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Saturday 17 February 2024

Smash, Grab and Go


"Pixellate Me. Hide My Face.”

It could be a song about the politics of identity. About surveillance capitalism and how your privacy became an asset. It could be a song about the morals of sexting. Or perhaps it's just about plundering.

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Crowland is the February 2024 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

We thank reviewers for taking the time to listen to our stuff - we don't always agree with what they write but we value the effort! Thank you to these reviewers who gave our song a few words.

@jpgchief “It is as advertised…  imagining a multiverse where the Beastie Boys stuck more with the hardcore punk sound”

“What I like best about the vibe of the track is that it’s noisy and menacing like you’d hear on a grunge record a kin to “In Utero” yet it is steadily energetic and hyped up like a Public Enemy, or even more so, Beastie Boys track from the late 80s.”

#auralaggravation said “a filthy, serrated bassline that grates away like a rusty saw, it’s nasty alright, and probably best not to be aired pre-watershed. It’s punky, but also owes an immense debt to The Fall, not least of all with the delivery of the sneery, snarky vocals, chewing on the refrain and spitting it out, mangled and messy. The there’s the thumping repetitive drumming and, appearing unexpectedly, some quite buoyant 80s indie synth work. “

“But it’s not just some cheap Fall rip-off – although its lo-fi fizz is integral to its appeal – but brings elements of The Pixies into play as part of its grungy four-chord stomp. They’re not wrong when they describe it as ‘Simple. Direct. Violent.’ And say that they’ve made ‘a song that sounds exactly like the adrenaline rush when you realise that life will never be the same again.’ Clocking in at two minutes and fifteen seconds, there’s no space for mucking about.”

@iggymagazine said “it does not disappoint. A real springboard that projects us into an unbreathable and intoxicating atmosphere. With powerful guitar riffs, energetic drums and powerful lyrics, this song captures the raw energy and rebellious attitude that characterize the distinctive sound of 9 O'clock Nasty.”

“The incisive and provocative words reflect the indomitable spirit of the group, while the dynamic instrumentation creates an electrifying atmosphere that transports you instantly. There is such power and recklessness that emerge both in terms of musicality and vocally, resonating in our head even after the end of the piece.”

#ariyelsblog “A sonic explosion that encapsulates the raw adrenaline rush of life”

“But beneath the surface, "Smash, Grab & Go" is more than just a high-octane anthem; it's a canvas upon which listeners can project their own interpretations. Delving into themes as diverse as identity, surveillance, and scrutiny, the song serves as a multifaceted reflection of the modern human experience. “

Nicole Mendes, Music Assassin wrote in @theothersidereviews “a two-minute blast of anarchistic adrenaline”

“Over time we’ve come to appreciate the UK-based trio 9 o’clock Nasty with their eclectic, enigmatic crash of chaos bound by a profound ribbon. The ups and downs of their rollercoaster singles met by the soothing sincerity lying beneath.”

Mr Smith, kingpin of @york_calling wrote “Smash, Grab & Go! is a track that grabs you by the goolies and takes you on a two-and-a-bit-minute adrenalin-fuelled thrill ride.”

“Opening with rumbling bass and the sound of distorted air raid sirens, it quickly envelopes you in a pacy groove before chanting vocals come in. 9 o’clock Nasty describe the track about being whatever you want it to be, and frankly the meaning feels secondary to the feeling of excitement that it stirs within you.”

@thebuzzyband said “Three simple verbs yelled with an air full of lungs, along with a groovy bassline and guitar outbursts are all you need for the revolution (or the party) to start. “

“Their sound is akin to their fellow brits IDLES–Punk rock that’s equally as groovy as it is to encourage the wild swinging of fists.  I’m especially enamoured by the second verse, in which the lead singer says “Pixelate me, hide my face”, alluding to the eroding privacy that us regular citizens are losing to the powers that be. Perhaps there’s no other solution but to take up that (metaphorical) sledgehammer and those (real) dancing boots. It’s time to Smash, Grab and Go!”

@risingartists.musicblog “Reminiscent of 80s/90s punk rock, with a sprinkle of experimental electronic and indie rock”

“There is something truly special about 9 o’clock Nasty’s music that isn’t like anything else being put out in the music scene right now. Their sound is instantly recognizable within the first few seconds, which is a difficult stride that the group succeeded in”

@saiidz said “SMASH, GRAB & GO" is essentially musical whiplash, and I'm addicted.”

A searing guitar riff slashes through the darkness, breathing fire. The vocal delivery is pure grit laced with lightning bolts. As the song hurtles towards the chorus, it flexes its muscles. It's like mainlining pure punk rock energy straight into your veins. 

@illustratemagazine said “grabs listeners by the collar and takes them on a wild, exhilarating ride.”

“infectious energy and an unapologetic attitude. The track builds upon a foundation of pounding drums to create something aggressive and invigorating. The relentless drive of the music sets the stage for the bold and commanding vocals, which lead the charge with thick, authoritative delivery.”

@gdltudosobremusica said “a chewing gum chorus and instrumentation dominated by a highlighted bass and very well executed drum line.”

“Being an energizing track and perfect for action movies”

Meanwhile @headbangersnews_br said “irreverent songs with a very commercial sound”

“An electric shock of passion filled with a fearless attitude”

On @hardbeatmag Dan Hemming said.  “ontinuing their pattern of releasing fun and funky tracks that just don’t take themselves all that seriously….in a good way”

“the Leicester-based band have created a sound that feels unique to them, combining catchy guitars and repeated lyrics that you just don’t quite have the power to ignore. “

Kamil, longtime supporter of the band writing at @the_musical_road said “a visceral journey into the heart of chaos and transformation.”

