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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Headbangers News Takes on Cut


Sometimes we wish we were Brazilian. The music scene there seems to be pretty lively and the blogs show us a lot of love, which we of course being properly brought up reciprocate. Platonically.

This is their review of Cut, translation below.

Apologies for the machine translation - typically we'd copy and paste the text into Google Translate and tidy up the awkward phrases, but their site isn't letting us copy the text!

Monday, 6 December 2021

Venuewatch - two new ones as 2021 Farts and Mutters to an End: The Donkey and Royal Oak

Too often we lament the closure of venues, but we can tell anyone of the Leicestershire persuasion that they have not one but two new venues opening their doors for live music.

Already open is the Royal Oak in Rothley, just a jam-jar ride away from our studio. We went to see the first gig there and judging by the state of our bar-tab we had a good time. It was good to see the mix of regulars and band-followers mixing happily and drinking along with the stomp-inducing music. Danzig came with us and of course he wrote it up. They will have live music on Saturdays once they get into full swing.

Meanwhile. we think it is announced elsewhere, but The Donkey looks set to re-open for gigs in Leicester. First night will probably be 11th December and we hope to go along to cheer along and celebrate the happening.

Running a venue is hard. There was a time when music promoters were all stone-hearted bastards making easy money off the sweat, blood and tears of naive bands. Now the sweat, blood and tears is very much from the promoters that have to fight hard to keep venues operating. If you have one near you, give it some love this weekend. Nasty, out x

Sunday, 5 December 2021

Passion for Chasing Fumes: Sinusoidal Get Nasty with Party

OK so we were in the Aldi. We shop. We dress as racoons, we go into the world. Ted is placed in the vegetable aisle, he feels safe there, Sydd prowls the beverage section, spots the bargains. samples the goods. Pete get in the meat products and strikes up conversation with the folk that pass to and fro, back and forth. The staff there are used the hulking presences. The stares. The heavy kohl. They know to turn off the music in case it upsets us.

"Hey, you're in 9 o'clock Nasty aren't you?"

It's a stupid question. Why else would Ted be wearing gold facepaint and his girlfriend's fur coat next to the courgettes? Ted does not like people that talk to him, he crabs sideways to the cheese. He is visiting Danzig later and needs supplies. 

The friendly man, who used to be in a band himself in the 1990s and was quite a face on the Leicester scene persists with Sydd who is now camped at the Christmas specials. 

"Your manager just posted a link to a good review about you on the band Facebook page. Have you seen it?"

It is a pretty fucking amazing write up, and it comes from Nishant Varma, the fourth most dangerous man in modern music. Sinusoidal rock our world. They had called us in the week and we had this strange late night phone-call interview with an echo and a slight lag between the words being spoken and the words being heard. 

So it was that Ted and Pete were sat on their haunches in a huge mesh bin full of footballs while Sydd read the article to them. There are worse ways to spend a Saturday, although Ted had to apologise to all the children when Pete kept autographing their footballs with his Industrial Sharpie, the one he used to adapt the singer out of Bash to make him look more rock and roll.

We can't reproduce the article here. Well we could but fuck it, you should click and go read it. Look you've read this shit this far, so you must be interested on some level or other. Read it now, please.
You always know what to expect and get it wrong with 9 o’clock Nasty.

True say. Truth is the band have no idea whatsoever to expect so if you're watching and expecting to see and hear a particular thing you may be disappointed. If you like entropy, they're your boys.

Then the sick funk is in order, with a Les Claypool style bassline 

This utterly foxed Ted, who was the author and performer of the bassline in question but Pete just slapped his back and congratulated him for being compared the the Claypool and blathered on about Primus. Ted, who stopped listening to music when Siouxsie sacked the Banshees is none the wiser.

You’re still going to get a special brew of Irish coffee with these guys. Beware for micro doses of LSD though, they’re perfectly capable.

