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Sunday, 4 September 2022

Existential Dread, Review Roundup


Iggy Magazine @iggymagazine “It's still quite funny to find 9 o'clock Nasty who had seduced us with the title "Team Player", but also I Am The Unicorn Head who had conquered us on the titles "All the Right Things" and "Future Dinosaurs”; and yet it's a day of celebration tonight because these two Rock-infused universes mix to offer us a little killer called "Existential Dread". New indie hybrid, "Existential Dread" is an electric Garage Rock-like song, a fusion of dark, gripping groove and a fever that takes you by the heart, feelings guided by the intoxicating vocals that ride a wave of instrumental of cheek.”

Rising Artists @risingartists.musicblog “Existential Dread” provokes many emotions. The song seems to be the most in control song these groups have had, the teamwork has proven to be successful. “Existential Dread” is a song that won’t get out of your head, it has a nostalgic feel to it and makes you feel warm inside. You will not be able to stop yourself from repeating existential dreadddddd over and over. The ending of the track puts it all into perspective.”

Artist's Online @artistionline “I Am The Unicorn Head and 9 o'clock Nasty have teamed up to create something that has a lot in common with the laws of chaos and the beauty generated by chaos.The transatlantic horsehead duo and the masters of garage punk have decided to join forces and creative madness to produce their first single together: "Existential Dread". In "Existential Dread" we stumble upon a truly unique mix, which doesn't look like anything we've already heard but takes all the best of what we've already loved. The bass line is so hot that it seems fiery (and a bit hellish), the rhythm of the drums is gritty and pressing, the saxophone melody would raise the dead. I Am The Unicorn Head put their existential and profound lyrics on the plate with a background sweetness that emerges clearly, as it is in their style. The 9 o'clock Nasty manage to act as a backdrop without disappearing, indeed, with a consistent presence that perfectly stages all their experience and mastery. Harmonized voices, ethereal songs that rebound existential doubts and mutual answers (or at least seek them), sparkling little guitar solos, an unstoppable rhythm that seems to proceed towards infinity with a touch of grunge. This collaboration is the perfect metaphor for chaos because it was born with premises and stories that could have led in any direction and eventually exploded into perfection.”

Rock Era Magazine @rockeramag “Existential Dread” doesn’t fall under a certain genre or category, but the guitar melody progression is so catchy and highly anticipative to the ears with its motif. The drumline is on point, subtle, and very vibrant, giving the song a strong structure along with the varied and intriguing mix of vocals.

TJLP News @tjplnews "This banging track is dark, bold, and thunderous!" 

Said Zedan @djsaiidzeidan “I’m not always impressed by goofy chaotic acts but damn this band has mastered chaos with their own incredible twist. 9 O’Clock Nasty is one band I’m happy to be covering as their energy is through the roof. Drums and guitars are combined with amazing vocals to make the song even more powerful. “Existential Dread” dives deep into the existential crisis everyone goes through, and I’ve been able to relate to the song on different levels; I believe you will too.”

EDMK Records @EDMREKORDS "“Existential Dread” is exactly what you would expect when u read the title. The single is a massively energetic rock song that resonates energy in the room. This is just right for blasting out through your car radio or at home while diving into the loop of your existential crisis. The song provides amazing delivery of vocals with incredible instrumental skills with guitars and drums all over the place. So turn up your speakers and blast out all your negative energy with this masterpiece and when you are done pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. The song is backed by an incredibly creative music video that is a must-see, so be sure to check it out."

Phantom Power Music Blog @phantom_power_music_blog “This collaboration should only elevate their names, it’s stunning.  Here’s our review of “Existential Dread.” Huge drums and a heavy bass riff start the track, with an oddly beautiful guitar riff that fits perfectly between an erie sax-like synth line.  As vocals start, we get an analog pulse in the mix to drive up the fever a little bit.  The lyrics are introspective, dark and captivating…. The drum pattern is killer - it’s a bit of a disco vibe that really moves the section…. This is The Eels meets Iggy Pop, Sub Pop Records meets Carpark Records.  It’s not prog, but it’s definitely intellectual - like the best garage/punk/muse band in your town.… It’s rare when bands can find a partner in musicality but it certainly feels like they’ve done it here.”

