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Thursday 30 September 2021

Get Into 'Em...


Somewhere in the future release schedule we have our first concept piece.  Three radically different treatments of the same song covering bhangra, rock and psychedelia. Get Into 'Em & Fuck Them Up parts 1, 2 and 3 will probably be out in 2022. But you can get ahead of the wave. Beat the curve. Blaze the trail.

Yes, there is a Get Into 'Em tee shirt and hoodies. Enjoy. Buy them at our merch store.

Os Garotos EP and Album Roundup - Number 3 is Dust


Brazilian Blog Os Garotos de Liverpool gave Dust the thumbs up.  As it's in Portugese we've included a translation here.

After being previously included in our site with the single 'Growl', they now return with the EP "Dust", released on all streaming platforms on 4th September.

With only three songs, they unite garage rock, post-punk and a vocal line even of lo-fi that merges the instrumentation with highlighted bass, grooved guitar, beautiful chords and a slow vocal line too, of course. All this is present in a general set that shows all the musical versatility present in this work. 

Tuesday 28 September 2021

9 on the Front. Nasty on the Back. Tee In Black


Searching for the perfect band t-shirt. It's here. A big 9o on the front Nobody need ever ask you the time again. A big nasty on the back. What colour should you get? We've got you covered, it's only in black.

It is indeed a beautiful thing. Buy One! Some weeks we have special offers on the shop, the next one is starting 29th September for three days: 20% off.

Release Schedule and Dates


So in May when we thought we had some good material that we could release and wanted to put out an EP every month, we made this page and Ted attached it to the wall. There were some tweaks and some crossing out, but we are finally getting near the end of page 1 for 9 o'clock Nasty.

The "final" EP of the first series is called Cut and we expect to share the three tracks through Distrokid with a view to them being out in the world by 8th October. Some platforms it will be earlier, others (looking at you Amazon Music) several days later.

Those fifteen songs all were birthed in early summer 2021. Together they will form the basis of our first LP "Catch Nasty" (short for "Catch Up With 9 o'clock Nasty") together with a bonus track that is only currently available to our newsletter subscribers. 16 songs. Some of the songs are tweaked and improved from the versions on our EPs.

The LP will be out for newsletter subscribers and Bandcamp followers on 1st October (with a special discount code as a thank you) and on general sale from 15th October. If you buy a physical copy you get a special download version for free. Or if you don't like clutter and want to be digital it'll be available to buy as a download.

We've been busy writing and recording in the meantime though.

The one song we have had released that is missing from the list above is "Preach Me Down" which was a sort of prelude to Dry in July. That song has been rewritten grown into a true monster of rock (you could say it was operatic, but it's far better than that) and will lead the first release of the next cycle of EPs entitled "Party." 

Before that though we're releasing our first proper single. One song. A cover version. It is a true killer.

Monday 27 September 2021

Os Garotos Playlist Say No To Funk

We've been on the Os Garotos playlist before, this time it's Say No To Funk carrying the Leicester Flag to Brazil.

We usually have a playlist of some kind or other on the go at the Orbiting HQ or in Koala Studios, and we've been playing this the past few hours. It's a long playlist and boy is it varied (that isn't a euphemism for patchy, rather it is genre-diverse) but it is a good listen if you are looking for fine new music.

Sunday 26 September 2021

Discount and Early Access for CATCH NASTY


Catch Nasty, our debut album, will be out soon. To encourage people to subscribe to our newsletter we have this special offer....

There will be a limited edition special release of the CD called the "Nasty Pack", which are numbered and include a number of goodies at a promotional price of £5 plus shipping. We expect all of these to sell out quite quickly, at which point we will offer the regular CD for sale.

Anyone subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Bandcamp will get a special one-week early access offer to snap up the limited edition ones, AND get a 10% discount code.

Saturday 25 September 2021

Out in October "Cut"


Well another month has flown by. To welcome October we will be releasing a new EP "Cut."

Cut features three songs, Dead Planet, Gravy Train and THX-1138. We will probably call it a triple A-side. You may look at us a bit sideways when we say that but just wait..... as soon as Distrokit give us the special preview page we'll put that up and you can decide for yourself.

Before the end of October we also plan to put Catch Nasty on sale. Sixteen banging tunes on one piece of plastic, plus a monstrous super-mp3 download for people that have left the CD-lifestyle behind forever.

The joker in the pack is another new thing that we cannot wait to put out. Indeed we may delay the next scheduled EP "Party" to make space for it as a one-off single.