That is a godamm lie, we have never drunk Irish Coffee or micro-dosed with LSD. We are entirely capable though. Nish, come visit and we will show you how we have a good time in Leicester on a wet Wednesday evening. It won't be pretty but you will end up with an incredible story to tell the grandchildren of strangers on the bus. 


Saturday, 4 December 2021

What Time Is Santa?


What Time Is Santa? | Download or Listen Free

Also available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

What Time Is Santa is the third song on the December 2021 EP "Party" by 9 o'clock Nasty. Of course it's a Christmas single, what else could it be? A song about Santa Claus what wasn't a Christmas single would be sheer madness!

Listening Notes

It's the teeth that get you. You never expect Santa Claus to have those teeth. And that breath. Fuck, he stinks. Ever since the Coca Cola thing he's just let himself go. He would like to, if you'll let him.

Sing Along

Really? You going to ask for the lyrics? OK well um.. What Time Is Santa? Nine O'Clock. Repeat. Make everyone join in, this isn't a carol.

Preach Me Down



Preach Me Down | Download or Listen Free

Also available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Preach Me Down is the second song on the December 2021 EP "Party" by 9 o'clock Nasty. A slab of goth-rock. Doom laden and harder than it looks.

Listening Notes

They never knew you. They never cared. All that mattered was that you didn't spoil the neat edge on their world. The tidy lines. On each day the right thing. The right feeling. The right action. Because a power in the sky said so or because some bunch of fat old smelly fucked up idiots thought they should control your life? If you're lucky all they will do is fuck you up.

This song is not about faith. This song is about faithless, fickle manipulators.

Sing Along

Belly laugh, guy punch. Preach me down to dust.

Damn my eyes, damn my soul. Preach me down to dust.

Touch my heart, steal my lust. Preach me down to dust.

Dance all night for your sacred trust. Preach me down to dust.

Hash to Ash

Lust to Rust

You'd think that they would have had enough

Tiny Hands

So much love

While we sip the devil's cup

Belly, laugh, sucker punch

Move along with your tainted love. Preach me down to dust.

Sunday best, the sharpest cut. Preach me down to dust.

Judge me not. Love me much. Preach me down to dust.

Count me down to 9 o'clock. Preach me down to dust.

Hash to Ash

Lust to Rust

You'd think that they would have had enough

Tiny Hands

So much love

While we sip the devil's cup

Belly, laugh, sucker punch

Preach me down

Preach me down

Friday, 3 December 2021

As The Ship Goes Down


As The Ship Goes Down | Download or Listen Free

Also available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

As The Ship Goes Down is the first song on the December 2021 EP "Party" by 9 o'clock Nasty. A giddy pop head-rush that leaves you wanting more.

Listening Notes

Look, the ship is going down. That is the one known fact in the universe. This could be the end. In this slow-motion endgame, you have perhaps two hours before the embrace of the icy water. Think dammit. Think. Focus. You can get a lot of shit done in two hours. You may live, you may die, but you have two hours. You may never see snow again, but there is plenty of entertainment available. Now you can have a consequence free haircut.  Tattoo? Don't mind if I do. Eat, drink, be merry. The ship is going down. 

Sing Along

We all want to sit at the captain's table

When the ship goes down.

We all want to press the A Bomb button.

When we're not around.

We all want the world's freaky haircut

When it's not our hair.

We all want to eat at the Captain's Table

when the ship goes down. 

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Fantabulous, that's Us!


Formula Indie, who get their show played on about 27 FM stations worldwide (not that we were counting) are giving Dead Planet a play on 6th December. We plan to head over to Verona and get a taxi and cruise the midnight streets with the radio at full volume waiting for that guitar riff to crank out. They gave us a nice write up too. Last time they played us we were very different from the other artists, but it was a great show - see the link in the article and give them a listen, or join us for that midnight taxi ride.

As they say "Discover the new fantabolous EP of ‘Nine O’Clock Nasty’ from Leicester, listen to ‘Dark Planet’, a guitar riff pop song that warns what happens when you take a step too fare the December 6th in Formula Indie."