Info Music @info_music_fr “There is no need to worry about the quality of this music because here, there is no lack of taste, just quality, a rare know-how. You will not need several listenings to validate every moment of this beautiful jewel. What could be better than the new pull from 9 o'clock Nasty & I Am The Unicorn Head whose talent jumps out at you from the start.”

KIMU @KARLISMYUNKLE “Kicking off with immersive drums, a luscious bass and guitar licks expanding into a synth melody with the situational lyrics, “I am climbing out, a hole I dug myself, when I look around there’s only worms…”The piece has a more vulnerable edge compared to previous releases, … in collaboration with the enigmatic, I am the Unicorn Head and the band describe the opus as a “new indie hybrid”.

MangoWave @mangowavereviews “…there is that thin line where moments and dreams meet, that magical border region of dreams and desires coming true. This is the story of one those special moments…. These five musicians unified their minds embracing the possibility of accidentally creating a supernova of Jangle Garage Post Psych Punk (and Roll). The result is here to amaze you: This is 'Existential Dread':Like a Geiger-Müller-Counter under high radiation, bass and drums create a dynamic and simultaneously eschatologically atmospheric Post Punk verse. Guitars and vocals complete this apocalyptic sonic scenario by adding sweet doomsday romanticism and joyful psychedelia to the soundscape…. Garage meets Jangle Pop, Post Punk kisses Psychedelic Shoegaze, Tom Waits marries Muse, and the whole world is dancing to the rhythm of Earth falling to bits and pieces.”

Edgar Allan Poets @edgarallanpoets "The new single Existential Dread brings with it the psychedelic style of I am The Unicorn Head and the irreverent approach of 9 o'clock Nasty. I honestly don't think a collaboration could be better. When such original and eclectic people come together to create art together we are facing a new cultural big bang. Creativity gushes from every pore and you can only listen to this beautiful song in amazement. If before 9 o'clock Nasty managed to open my third eye now with this collaboration with I am The Unicorn Head they have also opened my 4th eye! I finally see the matrix!"

Send Me Your Ears @SendMeYourEars "In Existential Dread, these two artists have come together to form what we believe is a very promising collaboration. This is a track that feels dark and foreboding.…
The thunderous kick drum in the intro sets the mood and we love how busy the drumming pattern is under the vocals when they come in. There’s a sense of urgency. We like the almost disco feeling that the hi-hat brings in places; drawing influences from all over the place to create a track which is a true stand out number. The vocals have a very cool effect on them that makes the stand out well in the mix. The occasional layered vocals in the choruses are well considered and help bolster the lead and bring some extra interest in to the track. Of particular note is the vocal break down right at the end of the track, with lots of layers and swirling, driven effects, this was a great way to end a song that had already impressed us.The running bassline adds to the sense of urgency and the repeated guitar riff helps you figure out where you are in this super-catchy-less-than-three-minutes song."

Less than 1000 Followers @jpgchief and @madzeman "In “Existential Dread” we encounter a mix like no other. A hot-as-hell bass line, a gritty and steady drum beat, and a mother-fucking saxophone-like melody. The Unicorns provide the existential lyrics with a palpable bittersweetness to them (just as they like it). The Nasty holla in the background with their unmistakeable presence and foundational mastery. Harmonized vocals, ethereal ask and response chants. Glittering guitar phrases. An unstoppable rhythm that goes on and on with a filthy attitude. This collaboration is everything you’d thought it’d be, and more. I looked around and all I found was “Existential Dread.”

Saturday, 3 September 2022

Existential Dread (with I Am The Unicorn Head)

Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Existential Dread is the collaboration September 2022 single by 9 o'clock Nasty and I Am The Unicorn Head.