“At its core, "Smash Grab and Go" is about the complexity of identity and the relentless scrutiny of modern life. In a world where surveillance is omnipresent and scrutiny is constant, the song cuts through the noise with its unapologetic honesty and directness.”

@mesmerized.io said “feels more like a triple shot of espresso than a track. Strap in!”

“I’m not entirely sure what it is that keeps on drawing me back to 9 o’clock Nasty. Their experimental nature and inventiveness definitely have something to do with it, but there’s something indescribably magnetic about their sound that always leaves me wanting more.”

@lastdaydeaf said “A song to sing and jump to, with no more than twenty words in its lyrics, it delivers a figurative punch in the face.”

“Upbeat guitar verses with a bold bassline, electrifying drums, and a fast paced tempo, make the sound distinct, giving an almost anthem-like feeling to the song, jolting the listener’s senses into a frenzied state of mind.”

 @cheerstothevikings said “a heart-pounding track that encapsulates the essence of adrenaline-fueled punk rock. Bursting with raw energy and unapologetic intensity”

“Lyrically, the song explores themes of identity, society, and existentialism, offering listeners a chance to reflect on the complexities of the world around them. Yet, despite its depth, there’s an underlying sincerity to the track that makes it feel authentic and relatable. One of the standout features of “Smash, Grab & Go” is its sheer infectiousness. From the moment the chorus kicks in, you’ll find yourself tapping your foot along to the beat. It’s the kind of song that demands to be played at full volume, leaving you with a sense of euphoria that lingers long after the music has stopped.”

@allenpetersonreviews said “Kicking off with a seismic bassline and the haunting wail of distorted air raid sirens, the track beckons us into a chaotic realm where liberation and relentlessness dance hand in hand”

“The grimy, serrated bass, akin to a rusty saw in action, lends a visceral quality to the track’s nefarious charm. While punk roots are evident, a nod to The Fall surfaces through snarky vocals delivering incisive lyrics. Unexpectedly, buoyant 80s indie synth work weaves through the gritty four-chord stomp, adding an exhilarating layer to the auditory journey.”

Nishant Varma, manic music savant writing on @sinusoidal said “the reason your amplifiers bleed tears of joy.”

“I have always felt that 9 o’clock Nasty are lyrical scriptwriters, and they could write the song to possibly any scene. As simple as they are verbose, as sharp as they are with blunt force. There is a false end only a minute or so into the song, but they’re just teasing, aren’t they. Crowland has ushered them into the new phase of darkness, and we at Sinusoidal are all for it.”

Nish, fear not, we have some tight-pants disco madness for you in the Summer. We are seasonal fruit.

@thisisapolloharp wrote “By now, it has become a rule of thumb to expect the unexpected with this band. Their interpretation of punk, play, and pandemonium with each track has only become nastier and grittier”

“The track is inlaid with an orbit of expanding momentum. It is introduced with reverberating bass lines. Its conspiratory and urgent undertone sets the scene for the theme to unfold. With blocks of progressing riffs and rousing vocals, the band invites you into the mayhem.”

Saturday 13 January 2024



"Crow makes a glove, like a first from a dove”

Slowly the clocks of Crowland tick backwards to simpler times, when we were frugal. When we were satisfied by less. When men were men and women were women and those that had could majestically sweep past those that did not. In Crowland we know our place.

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Crowland is the January 2024 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

Crowland Artwork by @addermyre

We thank reviewers for taking the time to listen to our stuff - we don't always agree with what they write but we value the effort! Thank you to these reviewers who gave our song a few words.

@jpgchief said ”both exciting and terrifying”

“Exciting, ravaging. Pounding & swinging drums. Catchy vocals that express the authority of the iron hand remind us to stay down and fear no more. Music from the underbelly of a broken society. The deadly whistles of the steam train coming to collect, taking us to all hailing dystopia…”

@plasticmgzn said ““Crowland” distils the dark universe that 9 o’clock Nasty have been crafting for years into a piquant punk rock aesthetic.”

“Opened by the gritty stutter of guitar notes and bass rumbles over the punch of drums, the twang of a guitar riff layers up as the band’s trademark crowd style vocals ride above. Casting a moody garage rock spell with subtle electronic tinges, they create a dystopian sonic landscape full of intense musical energy, thumping rhythm and haunting instrumental tones.” 

@iggymagazine said “This track of more than two minutes is simply destructive. The catchy voices that ravage everything in passing show the raw character of reality.”

“It is violent music with violent and hard lyrics. The fictitious and dark place in which the group leads the listeners is no different from hell because hope does not exist, memories fly away from day to day and the control of the iron hand is increasingly growing and obsessive.” 

@giventorock said “Music from the underbelly of a broken society.”

“This is CROWLAND, where they embrace the violence of nature and the fear of the foreign.  Every string of Pete Brock’s guitar is tuned to RAGE.” 

@york_calling said “… never fail to bring something exciting with their new music. Their latest is no exception. Holding up a mirror to our reality, it’s called Crowland”

“If you’ve ever been a conversation with someone who insists things were better before, you’ll know where 9 o’clock Nasty are coming from with Crowland. It’s set in a fictional universe where those people have gotten their way, leaving them in a safe but stale existence. The band bring that world to life through severe electronica and attitude-filled call and response vocals.”