We love Sexy Back. We love it even more after spending 48 hours locked in a tiny sweaty box recording a new version that..... well it's another story. A long, nasty one.

Nasty, out.

Thursday 23 September 2021

MangoWave thinks Growl is Too Short but "Punk as Hell"


Newsflash. We have a pub-quiz team. I know you might think we have no life outside music but from time to time we allow ourselves a moment of leisure. Sydd was working hard on the Nasty Packs so Pete, Ted and G'Ourd May were coming a credible second in a hotly contested battle of wits when the signal for a 9 o'clock Nasty review hits Ted's phone. It is a Banshee Wail. A sonic smorgasbord. But we cannot check it until the end of the quiz because "phone's away, that's the rules."

Dizzy with our winnings we checked to find with delight that German site MangoWave has picked up on reviewing Growl and despite some controversial opinions liked the record. These sites are a big part of the indie artist eco-system, and engaging an audience with new music, indeed if you're reading this you probably first found us from a review like that: so please do follow the link and show the 'zine some love.

"artistic fusion of severity and humour, arts and punk, sanity and insanity"

I think we would argue that none of those things are different, but maybe we are made this way. Punk-Art-Rock, that's kind of our whole thing. We can't call ourselves Art-Rockers because Produkty have kind of got that sewn up, but it's a thing, and we're that thing. Apparently we are also Dadaist (and that is an acute observation there from Team Mango, because we are. Shock.)

"The nihilist soundscapes go from Art Rock to Garage Rock, from wavy Post Punk to Punk Rock and back. Gloomy atmosphere grinds on snotty riffs, melancholy turns into dadaism, and absurdity supports social critique. One might frown listening to this for the first time, but as soon as you begin to feel it, "Growl" becomes a party banger. This is punk as hell."

When we read Party Banger we leapt to our feet and hugged the winners of the quiz who were a bit alarmed about that. Our crochet-embroidery team are still busy with the other phrases we wanted putting up in our bathrooms, but Party Banger is going on the list. 

This is a lovely review, we do have one point we take exception to, but let's stop there. Let's bask.

No we can't let it lie, we must grumble.

MangoWave point out the EP is only 6 minutes long and strictly speaking is more a single. We beg to differ,

According to our internet research, an EP is defined by how many songs, not length. So three songs is more than a single. Also, short songs is kind of our thing. For those that have been with us a while, you'll have read this so sorry for the repeat. If you like one of our songs, the days of getting up off your arse and moving the needle on the record are gone. You ask the machine to just repeat the fucker until you've had enough. Our LP has sixteen songs and is 35 minutes long. We price our stuff pretty reasonably, and of course most people get the mp3s free from this website or stream them, so it isn't a big deal. But we choose to call them EPs and we're sticking to our guns. That's Dadaist Punk Art Rock for you. Crazy as Hell. Incidentally the next EP is called Cut and has Dead Planet, Gravy Train and THX-1138 on it and is out in October. After that there is one called Party which may be retitled Party Banger.


Wednesday 22 September 2021

Monday 20 September 2021

Catch Nasty, Assembly Required.


The CD's for Catch Nasty are back from the duplicators. We're pulling together the last elements of what we're calling the Nasty Pack which will go on sale on Bandcamp.

  • The CD which has 16 songs. Some ones that are already available, some that are slightly different versions and new.
  • A booklet with puzzles, recipes, lyrics, pictures and nonsense.
  • A set of seeds to plant to grow one of the ingredients for "Nasty Sauce"
  • A postcard you can fill in and send to us at the studio.
  • An exclusive Addemyre Design Cthulhumas Card you can send to loved ones at the festive season.
  • Another thing that isn't ready to announce yet!
The Nasty Pack will be for sale in November, although newsletter subscribers will get an early chance to get them (it is a limited edition and we won't be making more once they are sold out) as well as a discount on the retail price which is going to be £5 plus postage - truly a bargain. We're selling them for love, not to make money.

The CD without the assorted extras will be for sale at a lower price from gigs. Watch out for more news about that soon.

Finally we also will make the 35 minute mp3 available on Bandcamp for sale, with all the extra little audio snippets and stupids.

Before then, watch out for another EP of new songs. "Cut" will available in October.

Sunday 19 September 2021

Sexy Back? Surely Not?