Listening Notes

Are you a White Trash Prodigy? Look it's simple. Either you are, in which case you have a new theme tune. Or you want to be. In which case try harder. Walk the canal paths. Kick trash. Call people you barely remember as the dawn licks the rooftops. Or you deny that you want to be. In which case, that sickening drip, drip, drip in your stomach. That twisting, loosening in your bowels. That is your Existential Dread. Embrace it before it embraces you.

Copyright 2022 9 o'clock Nasty/ I Am the Unicorn Head

Dragon Lord Apocalypse vocals, drums, guitars

Kid A’ guitars, bass, keyboards, and brass/string arrangements 

Pete Brock Guitar and vocals

Ted Pepper Bass and vocals

Sydd Spudd Drums

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Brunswick Cellar Bar, Playboy Driver Videos


We probably won't do a ton of pages like this - instead we've also started a playlist on our YouTube channel so that as we go through all the footage and pick the best we have a single place it can drop into.

Sunday, 31 July 2022

I'm Bent - The Reviews


Diario de Shows @diariodeshows "NOW PLAYING: 9 o'clock Nasty released at the end of July her new single “I'm Bent” in an extremely powerful and impactful way with a very reflective message about society and the parameters it imposes on what and who we should be and they question: “Can someone different love and be loved?”"

The Other Side @theothersidereviews "“A wonderful anthem for the different, this track takes everything we have come to love about the band, mashes it together and injects it into your veins… There is a passion that has been woven into every note of the track as the music moves from a shiver of live energy to a smooth slide. Throughout the melody, the band brings a touch of old-school punk rock to something that is utterly unique and the essence of the band…. With a punk rock attack, 9 o’clock Nasty set their sights on the ideas society pushes on us, while creating an inclusive space for everything that is different in ‘I’m Bent’. The music captures everything that we love about the band and turns it all the way up to eleven. Through the music, they edge into anthemic territory while helping us embrace everything that makes us unique.”

Senocular @senocularmedia "9 o’clock Nasty are a band that fuse multiple styles of rock, punk, indie, and garage rock into their own blend of nastiness. Their latest single, “I’m Bent,” build upon the nasty and takes it to ultimate levels. Rugged riffs with an anthemic chorus make “I’m Bent” a great end of summer celebration song."

The Biggest Channel @brbbsamuel "...“I’m Bent” track makes my body remembers the sensation of the beloved annual county fair, that one ride I thought I could handle in the pain and strain of maturing. It seemed like an inescapable rite of passage...  I just can’t stand on the outside of this song, assessing it from a distance. It’s an immersive experience. Let’s all dive into this euphoric sound!"

Pigeon Opinion @musicreviews_bypigeon ""I'm Bent" opens boldly with flashy heavy riffs and immediately throws the hook in your face! Here they bring to the table the ironic songwriting and charisma of using and abusing distinctive group vocals popularized by bittersweet indie legends Pavement in the 90s! In the second half, fast key-based refinements stand out that perfect this promising underground group that stays more than true to its garage and rebellious roots!"

Headbangers News @headbangersnews_br The single brings the classic form used by the band, very eclectic with unusual sounds and references to alternative rock from the 90's with good references to grunge, garage rock, pop and indie. The song has an oldschool sound and powerful riffs, where the vocals come together in full force. The song arrives with a music video that looks like it was pulled from MTV's top 10 in the 90s, exuding energy and true rock'n'roll attitude in fighting prejudice and defending minorities. 9 o'clock Nasty mesmerizes the listener and captivates him with all the charisma and inimitable sense of humor of this band.

Music City Pulse @musiccitypulse "9 o'clock represents the new emerging sound of the music scene that is daring, refreshing, and fearless to be who they are. There’s no expectation or stress in their sound or any attempt to try to be any other artists than theirselves. They do their own thing and they make their name for it.. I'm Bent is a song where everything seems to be in the right place.”