Nicole Mendes, the most dangerous woman in Western Music at @theothersidereviews said “Instead of backing away from the violence and rage of current society, Ted, Pete and Sydd delve into the chaos embracing the “violence of nature and fear of the foreign” with mad sonic skills.”

“Sauntering along the edge of this world where clocks drift backwards, 9 o’clock Nasty hit you with a barrage of punk rock. Interestingly, while the punk intensity oozes through the melody, a lesser tone of alternative rock soothes any chaotic sentimentality. Have no doubt, the unique brand of 9 o’clock Nasty punk lingers as the bold staccato vocals tap your brain with a repetitive rod and the distorted discomfort screeches beneath with drums, guitar and flits of electronic beats; however, it is a soothing anthem for the lads’ new realm” 

@indieoclock said “9 O'clock Nasty has grown with every release, they do not give up their authenticity, their power of composition, “

“'Crowland' is a powerful sound, striking by the beats that are intense, the vocal that is underground, as if it were a protest, with backing vocals that sings at the end of the verses. It impresses the electro style that elels put in the song, with a 90s punk post that is full of fury, anger on the guitar that strikes our hearts, sound effects that are kind of dark, as if they were a control through sound.”

@musicforallmag said “distorted patterns of reality, which take advantage of synthesized and experimental effects “

“create their own physical and elemental rules, which the guitar will use as a foundation for its elevations and conductions from the vocal to the heights that break the layers of the earth.” 

@headbangersnews_br said “an electric shot of attitude mixed with a fearless attitude”

“Their sound is maturing into something unique, making the whole of the work wonderful from the visual to the unique sound.” 

Kamila Bobin at @the_musical_road said “ a riveting and harrowing glimpse into the imagination of an artist who reflects on uncomfortable realities from his imaginary cruel dystopia.”

“On the level of music, this dystopian quality is underscored by sound ‘ingredients’, which reflect disturbing storytelling. Despite the considerable thematic weight of this lyrical piece, an aural landscape is created through attention to arrangement, tone and pace.” 

@beachhouse.blog “a phenomenal track that encapsulates a unique blend of energy and creativity.”

“Right from the opening notes, the song creates an immersive experience that grips the listener. The band’s signature sound, characterized by a mix of guitar riffs and dynamic percussion, shines through brilliantly.” 

@cosmonauta.radio said “intrepid and daring style has been considerably fortified, its throbbing sounds are made up of powerful guitar riffs and changing rhythms”

“the raw energy that they release is perfect to feel in an immersive atmosphere, intensifying our senses at all times while portentous songs tell us a gloomy world, this imaginative theme will make you vibrate with emotion with a disturbing and phenomenal development.”

@lostinthemanor said “ A head-on take on the entropy of the modern world”

“Crowland plunges into its fictional realm with a punk-rock attitude and electronica aesthetics. The track features gritty electric guitar riffs, booming basslines, and synth pulses that bring to life the enigma of an alternate existence caught in the clutches of widespread fear, violence, and mindless obedience.”

@music_and_entertainers said “the track pulls no punches, bringing the band’s high-intensity post-punk vibe to the forefront.”

“Described as “musical violence” by the band themselves, “Crowland” grabs hold of ears from its opening distorted guitar riffs. The band wastes no time establishing their characteristically forceful rhythm and hard-hitting instrumentation. Layering the instruments in clever ways, 9 O’Clock Nasty showcases their skill in songwriting as they ratchet up the control. Vocalist Ted Pepper leads the charge, his voice half singing, half yelling through the controlled chaos.”

@musikepool said “a place where time bends, TV channels transmit eerie patriotism, and the echoes of Shakespearean classics reverberate through a carefully orchestrated nightmar”

“Within the haunting landscape of Crowland, every detail reflects a meticulous nightmare crafted by the ruling class. The symbolic image of flooded playgrounds serves as a poignant reminder of a bygone era when well-being was more than a distant memory. The song doesn’t merely unfold as a piece of music; it’s a rebellion in sound, a symphony of discord that captures the disquieting essence of a fractured society.“ 

@sinusoidal.music said “Synths swirl through so many unexpected variations, at turns unsettling and mysterious. I loved the smooth yet chaotic atmosphere the band has created with the instrumentation. With an underlying punk spirit, the track gets your head bobbing along to its dystopian textures”

“As the song progresses, it continually shapeshifts, casting you deeper into its moody trance. Halfway through, a stunning shift occurs, with distorted noises coming to the forefront. Dark vibes intensify the haunting undertones of synths moving across inventive frequencies. I was drawn into a stimulating and unexpectedly disorienting immersive musical experience.” This is probably our favourite review so far - the deliberate switch of tone was a @petebrock3 masterstroke. The original was all punk rock anger but he shaped and sharpened it. 

@tune_oasis said “grooving to the beat and heavier than ever.”

“The guitar work is clever, saying a lot without speaking much. The bass accompanies the guitar well all the while filling in where all fades away. Our personal favorites were the parts where the bass is bit-crushed resembling the sound of an old NES game.”

Jane Hawkins included us in a roundup of underground punk at @york_calling “it’s certainly a punk song, but it’s also got a lot of electronic elements, making for one awesome mix altogether! “

“The synths dance around in the background against the rhythm section, consisting of a pulsating bassline, making for something you won’t be able to stop tapping your feet along to! The vocals are half shouted, but they add a really cool vibe into the mix.” 

