The Judas Goat! It will be 50 degrees of mental when it's done but our greatest concern is that we want to rap without sounding like Robbie Williams. We genuinely would love to work with a rapper who is prepared to fly the freak flag. The two we asked so far ran away.

Get Into Them has a part 2, if you’re looking at sequels like Quentin Tarantino. Same characters, but what-the-shit scenario. Going for a softer The Clash/Strokes vibe,

There is a third, even softer part but we haven't recorded it just yet, At one point we wanted to make an EP where all the songs were different versions of Get Into Them.  

A PG rated version for all the kiddies to sing along to as well. I like it.

Well it has the same number of Fucks but they are less shouty. Shouty Fucks are probably what parents should worry about. 

So there you have it. A catalogue of random expeditions, that they’ve been after. 9 o’clock repeatedly set these benchmarks for themselves, but there’s no grading scale.

Thank you.

Like Gandhi said long ago, “All I want are my two clean khadis, and the year beginning with 9 o’clock Nasty”. 

Yeah, he said that right after we micro-dosed him. We wanted to pull Gandhi into our universe on a record cover, him having some darker aspects to his file that seem to have been media-washed, but there are so many more deserving targets downrange there just aren't enough songs to do covers for. We do have an absolutely filthy one with Mother Teresa for sometime.

Thank you Nish, and thank you Sinusoidal. You can find our song on the Sinusoidal playlist on Spotify (where plays make artists no money but hey, at least your being ripped off by hipsters) 


Tuesday 11 January 2022

Fresh, Nasty and Full of Mango! Politic gets MangoWaved


MangoWave are a killer site and Politic made it onto their Fresh Mango list and Mango Rotation Playlist.

It might not always be 9 o'clock somewhere, but it is definitely the time to be nasty somewhere.

Well it is always 9 something somewhere! True say, nasty time is anytime, 

The three-track EP is opened by the dark and atmospheric Post Punk anthem 'King Thing'. The second track 'Get into them Part 1' is a brutal mix of Horror Punk, Death Rap, and nightmares, until it suddenly and seemlessly turns into the colourful Brit Pop hymn 'Get into them Part 2'. The theme stays the same, and the message is clear: 'Get into them and fuck them up'.

This is a lovely description, we were going for rabble-rousing Bhangra and landed on Death Rap! 

Happy new year! 9 o'clock nasty are not, they have never been away. And that is just awesome!

Give the wonderful Mango Rotation a look - it changes every fortnight and is always good value. 

Monday 10 January 2022

Now It's Serious - Edgar Allan Poets Review Politic


Please go have a peek at this review on the Edgar Allan Poets website.

Chris always has a playful and evocative way with words and we always hope he'll review our stuff. Although there is still a lot about Politic that is slightly surreal and twisted, at its heart it's a very serious record: the world is getting less tolerant and less kind, and we still remember when every year the tide of reactionary bullshit swept away from you rather than rushing a wash of turd onto your ankles.

It is cool to be compared to Alice in Chains. The review nails one thing absolutely. We don't take ourselves very seriously, but the music, well that is front and centre the important stuff.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Rock Era Mag: We slither and we are notorious and we love this review! Heartland Rock with Everyday Energy


We haven't had any dealings with Rock Era Magazine before - they are Egyptian and they tend to cover music that is a little more on the metal end of the spectrum, at least as far as we can tell. Politic is getting so many more plays than our previous EPs on launch weekend and we are so proud of it, but even so, the validation of comments from someone else still feel so good.

We won't copy and paste the review, PLEASE give it a click and read it, traffic helps blogs and fanzines.

"...with their insanely slithering bass sound and their notoriously well-written lyrics."

Ted played bass and wrote the words for King Thing so he is now in his happy place, putting on a new layer of makeup over last night's and eating doughnut after doughnut. He will eventually snap and go and chase cars, but for now he is content beyond words.

"It’s similar to Green Day’s post-George Bush heavily politicized era but with more musical experimentation and artistic freedom."

It is intended to be a fair and square political record, without telling anyone how to vote. To be clear, when we say "Fuck Them Up" we don't mean in the old 'throw a brick through their window' sense - we mean live with kindness, tolerance and VOTE and ensure all your peers VOTE too. Green Day wrote the songs referred to in an infinitely kinder and less dangerous world than the one we're living in now.  Pussies.

Everything is political. Well except that thing. The thing you just thought of. 

Live good politics. Don't be a King Thing.

"The music is fresh, the sound is unlike any other and with a song like “Get Into Them Part II” on the playlist, this band is destined for bigger wonders not too far ahead."

We're not fussed about wonders as long as we can go on flying the freak flag - it is true though that, much like "As the Ship Goes Down" on Party, or indeed our version of Sexy Back, sometimes things just land with a big fat inspirational thud. That's Art. And there is nothing more political than Art. Except bricks through windows.


Get Into Them Pt2


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Get Into Them Part 2 is the third song from the January 2022 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty, "Politic."

Listening Notes

We already said what this is about for Get Into Them Part 1. When we made this version, the "Them" may well have been more your wealthy over-entitled plutocrats we had in mind, rather than those with political power in the traditional sense. Men with the King Thing in fact. There, we came full circle. Conceptual you see.