Rising Artists   @risingartists.musicblog “Serious question…have you been living under a rock? If you’re not aware of 9 o’clock Nasty’s 6th release this year than clearly you have been sharing living space with Patrick Star. “I’m Bent” is the latest release from the weirdest trio to come out of Leicester, UK and keeping true to who they are, it’s gritty and has hints of classic rock and some psychedelia.. It’s clear that these gents whistle to the beat of their own tune, they seem to not care what anyone thinks and them or their music. This has shown a huge positive response to listeners like you, listeners who aren’t like the “normal” and are deemed as different. If that’s the case, “I’m Bent” is the anthem you will need.”

FV Music Blog @fvmusicblog "The brilliant Leicester-based band 9 O’CLOCK NASTY are back with their engaging and addictive song ‘I’m Bent’. It is a single with hard-hitting lyrics, and memorable melodies which are executed in 9 O’CLOCK NASTY’s formidable style."

OS Garotos De Liverpool @gdltudosobremusica “Delivering all their punk/garage/classic rock identity, with a totally energetic atmosphere, heavy guitars, beautiful riffs, drums even keyboards that give a more classic touch to the work, they present high voltage music that does not allow us to stay still for even a second, whether moving our bodies or shaking our heads involuntarily while writing this news post.”

Send Me Your Ears @SendMeYourEars “9 o’clock Nasty are following their own path and picking up some dedicated fans along the way. I’m Bent may well be our favourite so far from 9 o’clock Nasty. They describe the song as “an anthem for the different”. 9 o’clock Nasty are passionate about kindness, respect and inclusion and I’m Bent is a fun and inclusive song whose message needs to be heard around the world. I’m Bent is an exhausting blast of energy, condensed into 2 minutes and 46 seconds of in your face attitude.”

Roadie Music @roadiemusicmag “AMAZING how they release so much material and the quality is always brutal! One of our editors (Fabiano Menon) proclaimed the following sentence: “if Frank Zappa were alive today, 9 o’clock Nasty would be his partner band”. And we signed below, simply brilliant madness! …. We can't forget to mention the angry, lugubrious, vibrant and striking vocals, a great hallmark of this powerful institution that is 9 o'clock Nasty! The abrupt encore, loaded with feedback, says a lot about the creative potential of this overwhelming trio.”

Fame Magazine @famemagazine "“In a world where it seems to be drilled into us constantly that there are certain parameters you should fit in order to be an acceptable human – things like appearance, age, race, gender, sexuality – 9 O’Clock Nasty gamely tackles these narrow standards, flips them on their head and poses the question “Can someone different love and be loved?” The answer is an unapologetically and defiantly shouted affirmative, accompanied by wailing guitars, growling bass and tight, energetic drums.
Make sure to stream the rambunctious feel-good riot that is I’m Bent “

Edgar Allan Poets @edgarallanpoets "I’m Bent will make you feel like the girls on roller skates who served hamburgers in the 70s. This song winks at the classic rock. A bit of Beach Boys together with Lynyrd Skynyrd obviously seasoned with the fascinating strangeness of these guys from Leicester. By now this band has created their signature sound and they can also explore new genres but the foundations are so solid that their music is always recognizable no matter what they do. One thing I have never mentioned is the covers and the videos. The psychedelic universe created by the 9 o’clock Nasty is also evident in the visual part of their project…always bizarre and brilliant. I’m Bent is a nice wild ride that will leave you in your underwear like Zuckerberg on the cover."

Sinusoidal @sinusoidal.music “Their sound is always unique, and riffs have laced within it a small amount of nostalgia. When I say laced, it’s calculated-like a Cosby decimal. Anyway, I digress from writing a splendid review for their latest rock track. 9 o’clock Nasty maintain that silky fuzz from radio tracks you would hear, especially when you drove at the countryside. To hide incriminating evidence. This is just another track that boils down their inspirations into one consolidated piece…It’s philosophical, so buckle in. 