There is a real danger to covering a song. You might annoy people who love it. You probably will. We actually had a lovely reaction to our version of Terror Couple Kill Colonel, even surviving moderators on some of the Goth forums online. A good cover can be a great way to welcome new audience.

So we had to think. What is the Everest of cover versions? What song would you have to be totally batshit crazy to have a go at? Also Ted promised G'Ourd May we would do it.

Well... anyway we did one. And it is bonkers. Watch this space. Oh when it comes out, we promise, candles and baby oil will be in the video. Do not expect anything less than Nasty.

Saturday 18 September 2021

"It’s not a bad punch in the face": The Other Side reviews "Growl"


Seriously, listening to ‘Monstruosa’ is like being punched in the face after drinking several tequila shots. It’s not a bad punch in the face, just a rather unexpected and overwhelming one.

The Other Side have just posted a review of "Growl" which we put out in the hot days of August: It seems ago in NastyTime but it's really cool that word is getting out. Strangely just before reading the review Ted was trying to work out (using an abacus, slide rule, graph paper and a strong drink) how one of the songs off the EP "Walkman Walk" had got the most plays in an hour that we've ever had on Instagram. Anyone who looks up how to succeed in Social Media.... Ted is unable to offer any insight on the subject and is perplexed.

Do go to their site and have a look - music blogs need traffic and if you like their work make a Ko-Fi donation.

The review compares us to two bands we honestly make no effort to mimic, indeed ones we would make an effort not to get close to - the Sex Pistols and Joy Division. But in truth, they aren't bad acts to get mentioned in the same sentence as (and Ted is relieved that so far the only comparison to the Fall the band have had* was by a man on a train who turned out to be the reincarnation of Mark E Smith**).

Nicole describes Walkman Walk as being a bridge between the headbanging lunacy of Monstruosa (which we think is one of the best intros ever) and the groovy stupids of Big Fish. She is absolutely right. Until now our plan has been to have an "A Side" a "Goth Jazz Dance Song" and a "B Side" on every release, and Walkman was firmly in our B-side category. We like her description better and will use it mercilessly from now on! That said, the next EP "Cut" has three honest to goodness A sides.

That reminds me, must design the artwork for those.....

Oh no I have... ha ha ha here is a preview

You would never believe how hard it is to find an image of a Jimmy Carr cuckoo clock with the face saying 9 o'clock, even on the internet. We're quite niche I guess.

Oh, back to the review...

I have to admit that I like everything about Growl. Anthemic and hypnotic, it reverberates down your spine and ends off leaving you with cold shivers…good shivers. I can’t wait for more from 9 O’Clock Nasty.

That's really kind, but she doesn't have to wait as "Dust" is out already, "Cut" is out in two or three weeks and an LP is almost finished!

* This is in relation to the constant comparisons to the Fall that one of Ted's earlier projects, the Brand New Executives had. As, at the time, Ted has a slightly Manc accent (it was travelling from Liverpool to Leicester down the A6 and was pausing for scones in the Greater Manchester area), it was a lazy comparison. Indeed it was only when the Brand New Executives did a Sunday lunch gig consisting entirely of Fall songs to a rather stunned Derbyshire pub's customers that the comparison was dropped.

** This is only partially true, Mark E Smith's reincarnation was on a National Express Bus***

*** This is even less true. There was a man on a train who looked totally like Mark E Smith, and Ted did play him 9 o'clock Nasty songs (on request, not as some kind of strange bullying on public transport) and the stranger did include the Fall, as well as the Pixies and Velvet Underground, and Massive Attack in the list of bands we sounded a bit like. He had a very soft home counties accent that totally ruined the effect. Danzig Krupp, who was on the train too, later interviewed reincarnated Mark E Smith and had his photo taken with him for a future feature on Dark Strudel.

Thursday 16 September 2021

Gammon v Pilgrim Dance Mix by DJ Dirty Boy

We like to keep songs to 2 minutes long. Then some songs flex a little and seem to ask to be given a little more space. When we first wrote Gammon v Pilgrim it started with a karaoke dance beat and layered up from there, and we brutally cut it back to make it snappy. Dirty Boy, who is OK during his time at Her Majesty's Pleasure, but not great, argued for a longer mix and here it is.

Food for the dancefloor. 

Parquet, loaded with glitter and discarded confetti. The last night of the sales conference. Too much cheap white wine. The DJ kicks it on and the crowd move. Watch the gammon sway. They are coming to get you, dance and disguise to pass un-noticed in their midst.