Yes there is a Part 3. Yes we may release it one day. Hypothetically. Or play it live. Fuck it, I mean we're in charge, we can do what we want! Ah... see what we did there. Yeah.

Sing Along

We're Against All the Shit They're Dreaming Up

Get Into Them, and Fuck Them Up

It's Half Past Eight and Our Time Is Up

Get Into Them, and Fuck Them Up

Oh Yeah (repeat)

Twist the Words and Spill the Cup

Get Into Them, and Fuck Them Up

Spool Up Your Heart and Rise Right Up

Get Into Them, and Fuck Them Up

The Gammon King Has Come for Us

Get Into Them, and Fuck Them Up

Throw off Your Chains and Rise Right Up

Get Into Them, and Fuck Them Up

Oh Yeah (repeat)

Written and recorded and (c)2022 9 o'clock Nasty

Saturday 8 January 2022

Get Into Them Pt 1


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Get Into Them Part 1is the second song from the January 2022 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty, "Politic."

Listening Notes

Get Into Them, Part 1 is a blueprint perhaps but of course we are being ironic. We would never suggest getting into them, whomever they might be. Nor fucking anyone up. That would be mean. Metaphorically however, we would endorse perhaps a slightly more robust narrative to resisting corruption, nepotism, casual cruelty, injustice, incompetence, abuse of power, lies, exploitation, injustice and all the other shit that is probably floating down a river near you.

Seriously, the world needs you, yes you reader, to take a stand. Fly the freak flag if you wish, but act. Vote, discuss, challenge, resist.

Special thanks to the Bhangra Assassins who gave us the love and confidence to try this song. They are one of Leicester's undiscovered secrets and their debut single, when they finally get their shit together enough to get the stems to us so we can mix it will spank your world. We wrote the song, they gave us the brass neck to put it out.

Sing Along

You don't need to know the words to sing along with this. When we shout Get Into Them, you shout Fuck Them Up. If we aren't available, then work with a partner. Agree in advance who will do what. It will be silly if you both shout Get Into Them and nobody shouts Fuck Them Up. You won't create a new world order with incompetent chanting. Get with it.

Written and recorded and (c)2022 9 o'clock Nasty

Friday 7 January 2022

King Thing


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King Thing is the first song from the January 2022 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty, "Politic."

Listening Notes

Every species has them. Baboons that swagger. Sharks that are a little pointier than the others. Humans though, we have the finest examples of those that are a cut above. We also have those that think they should be, could be or would be. they have the King Thing.

You can deal with entitlement two ways, feed it and let it grow, or fuck it up. If you're afflicted yourself, just do your best, but it will catch you in the end.

The song began life on multitrack tape as King of Hackney on our debut EP "Dank." As we experimented with our new digital setup (sadly we can't do much more work on analogue unless we find some good tape to work on!) we transferred the track and started messing about. Thinking it would make a fine dance mix. But it grew. New lyrics formed. New guitar parts coalesced. Sydd produced a drum loop that was both a homage and driving force.

Sing Along

King of Hackney all obey me

Shuffle on it's time to pay me

While you watch to see me fall


King of Leicester all unruly

Love me much but love me cruelly

From the West and from the East


It's the King Thing

King of Derby soon forget me

Loved my time but oh you failed me

Ride the camel to the place


King of Brighton rock'n'roll me

See the bright lights dip to fail me

Fight the fight to the end


It's the King Thing

Written and recorded and (c)2022 9 o'clock Nasty

Sydd Spudd - drums in their many forms

Pete Brock - guitars, pedals and vocals

Ted Pepper - bass and vocals

Thursday 6 January 2022

Politic. Out this weekend

It is starting to pop up on the streaming services ahead of release day. We are so happy with this record. Please help make some noise...

Listen to the songs. Always a good start. Play the videos on YouTube.

Post something on social media and somehow tag us so we can like and reshare.

Like and reshare our social media. That gets the algorithms attention and puts us in front of more people.

You probably have a friend who would be into what we do. Draw their attention to this brutal, beautiful chunk of a record.

Rise Up!

Saturday 1 January 2022

Happy New Nasty!


Yay, thank god 2021 is over, now we can party right? Well happy new year anyway.


  • We will release Politic on 8th January. Obviously we say it is brilliant etc but it totally fucking is. Even Danzig Krupp likes it and he still hasn't forgiven us for the laxative joke
  • We have releases pretty much ready for February (Sex) and March (Speed) already. We still find ourselves writing songs that don't fit any one genre, but there is definitely a tilt towards the heavier kind of sound you'll hear on King Thing.
  • We will play live. If we can work out a way to make it fun and different.
  • We will release at least one more LP, and several more EPs over the course of the coming months.
  • We will do a video featuring a raccoon driving a high performance sports car.


  • We will not lack authority figures to poke fun at.
  • We will continue to love music released by a number of other people we've found through our own forays. It used to be that you met and loved other bands on the gig circuit, same process, different place. I Am Unicorn Head, Femegades, The Qwarks, Molosser, Our Man In the Bronze Age, we salute you and await your future material with anticipation. Hope to meet you one day, Maybe we should put on a Freakshow?