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Friday 7 January 2022

King Thing


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King Thing is the first song from the January 2022 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty, "Politic."

Listening Notes

Every species has them. Baboons that swagger. Sharks that are a little pointier than the others. Humans though, we have the finest examples of those that are a cut above. We also have those that think they should be, could be or would be. they have the King Thing.

You can deal with entitlement two ways, feed it and let it grow, or fuck it up. If you're afflicted yourself, just do your best, but it will catch you in the end.

The song began life on multitrack tape as King of Hackney on our debut EP "Dank." As we experimented with our new digital setup (sadly we can't do much more work on analogue unless we find some good tape to work on!) we transferred the track and started messing about. Thinking it would make a fine dance mix. But it grew. New lyrics formed. New guitar parts coalesced. Sydd produced a drum loop that was both a homage and driving force.

Sing Along

King of Hackney all obey me

Shuffle on it's time to pay me

While you watch to see me fall


King of Leicester all unruly

Love me much but love me cruelly

From the West and from the East


It's the King Thing

King of Derby soon forget me

Loved my time but oh you failed me

Ride the camel to the place


King of Brighton rock'n'roll me

See the bright lights dip to fail me

Fight the fight to the end


It's the King Thing

Written and recorded and (c)2022 9 o'clock Nasty

Sydd Spudd - drums in their many forms

Pete Brock - guitars, pedals and vocals

Ted Pepper - bass and vocals

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