Newsletter members got the free mp3 of the song for download this month.  We have a couple of really off the wall cover versions we are considering as the members-exclusive for October, there is time to sign up.

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Dust on the "9 EPs You Should Listen To"

Thank you to JPGChief for including us in this week's list, a real pleasure. Can we just say that looking down the list "Vodka, Lime and Soda" by the Square Tugs is an absolutely fantastic song and well worth a listen.

....the perfect dose of hard-hitting rock that is not afraid to get dirty and pull no punches mixed with lyrical craziness just to scratch that itch that lives inside of us. 

We really do need to ask them to write our press releases for us! We thought it was only us that had that itch. You know? Yes that itch.


Monday 13 September 2021

That's Nasty! Week of 13th September


We thought we'd try something new for Mondays - collect up examples of true NASTY behaviour from around the internet and share it for your amusement and caution. Let us know via social media if you think it's worth carrying on with. 

If it offends you in any way, we fully respect your right to take offence.

Florida woman drives a golf buggy between police and suspect in armed standoff. Naked. Drunk. 

Best Haircut Ever. Nasty.

Sunday 12 September 2021

DJ Dirty Boy Behind Bars


We're sorry to announce that our long-time collaborator, sometimes producer and all-times landlord, DJ Dirty Boy has been taken into custody following a bizarre and confrontational court appearance. 

Dirty Boy is a tortured soul and had a very difficult time with lockdown, recently trying to reboot his career through pirate radio and a residency in a local club.  We all thought he was turning his life around, and the evidence of the interview with him on fan-site Dark Strudel and in his remix of Gammon v Pilgrim for us convinced us that he was serious about change.

It is hard to watch someone you love fall to pieces. But it is also compelling.

DJDB was difficult in court, having refused legal representation and avoided having friends attend to lend support. All we know is the story from the Leicester Mercury which describes a bust-up before the hearing even began that led to deep shit becoming bottomless.

We have spoken to him and are helping him settle his affairs. He has promised to write a prison diary that we may publish parts of here. If they have a radio station in the prison he eventually ends up staying at then it will not know what hit it. For the moment we do not know where he will be kept long-term.

Dirty Boy, we salute you. We hope your hands get better and your head gets straight.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Catch Nasty: Debut LP on the horizon


So, it's happening. Our debut album Catch Nasty is at the pressing place getting duplicated and the various printed stuff to go with it are all being done too. It should be on sale in November, and although we are biased, we have to say that if you liked our EPs, the LP is going to be pretty special.

The individual songs will all be out there in the usual way. If you're like us though and you want the special album version.... read on.

We've done slightly different versions of some of the songs, and added a few inter-song links to make it work as a single 35 minute "whole." 16 songs, full-on. Designed to play loud in a single sitting. You will be able to get it either as a honking 35 minute downloadable file for a modest fee online or buy it as a CD, or for a strictly limited edition the "Nasty Pack" which will come with a genuine-fun assortment of nonsense.

There will be early access and some form of discount available to newsletter subscribers, we may do some freebies too. If you aren't already signed up to our newsletter (and frankly why not?) you can do so right now by clicking..... this link.

Friday 10 September 2021

Less than 1000 Followers: 9 o’clock Nasty makes short direct tracks that never overstay their welcome


Less than 1000 Followers did a positive review of our last EP Growl, so we were hopeful they would like Dust, which is a different animal in some ways, with two of the songs being much looser and more natural. They put up their review and we love it.

To reiterate, these sites depend on viewers to continue, so do please click over to see what they said, we will just lift a few phrases that tickled us.

hard-hitting rock that is not afraid to get dirty and pull no punches mixed with lyrical craziness just to scratch that itch that lives inside of us

The hook was born during idle moments in rehearsals which the band was able to polish throughout the years, leaving us with what we can hear today. 

Say No To Funk is ancient in Song-Years (which are kind of like Dog Years) but this version owes very little to the live-one that we blasted out all over the East Midlands to small crowds and dazed landlords. 

Each of the sounds sounds exactly where it needs to sound, each beat falls exactly where it needs to fall:

We work with Analogue Tape because that is what we love. You cannot fake the warmth and the character of multi-track, although modern kit lets you get close. We aren't trying to make digital stuff sound analogue. We're trying to get that crispness and precision, especially when splicing with a razor blade and pritt stick. If they Won't Eat Beef is more cut than tape and to have that feedback makes Ted and DJ Dirty Boy blush.

Please do check out their website.