MangoWave Reviews @mangowavereviews "Like a heavyweight steam roller, 9 o’clock nasty plough through beauty palaces, gyms, boutiques, and bars. The rubble they leave behind is covered in love and rainbows, and it contains the one important message: you’re beautiful, and you should dance and work out to this tune."

We Write About Music @wewriteaboutmusic “Says the band on their description of the song, it’s a “bizarre mix of drunken Roxy Music and sober Nirvana kick their way out of the speakers, lick your face and steal your beer.” There’s no way we could describe it better than they could, but that’s because it’s perfect. Through loud shouts, head banging, crunchy guitars, and an immense enthusiasm, this song is ideally tailored for a night out on the town. Whether you’re gearing up to go out or coming back from a wild night, let “I’m Bent” serve as the theme song to your evening and life.“

Less than 1000 Followers @jpgchief “I’m Bent does not fall short in the list of Nasty bangers, as it is an anthem for the different. A celebration of life, love, sexuality, gender, race, and even age. Polishing their sound while still staying true to their roots, the Leicester trio is blending all they love and represent… the chorus  hits before we even realize what’s going on. It is a big, powerful sound, with the Nasty energy we’ve all grown to love. Wailing guitars, smacking drums, growling bass, and a lot of vocals! Brilliant”

@darkstrudel “Fuck. They did it. After so many experiments, twists and leaps in different directions, finally we have a 9 o’clock Nasty song that brings together all the elements into one two-minute assault. Pure Nasty. Everything is set to full on attack. A bizarre mix of drunken Roxy Music and sober Nirvana kick their way out of the speakers, lick your face and steal your beer.” 

Saturday, 30 July 2022

I'm Bent


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

I'm Bent is the July 2022 single by 9 o'clock Nasty.

Listening Notes

Too old? Too skinny? Wrong hair? Wrong teeth? Too straight? We're all a bit too much in one direction or another. We're all bent, but the rollercoaster of society's ideas of perfection and the juggernaut of advertising keep bashing with that relentless beat. Stop dancing to it. Push back and find love. 

Copyright 2022 9 o'clock Nasty

Pete Brock Guitar and vocals

Ted Pepper Bass and vocals

Sydd Spudd Drums

Words to sing to

I love your hair

Your face is great

I love your smile

You make me laugh

You're so hot

I'd do you lots

I love your hands

I think we could but

But I'm bent & it's hard

There's just too many many miles to go

I'm bent & it's hard

For me to do you too

Your voice is nice

So's your nose

Your private parts

Are good enough for me

I think we'd rock

I think we'd roll

Your past is clear

No ex is killing me

But I'm bent & it's hard

There's just too many many miles to go

I'm bent & it's hard

For me to do you too

Sunday, 26 June 2022

Team Player: the Reviews are Coming In


Illustrate @illustratemagazine "Team Player’s first beat is a monster.… the bass enters, it contrasts the vocals with its slow cadence and almost sensual, enticing tones ingeniously binds the rest of the sounds together. …the chorus, which hits hard in a catchy tune that will grab you with the band’s charisma and distinct sense of humor.  They create music for the world’s oddities and geeks, following their inclinations boldly."

Red Rock Magazine @redrockmagazine "We all know the energy that goes behind a Nine o’clock Nasty song. It’s loud, boisterous and in your face. It’s unapologetic and full of unrelenting pizzazz. This song encapsulates all that is great about Nine o’clock Nasty. This song in particular feels as if its written just for the outsiders of this world. Those of us that have long felt misunderstood by mainstream society. This song is cathartic in a way as it gives the energy and message telling us its ok to just be ourselves. Nine o’clock Nasty is here to stand high atop the mountain waving the freak flag for us."