@thisisapolloharp said “Nobody entails absurdist rebellion as glamorously as 9 ‘o’ Clock Nasty.”

“the band refracts the rock genre with new levels of energy, edge, and excitement. When you listen to their music, you are drawn to both their cynical anthems and their elastic charisma. It extends to all the new territories that they explore, be it the bombastic funk in ‘Unkle Natur’ or the eclectic cultures of ‘Culture War 23’. Their latest single is ‘Crowland’ a gritty, grimy, and groovy rock track that is extrapolated with electronic effects that are reminiscent of vintage space wars. It is littered with nebulous sensibilities, distilling the dark spirit of the theme with slights of macabre, malady, and mystery.” 

Saturday 18 November 2023

Unkle Natur


"Sort Your Garbage or the White Man Dies.”

Climate change as the inevitable death of humanity? Guarantee someone will make some money from that.

The human race survives and disaster is averted? Yup, someone will get rich off that too.

Look you can deny it, or you can try it. You can procure it. We'll supply it.

The whole thorny issue of climate impact and our behaviour gets so confused and emotional, we thought putting out a 2 minute garbage bomb of a track would help.

Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Unkle Natur is the November 2023 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

We thank reviewers for taking the time to listen to our stuff - we don't always agree with what they write but we value the effort! Thank you to these reviewers who gave our song a few words.

@rockeramag said “these guys always managed to maintain their fun, laidback vibes while delivering cleverly written and arranged melodies with tight structure”

“The trio heavily relied on a groovy dynamic flow that allowed them to create a cool, catchy mix of heavy riffs and bouncy electronic beats while mixing multiple vocal deliveries as well, producing a fresh sound in an organically changing structure that keeps developing new sounds and approaches that maintained the song’s diverse sound”

@jpgchief said “British iconic Garage Rock trio, 9 o’clock Nasty, returns with their brand new single “Unkle Natur”. A wild, hip-hop-influenced song that marks a new musical direction for the loon raccoons.”

“The smashing drums, the menacing back and forth of the vocals, the obscure atmosphere from the video. Garage meets Punk meets Rock meets Hip-Hop. What a time to be a Nasty fan. What a vibe that resonates deep in our cores with such energy, passion, and filth in our veins. ”

@kimu said “Drawing us in with textured drums and an elegant guitar melody, 9 o’clock Nasty open Unkle Nature with intimacy and a refined mood before a subversive bass drop and evocative prose.”

“Needless to say, we are captivated by the philosophical concepts that 9 o’clock Nasty share with their lyricism. The delivery is as charismatic as ever, demonstrating the trios fervour, passion, social and environmental conscience.”

@edgarallanpoets said “a musical gem with a concept that is both intriguing and creatively offbeat”

“The catchy groove is infectious, keeping you moving and grooving throughout the song. It’s a high energy track that ignites a palpable sense of excitement”

@mangowavereviews said “Unkle Natur is the Hardcore Crossover wake-up call for the naughty kids.”

“…they let us know that we have been naughty, very very naughty. Or good and gently nurturing Mother Nature has tried to educate her children for ages. Now, the time has come for her brother to interfere. Here is Unkle Natur, ready to teach us a lesson.”

@york_calling said “introduces hip-hop elements to their subversive sound. ”

“It opens heavy and sinister, with big drums, gritty riffs and half-rapped, half-shouted vocals. It’s yet more evidence of the range that 9 o’clock Nasty have, which they manage to display without losing any of their signature characteristics.”

@illustratemagazine said “It’s like a hypnotic mercury bouncing from one ear to the other.”

“The song exudes an air of rebellious energy, with each beat resonating against the haze, forming a sonic landscape that is as invigorating as it is elusive. The intriguing riffs add a layer of mystery, creating a soundscape that beckons exploration.”

@plasticmgzn said “Brimming with impactful rhythm, grooving instrumentation and powerful vocals, “Unkle Natur” is another superb display of 9 o’clock Nasty’s sonic output while showcasing another side of their sound”

“Channeling the rap rock aesthetic of Beastie Boys, with “Unkle Natur,” 9 o’clock Nasty serves up a blend of punchy hip hop beats, subtle guitar plucks, gritty guitar lines and buzzy synth tones as their crowd style vocal vocal shouts deliver the lyrics with commanding swagger. The result is a slick fusion of genres, where the flow of hip hop meets the raw energy of rock”

@beatwaves_ said “The clash of grinding hip-hop beats with garage rock anthems, entangled with electro-dub melodies and indie freak show absurdity, sets the stage for 9 o’clock Nasty’s bold new musical direction”

“the song promises a wild ride. Brace yourselves”

@senocular_media said “an eclectic blend of hip-hop breakbeats, grungy guitars, and angsty vocals”

“In the song, “Unkle Natur,” takes the place of Mother Nature as the personification of planet Earth. As opposed to the comforting and nurturing Mother Nature we have become accustomed to, Unkle Natur is the chaotic uncle who only shows up to wreak havoc. ”

@sinusoidal.music said “their music is buzzing with 220V energy and I don’t mind holding both the terminals”

“With cinematic appeal and percussion that would make the characters of The Jungle Book sway, this song has a Swiss Knife’s edge. The drums look good in the tux, for they have all the attention on them. The fuzzy guitars have a minimal cameo, yet they are welcome. If this song doesn’t become their Moby Dick to play live, I don’t know which one will. The Deep Purple synth pocket is appreciated as well, and this will now be my track to experience till I get sick. And thou shalt bring me to health, 9 o’clock Nasty.”