Plastic Magazine @plasticmgzn "9 o’clock Nasty are an alternative rock outfit that takes a side-eyed look at the world and punishes it with their driving beats and mild sarcasm. With their trademark sound of gritty guitar work, energising rhythms and often tongue-in-cheek lyricism, they’ve carved out a reputation as an exciting UK rock band offering a new sound.... a razor-sharp and punching sound, on their most recent single they deliver a swaggering rock cut with tinges of old school hip hop in it’s vocal delivery and sonic aesthetic."

Indie O'Clock @indieoclock "Before their sound was full on and chaotic, for this one they did something more experimental, technically speaking, they are making a style of punk that we can say is neo punk, they are the new voice of the genre and represent very well a fresh movement. In fact, they represent rock as a whole very well.... It takes us to the '80s amid frantic guitar riffs and constant beats. They make us electrify with the live sound of the guitar. The vocal is solid, striking, makes us vibrate, connects us to the idea of the guitar. Psychedelic and punk, comes close to the end and increases the atmosphere."

Ace of Swords @ace_of_swords.co "uncompromising, full of character and with a message that gets in your face for a couple of minutes and then makes room for whatever comes next."

Headbangers News @headbangersnews_br "9 o'clock Nasty continue to explode our speakers with their wonderful and strange releases. Never satisfied the band continues to release another work ... in a short period of time. The group works hard and loves what they do."

Rock Era @rockeramag "the song starts with a powerful, in-your-face intro, with a cool horn sound in the back with a sick beat and an elaborate, vibrant guitar line. The music takes you to unexpected places and unusual approaches in vocals and interpretation as if they broke free from their comfort zone."

Pigeon Opinion @pigeon_opinion "After running the underground with a brilliantly cartoony hook on the hit "Darker Star", 9' O Clock Nasty return with hard post punk, alternative garage and stoner rock riffs on "Team Player"! This incredibly charismatic tune brings the noise and playful melodies typical of britpop while the electrifying solos demonstrate an incredible symbiotic synergy - proving this group really plays as a team - especially the drummer who carries the single with extraordinary infectious drums! "Team Player" guarantees to be satirical and ironic and once again the chorus really shines by being superbly catchy and addictive! Also of note are innovative artsy lo-fi ideas involving reverb and challenging motifs to the listener. Quirky and punky - another big W for this promising underground group!"

FV Music Blog @fvmusicblog "The brilliant band 9 O’CLOCK NASTY are back with their best single yet. ‘Team Player’ is in equal parts addictive and compelling. Complete with wonderful vocal performance and a stoic beat, it is a song that could be the breakthrough single for this Leicester-based band."

Info Music @info_music_fr "An ease to launch, an ability to impose, 9 o'clock Nasty is a delightful surprise that makes a beautiful entry in our section and settles as the surprise that we recommend you to discover as soon as possible."

Rising Stars @risingartists.musicblog “Team Player is an instant in your face track that takes you back in time, the nostalgic track is very garage, punk, with some heaviness. ...This is an endless track that you will not be able to stop playing, while it’s on repeat you’re going to rage your little heart out and after you’re done with that track you’re going to move on to the next one from 9 o’clock Nasty. They make music that is so hard to not be completely obsessed with. The trio never disappoints."

Roadie Music @roadiemusicmag "With a beat totally influenced by funk, it follows a line full of swing with a slow bass, with a lot of groove, already showing the stripped air there. The guitars enter discreetly, but as they take shape, they emphasise the weight of the song. All with vocal lines that are between the sung and the recited, gaining influences from rap, reminding us immediately of the Beastie Boys. ... one of the most differentiated songs they've released, showing versatility and daring."

Sinusoidal @sinusoidal.music "So the question is never what 9 o’clock Nasty have in store for us next. It’s what is not, and most things aren’t off the table. Can it be about raccoons playing cards? About a tennis player/Christian madman? These guys have the Midas touch, if that means everything they touch turns to golden beer. "

Mangowave @mangowavereviews "This is the song for those who would rather saw off their left foot than participating in their company's annual staff outing at the climbing garden.... With sharp bends, the guitar decorates the main riff. Those are not sounds of evading obstacles. These bends help you to take a run-up and knock the obstacles over. Who is getting in your way? Right, noone and nothing!"

Other Side Reviews @theothersidereviews "Constantly evolving, 9 o’clock Nasty once again highlights their sophisticated obscurity in ‘Team Player’. Charismatic vocals pour forth from the analogue arrangement proving that you don’t need fancy stuff to make a mark on listeners. As I said, they can have pinpricks of light swirling about your head…but you’ll love the feeling. ‘Team Player’ does not slither into your cranium, but rather grabs your guts, squeezes and leaves you breathless with goosebumps all over your body."

Motion News @motionnews.it "I forced myself to listen to Team Player after overcoming the mental pain caused by not being able to review Darker Star. Like Boris Johnson, I adore every song by this band, and I never know what to anticipate from them next. Their songs don’t aspire to higher creative standards or seek for deeper meaning like a bad trio would. It is 9:00. Nasty are merely enjoying themselves. Team Player starts off with a punch before doing what 9 o’clock Nasty does best, which is diving into rock. Strong drums and a bass tone that would make Les Claypool’s pants flutter. Additionally, Sydd, Pete, and Ted give a chorus performance that Frank Black would pay millions of dollars for."

Biography Web   @biography.web The Leicester trio—the ruthless, enigmatic, dangerous, and dark-eyed beings of irony and satire—are back to face their demons while still debating the fundamental essence of humanity.

KIMU @KARLISMYUNKLE "Team Player expands with textured production and a strong Brit-rock delivery that we have come to love from 9 o’clock Nasty to tell the story of the leaders and gatherers of society ... an exercise in indie precision that drives a sharp spike into the spine.”

We Are MX @yourmusicexperience "a gritty, opaque groovy banger"

Edgar Allan Poets @edgarallanpoets  "It goes without saying that such a creatively productive band must have a lot of influences. It is precisely because of their great open-mindedness that 9 o’clock Nasty does not know what the word boredom means. The creativity they put into the lyrics, the musical arrangements, and the presentation of their musical idea to the world are superb. This is pure passion. The desire of these guys to make their artistic message known to the masses makes them forget all the work they are doing to spread their vision. They write well, have innovative ideas, and above all it’s a band that has something to say."

Dark Strudel @dark_strudel "After the wide panoramic boisterous sweeps of their last releases, the restless and violent 9 o’clock Nasty are back. Team Player hits you in the first beat. A vicious gut-punch. It keeps striking again and again. Relentless verses build up to a rabble-rousing chorus. This is music for when it is all too much, and you need to turn and face the oppressor. Music to build barricades to. Music to stand shoulder to shoulder and shout to the sky. When the restless stop and stand in one place. When they focus and strike, take notice."

Less Than 1000 Followers @jpgchief "Like a dark gargoyle of the night, the mean raccoons are back with a renewed striking force, ready to hit us right in the gut. The Leicester trio, the dark eye lined, the brutal, the mysterious, the perilous beings of irony and satire are back once more to overcome themselves as they continue to question the true nature of humanity.A fierce and heart-pounding track that attacks steadily and with control. A melting bass, tight drums, wailing guitar notes… Real talk. Real energy.  The intimidating mantra continues as a dark omen. The beat returns. Ecstasy."

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Team Player


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Team Player is the June 2022 single by 9 o'clock Nasty.

Listening Notes

Team Player? Never.  A song for everyone that chooses not to comply.


From the push to the shove I'll see you later

A real broken heart, he's the team player

Takes what he wants and plays both ends

The lock on the door, he's team player.

I may be some time

Metal to the pedal, box out the flag

He's a real base toucher, a real team player

His ask from you, his hymn sheet singer

His same direction puller, real team player

I may be some time

(c) 2022 9 o'clock Nasty

Sydd Spudd Drums

Pete Brock Guitar, keys, vocals

Ted Pepper Bass, vocals