@musikepool said “UNKLE NATUR release is not just a song; it’s a musical reckoning that confronts our collective impact on the planet.”

“UNKLE NATUR is not here to simply play; it demands a toll, both in the form of grinding hip-hop beats battling garage rock anthems and electro-dub melodies smothered in indie freak show nonsense.”

@artistionline_playlist said “Dramatic keyboards intervene by tearing through the air like sudden lightning that illuminates the night of judgment.”
“Organic sounds and electronic gimmicks amalgamate into a bombastic sound stream that keeps us glued to the speakers with a brutal force. One of the aspects that most characterize the band is its particular writing that highlights a fresh and original creativity that never fails to amaze us. The track almost suddenly closes with a threatening warning that can't make us sleep peacefully: Unkle Natur is coming for us."
@thisisapolloharp said “known for their liberal style and charming sonic promiscuity. Their soundscapes always seem to be diverging into experimental flavors of punk, grunge, hard rock and even glam rock. ”
“In their latest track, ‘Unkle Natur’, the group unite disjointed vocals with experimental melody lines and anthemic basses to forge a distinct underground vibe. The chaotic composition, in concept, is set up to shape the disruptive and insouciant protagonist.
@lostinthemanor said “technical mastery that is filled with eclectic whimsy and wacky styles”
“this outfit is constantly pushing the envelope on what types of sounds they are willing to explore and on this release, they have opted to try their hand at crafting aggressive hard rock-flavoured tunes and this track lives up to every expectation fans must have had from this band. 9 o’ Clock Nasty just does not miss and they keep putting out banger after banger. It is criminal”
@musechronicle.inc said “In an era where survival seems uncertain, the return of the 9 o’clock Nasty is a beacon of excitement, ”
“the single is a thrilling blend of amusement and excitement, featuring potent hip-hop-style chants and cynical lyricism. In their sonic rebellion, “Unkle Natur” defies expectations and embraces chaos, inviting us to join in their fearless journey of musical disruption. ”

Saturday 30 September 2023

Culture War 23


Available now.

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Thank you to everyone that takes the time to listen to our stuff and write about it.

@mangowavereviews said "“This is not a rock album, this is a manifesto for the free people”"

“From Dub to Hard Rock, and from Rap to Synth Rock, 9 o’clock nasty have never before been so loud and clear, so thirsty and sexy, and so sober as they are on Culture War 23.”

@nenesbutlerpresents said "Culture War 23" is: rebellious, quirky, confident and brilliant!”

“The band does not refrain from articulating their opinions and critiques on various matters, such as politics, media, religion, art, and consumerism. The album’s lyrics are clever, ironic, and sometimes controversial. 9 o’clock Nasty does not take themselves too seriously, but they also do not sacrifice their artistic vision and integrity. The sound is diverse and vivacious, alternating from catchy and upbeat songs to dark and heavy ones.”

@edgarallanpoets said “Their music embodies a complete rebellion against the society we live in”

“These were people steeped in culture, who had discovered in music a medium to articulate thought-provoking perspectives and, above all, to ignite introspection and inquiry about the world around us.”

@musictaste__ said “an amalgamation of heartfelt joy, raw anger, and biting satire”

“The Album ends on an unexpectedly joyous note with Bird of Happiness. The song has a different vocalist at its head and a strong message about finding someone that makes you joyous. I think this is the correct way to end the album. Believing in nothing feels as pointless as blindly following the crowd. By sticking a flag on this hill and declaring that love is meaningful, it contextualises all of the album's negativity towards superficiality, respect, money, and modernity. The album has a point, saying those things don’t matter but love does. I think it’s a strong narrative close that separates this album from a lot of absurdist and nihilistic projects I've heard before that just simply explore some ideas and then anti-climatically end. Sort of like this.”

@endsessions said “that is what makes the presence of "9 O´CLOCK NASTY" so magical, because it is composed of members who love their art, promote relentless melodies that can be differentiated from each other.”

“why should we listen to this new album?", well, bluntly the truth is that surely you also feel overwhelmed by just listening to love tantrums and tired of experiencing saturated sounds without any sense, while supposed "artists" sing with their talent called autotune, (I know, our generation does not is the best consumer of content)”

@sinusoidal.music said “Within the bands in the spectrum that continually shock me, 9 o’clock take the cake. These licorice pliers connected to a battery pack made of lyrical and melodic BeanBoozles jellybean packs.”

“Their joyous sense of humour, unique rabbit hole inspiring lyrics-treating the genres like a manic palette-this is what will always get 9 o’clock more fans. I am a little biased when I write this love letter for them, but who can’t be? An indie band going all out for all of their songs, while having the time of their life? Sign me up to be one of their Nasties for life.”

@edmrekords said “Each song brings something fresh yet cohesive to the collection, appealing to multiple musical sensibilities. It’s their most fully realized artistic statement yet, showing a band truly coming into their own.”

“Fans of adventurous punk, insightful lyrics, and visceral energy won’t want to miss this thrill ride of an album. With Culture War 23, 9 O’clock Nasty stakes their claim as a vital emerging voice in modern rock.”

@jpgchief and @never_say_never_quizboy said “…you’ve just been blasted in the ear-hole by some guitar-riffing, rhythm-pulsating, upbeat rock and roll peppered with a dash of “mildly sarcastic” lyricism. Would you know what time it is? “

“The album is an interesting fusion of Brit-Punk grit/attitude, Classic Rock experimentation/melodics, and anthemic Beastie Boys cadence in delivery. It’s a thirteen-track, full-length audible journey across these spectrums. One thing that strikes me in particular about the band’s sound is their unapologetic approach to thought-provoking, societal, some might say controversial, topics and yet at the very same time being musically upbeat and driving. Fit for listing to in a “party” setting or on a road trip. All bases covered”

@lostinthemanor_blog said “…whimsy, rhetoric, and satirical narratives. With soundscapes infused with groovy funk and gritty riffs, they forge rebellion in the old-school way. It’s edgy, fresh, and new. “

“The album opens with ‘Too Cool’. It is rigged with powerful bass lines, anthemic verses, and inciting drum work. They reference a lot of 80s and 90s rock styles in how they use riffs to dimensionalize sound and evocation. The track shares the presentation value and style of tracks like ‘Mood is Low’ and ‘Mickey Humpper’. “

@york_calling said “It starts with Too Cool. A track I covered right back at the start of the year, I described it at the time as a primal scream. Here, it acts as an energetic and manifesto-delivering opening.”

“Savage Mechanic is an atmospheric highlight peopled with characters that feel both otherworldly and painfully recognisable. Disco Investors is hard rock anarchy that pairs nicely with the obscene indulgence of Sleepy Policeman. Rise Up is an ominously uplifting folk protest song.“

@senocular_media said “o’clock Nasty is an indie band that has taken listeners on a psychedelic ride”

“Their new album Culture War 23 is the culmination of their evolving sound throughout their last 10 singles, with the inclusion of three new jams.”

@themetalpriestess said “this rock album is certainly not one that you want to miss.”

“upbeat, groovy rock track that will certainly get you off of your feet. From the second this track began, I was instantly hooked. The music is very rocky, and there is no denying that all the instrumentalists are immensely talented, and the vocals are just brilliant.“

@thewildiscalling said “They embrace their age and flaunt it with joyous flamboyancy.  To know them is to adore them and what this kind of revival represents”

“9 O’Clock Nasty is having a great time.  This borderless genre defying mischievous trio hits pay dirt with the release of their new record Culture War 23.  Anchored by their breakthrough funky fresh smash Too Cool and playing to the algorithms waterfall single trickery, the Nasty drop 3 fresh tunes to round out 7 previously released singles.  Seven plus three makes an album and Culture War 23 truly delivers as a complete work.  Altogether its fairly indie punk eclectic though there are influential connections like the Beastie Boys flavor heard on Too Cool and Mickey Humper; Or the Stooges era punk heard on Savage Mechanic or Mood is Low.  “

@musechronicle.inc said “all of thе songs sharе a common thrеad: thеy arе all wеll-craftеd and thought-provoking piеcеs of music that еxplorе important social and political issuе”

“Culturе War 23 is a powеrful and thought-provoking album that is surе to rеsonatе with listеnеrs of all agеs. It is a must-listеn for anyonе who is looking for music that is both catchy and mеaningful“

Sunday 27 August 2023

Reviews for Bird of Happiness


As always we thank the people that took time to listen to our stuff and write words about it. This is a list of our favourite quotes and links back to the original articles. Translations are a mixture of Google Translate and Ted's ability to badly converse in many, if we make an error or change any meanings we apologise, it isn't on purpose!

“The track is really pretty, with 60’s and 70’s Rock vibes. The Beatles, Velvet Underground, Beach Boys, you name it, it’s in there. Also, a magical dose of psychedelia. A beautiful track, one that I admit I never expected coming out of the Nasty creative source, but yet again, I’m proved short-sighted.” @jpgchief

“steering their sound toward a more mellow one with a sweet emotional layer in Bird of Happiness. It has strong old-school rock n roll influences that were cleverly handled by 9 O’Clock Nasty to give it their own twist, with their signature harmonics and easy-going catchy melodic flow that always keep you humming their songs just after your first listen.” @rockeramag

“Opening with a glistening and psychedelic riff, before expanding into a luscious guitar soundscape, Bird of Happiness opens with a stunning, layered power pop vocal and we are actually quite stunned.” @KIMU

“It takes courage for artists to step outside their comfort zones and experiment with a different musical direction, and the result is a beautifully crafted ballad that tugs at the heartstrings” @edgarallanpoets

“Sixties mishaps that make possible a sweet nostalgia, simply absolute through the poetic verve established: “on the purity of helpless and passionate despair, the pain of love”” @musicforall

“We adore the acoustic guitar, magnetic melodies and warm production.” @FVmusicblog

““Bird of Happiness” resonates with anyone who has felt the euphoria of love’s embrace and the heartache of its departure. The song’s infectious rhythm and melodies capture the essence of that emotional rollercoaster. The guitar riffs ignite like the flicker of first love, while the rock drums provide the heartbeat of vulnerability.” @boyzIIbusiness

“a composition that transcends the ordinary, encapsulating the multifaceted journey of love. “Bird of Happiness,” the latest offering from 9 o’clock Nasty, isn’t merely a rendition of love’s tribulations; it is an opus that artfully captures the paradox of yearning and fulfillment. “ @hailtunes

“this track features a collaboration with Meg Cratty of @theMargaretHooligans, whose exceptional vocal performance adds depth and versatility to the song… Bird Of Happiness is a feast for the ears, with cleverly crafted themes and melodies, catchy chord progressions, and memorable riffs”  @thoughtswordsaction

“The band breaks out like a Jack in the Box made of confetti, bringing joy and happiness with their single. Reminiscent of Tom Petty’s tones and guitars that will plaster a smile on your face the length of Route 66, you know it is going to be a jolly good ride.” @sinusoidal.music

“Sonically, the track sounds like a modern take on classic rock, with the likes of the Beach Boys and The Beatles immediately coming to mind… an obvious departure from the trio’s discography, but is a risk that has certainly paid off” @musicistoblame

“A nostalgic whiff of the Beatles brings a retro vibe to the single with smooth, tranquil tones. Transforming breaths of mind-juggling, gut-wrenching rawness to pretty joviality, the lads show their softer, smoother side…. She obviously hadn’t met 9 o’clock Nasty who might be perfect but continue to develop beyond the supposed perfection.” @theothersidereviews

“a poignant exploration of the pains of love, doesn't attempt to reinvent the wheel, but it undeniably stands at the pinnacle of its genre…. It's not merely a song that tugs at the heartstrings; it wrenches them, leaving behind a lasting impression of the profound pain and beauty inherent in love.” @euphony_music_blog

“Bird of Happiness is a particularly sweet track that takes you on an emotional ballad that you will not soon forget.” @iggymagazine 

“But what if there was a love song that honestly described the ups and the downs of love, and sounded cool? The waiting has come to an end. 9 o’clock nasty and @TheMargaretHooligans sing of the sinusodial curve that begins being a Bird of Happiness, plummets to becoming a Chicken of Despair, and then ascending again.” @mangowavereviews

“ The track’s genius lies in its beautiful simplicity and clarity, and the absence of unnecessary embellishments or distractions only provides further proof of 9 o’clock Nasty’s authenticity and genuine approach to songwriting.” @mesmerized.io

“Not only does the song show an uncharacteristic positivity from the band, but it’s like the frequency never changed. Mickey Humpper, Savage Mechanic, and then this? Well, you’ve got a standard magicians top hat here, with a whole lot of surprises to choose from” @indiemusicflix

“Playful acoustics and twangy guitars provide a vibrant introduction…  bursts the “everything was groovy,” bubble…  ear-catching harmonizing” @obscuresoundmusic

“The song’s easy-going and catchy melodic flow is a hallmark of 9 O’Clock Nasty’s sound, leaving an indelible imprint on listeners after just one listen. Their musical evolution is palpable, and “Bird of Happiness” marks a compelling departure from their usual dynamic, showcasing their adaptability and creative growth” @illustratemagazine

“The sound of the song is fresh and brilliant and the atmosphere is sunny and positive of 60s bands like the Beatles and Beach Boys. Listening to the words of the song, however, it is evident that the lyrics of the song definitely go in another direction. Lively guitar passages sew together the stanzas with the chorus that boasts choirs and vocal harmonizations with a parodic taste.” @artistionline_playlist

“This song differs from 9 o’clock Nasty’s previous releases as they deviate from their typical sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll sound and deliver a power-pop ballad about the pain of love.” @senocular_media

““Bird of Happiness” isn’t just a song; it’s an experience, an emotional odyssey that captures the essence of love, longing, and the human condition. Crafted with precision and passion, it stands as a testament to the power of music to touch souls and bridge gaps. “ @principlemusic_

“It always feels like Christmas when the greatest band in the world releases a new song, and that is exactly how I felt when I heard 9 o’clock Nasty’s “Bird of Happiness”….  a wild, eclectic and thoroughly amazing ride” @lostinthemanor_blog

“the song starts off with the lush electric guitars and an overdriven melody which is the hook of the song. The drums are laid back and groovy, reminiscent of the classic rock era of the 70s.” @tune_oasis

“…a testament to the beauty of musical diversity. 9 O’CLOCK NASTY, known for transcending genre boundaries, exhibits their mastery once again. The song defies categorization, a phenomenon achieved through the profound connection the artists share with their craft. This musical synergy has given birth to a composition that is as intricate as it is accessible, as complex as it is relatable.“@principlemusic_

“Kicking off with some awesome guitar riffs, the song soon erupts with some great harmonised vocals and laid-back drumming, creating an almost psychedelic vibe to the track, something very reminiscent of the sound of the 60’s.” @themetalpriestess

“…of course, it’s not a straightforward love song. Bird of Happiness fixes on the pain of love, particularly when it comes to the absence of a loved one. There’s a suitably romantic feel to its gentle indie rock arrangement. To our extra delight, the track is also a collaboration with another artist we love here at York Calling, Meg Cratty from the Margaret Hooligans.” @york_calling

“This song is magical, they manage to involve us and make us float on each beat, it brings a folk sound too, the 9 o'clock Nasty definitely surprises with this slower single, they show that they are here to stay @indieoclock

Britpop rhythm with gorgeous use of panning right from the get-go. When the vocals come in, they are layered and smooth. Instantly making us grin with the line, “I was a bird of happiness, now I’m a chicken of despair”, 9 o’clock Nasty give this song an almost Beatles-esque feel.” @sendmeyourears

Saturday 26 August 2023

Bird of Happiness


“Everything was groovy in my life.”

Love is a wonderful thing. It brings inspiration, comfort, excitement, happiness. It also brings that ache. The deep one. It lies at the heart of many songs. We thought we'd go there for a short while and talk about how it feels. Special thanks for this one to the featured artist - Meg Cratty of  the Margaret Hooligans who not only stepped in to do vocals for the song (because what the song needs, the song gets), but also flew across the Atlantic to do the video too.

Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Bird of Happiness is the August 2023 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

(c) 2023 9 o'clock Nasty

Sydd Spudd Beats

Pete Brock Music

Ted Pepper Talent

Featuring Meg Cratty of the Margaret Hooligans on vocals

Tuesday 1 August 2023

Reviews and kind words for Savage Mechanic


As always we thank the people that took time to listen to our stuff and write words about it. This is a list of our favourite quotes and links back to the original articles. Translations are a mixture of Google Translate and Ted's ability to badly converse in many, if we make an error or change any meanings we apologise, it isn't on purpose!

“““The track is a trip to the past, with a modern twist and sense of humor. Its Garage Rock sounds make it perfect for a mystery movie, a ride through the city at night, or simply annoying your neighbors at 5 am. The Nasty doing what they do best… making fun of whoever/whatever they want, shedding a light on post-modernism bullshit, and exposing the truth about your aunt’s tale of having sex with George Bush back in college.” @jpgchief @madzen

“An enticing opening greets the listener and instantly demands our attention. We adore the groove that soon establishes itself and sets the scene for what will come. As the charismatic vocals drop, the lyrics ring out and draw the listener in. In addition, the backing instrumentation is filled with texture….” @fvmusicblog

“Both ironic & mysterious, transporting me back to the era of 80’s video games” @edgarallanpoets

“By the time the chorus hits, with its catchy hooks and impressive vocal performances, you'll find yourself singing along, dancing in your seat, and fully surrendering to the anthemic magic that 9 O'Clock Nasty conjures up with minimal effort and maximum joy.” @saiidzedan

“The introduction with hammond organ at tearing levels, is duly “attacked” by the nerve-wracking duel between the irony-laden vocals and the powerful and vibrant instrumental that dives into garage instances! As usual, the cadence breaks always give rise to highly seductive atmospheric panoramas, “abducting” us into an unprecedented sensorial journey.” @musicforall

“This new track has an initial soundscape that transports you back to the 70's, with its experimental style rock and compelling drum beats, reminiscent of bands like The Doors. The track appears to be an exploration into the past with a twist of modernism as they divulge through their lyrics individuals who seem to be compulsive liars, extensively elaborating their stories and the dubious nature they convey.” Ciara at @musicistoblame

All of 9 o’clock Nasty’s songs put a smile on my face, but ‘Savage Mechanic’ is one with a sneaky grin. … ‘Savage Mechanic’ jumps from the 80s track to a contemporary garage rock with indie-rock stylings and punk brashness. I’m just generalising here genre-wise because, seriously, who knows what to expect from the inimitable 9 o’clock Nasty? “Nicole Mendes at @theothersidereviews

“a composition that feels like a roller coaster that will take you to experience a new musical world that will break your boredom of the moment” @endsessions

“This is where the dark and hazy scaffolding of the track bursts like an exploding oil rig. Some muffled words in German add to the infernal feeling of the song’s finale. And in the end, you only know two things: you want to experience this sonic hellride over and over again, and you need to talk to your favourite Savage Mechanic again.” @mangowavereviews

“Savage Mechanic is a ringing delight of joyous rhythm, all executed with the taunting nosh of a riff that promises to be the theme song of your dream.” Nishant at @sinusoidal.music

“Crispy, distorted vocals accompany the post-punk instrumentation… “Savage Mechanic,” is a raging rock hit and the perfect addition to any indie playlist.” @senocularmedia

“This piece is a perfect mix between past and present. The Garage Rock sounds will remind you of the great hours of rock of the 70s, while modern production brings a touch of freshness and modernity.” @iggymagazine 

“Their classic style of maximising whimsy and goofiness while still having coherent, experimental musical structures is on full display here” @lostinthemanor

“With “Savage Mechanic,” 9 o’clock Nasty showcases their prowess for crafting a slick rock n’ roll soundscape that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The track bursts to life with a grooving beat and an organ riff that sets the tone for what’s to come. The vocals kick in, exuding a captivating blend of swagger and intensity, perfectly complementing the pulsing bassline that underpins the entire composition.” @plasticmagazine

“another slice of UK underbelly… Inspiration can come from many places. In the case of Savage Mechanic it’s from the exaggerated stories of those you might happen across in your everyday life. The track starts in dramatic style with church organ and a grungy groove. The lyrics are poetically biting, and bring to life a character who enjoys too many porkie pies.” Graeme at @york_calling He was there.

“Savage Mechanic kicks off with some awesome synth sounds before a funky bassline kicks in, and this mixed with the organ sound gives the song a certain swagger right from the start.” @themetalpriestess for Metal Asylum

“It must be hard to make something this infectious and fun with a heavy dollop of wry wit and cynicism.“ @donutrecordsofficial

“the ingenuity of this band takes over your body with an extremely addictive instrumental created with genres such as Pop, Rock and Punk“ @zonaemergente

“it is powerful and sticky, it is pure contemporary and nostalgic Rock and roll at the same time.“ @indieoclock

“"Savage Mechanic" is distinguished by bold arrangements and powerful lyrics. The group perfectly mixed powerful electronic sounds with alternative Rock influences, creating a unique musical fusion that makes their trademark.” @info_music_fr