Thursday 9 September 2021

Dust Review: Proletarian music made of sweat and blood

"The raw and rough sound of this band always manages to impress me."

Great words from the Edgar Allen Poets, who as well as being a band themselves, have a thriving side-line in reviewing just about everything.  (and you can tell they're professional when you compare the amount of advertising compared to other music fanzines and blogs!).

It's a really fair review, we especially liked

"This is real music, the one played in garages or small bars. Proletarian music made of sweat and blood"

The kick-off idea for 9 o'clock Nasty was to try and mix the psychedelia and energy of 60s garage with something darker and more modern, but to keep songs raw, tight and short.  We think we're getting there, especially with some of the newer material for next year, and it's great to read someone that hears what we tried to make.

Thank you Poets, please do go and check their site out, it's pretty good (and there is a fine offer for a pizza oven...)

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Find No Enemy review Dust "Whacky, weird and wonderful."


Launching a band on the modern social-web has been a real education for us. Some sites basically want money to re-publish your press release, which serves a purpose and is no different from pluggers back in the day, but others are thoughtful and their words are their own. Find No Enemy was probably top-three of our reviews for Growl, so much so that we followed the blog and read it every day. So when we saw they'd written about Dust we actually felt a little nervous.

Please do go to the site and read the review there - and if you like it give them a follow. Online blogs that aren't out for cash are precious and they are probably as much dependent on viewers and engagement as anyone else is on the web. We're so happy Kartik liked our new EP.

"Swerving between an aggressive and in your face energy on some tracks to complete languidness on the final piece just highlights their own dexterity and variety"

We do like a swerve. Last Chance is the first real "late night noodle" song we've actually put out. We have a few in the pipeline (my favourites are "Indoor Boyfriend," "Paint Me Like Graffitti" and "When the Ship Goes Down" which were all born in a late night strum) and it's probably fair to say that as we get more confident in what we do, we will relax and be a little less punchy at times.

Thank you Kartik. 

Tuesday 7 September 2021

IndieDock reviews Dust


Indie Dock Music Blog reviewed our new EP Dust this weekend and added Say No To Funk to their playlist. They said some nice stuff, which is always positive!

The mini album consists of 3 tracks that perfectly reveal a new line of works from this interesting band.

Every EP to us is the best one ever as we release it - of course it is, or we wouldn't allow it out - but Dust does introduce some new things. It was interesting to go back to an old song and reinvent it, and very interesting to do a song that was more than 4 minutes long. Of the three "Beef" is probably the one that hints most as to the dorection we will take with the next EP ("Cut") in October. 

'Say No To Funk' has its groove and energy relating us to a similar theme in 'Peace Frog' from the legendary The Doors. This motifs sound like a swing that swings us so that we take our breath away.  

Ted  (whose knowledge of the Doors is limited to BBC4 documentaries) was scratching his head about this, but having listened to Peace Frog is really pleased by the comparison.

The band 9 o’clock Nasty sounds casual and lively in their compositions. Their charm is in their desire to experiment with sound and creative material.

Casual and lively is another phrase we'll have to have embroidered and framed in our bathroom! In a way the lockdown(s) gave us the freedom to write and experiment without having to think about rehearsing and arranging songs for live events: when we get into gigging, it will be fascinating to see the sound that emerges. 

Monday 6 September 2021

Last Chance

Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Last Chance is the third track from "Dust," the September 2021 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty. A song that curls and slithers under your feet.

Listening Notes

That fucking screen just stares blankly back. You sent them the stinger message an hour ago. There is literally no way they can fail to respond. Probably they are crying. They will have realised by now how foolish they were to break up with you. Foolish but forgiven. Hurtful yet loved. Should you perhaps send another short message, something snappy and funny? 

Or beg? 

Are they online now? Are they thinking about you? Feel the rage. Rage. They need to know that they cannot leave you waiting. Respect is at the heart of a relationship and you must insist on it. When you take them back. When they ask. Just a little longer.

Sing Along

It's your last chance. To take me back

Sunday 5 September 2021

If They Won't Eat Beef?


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

If They Won't Eat Beef? is the second track from "Dust," the September 2021 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty. A wall of voices with a single purpose. We must know. What do you eat?

Listening Notes

Dinner back at home has always been a little.... awkward. As you've become independent, as you've become an adult, the food of your childhood, the taste of your parents has receded and become associated with the person you once were. You are different now. Be honest, you are better now. There are still some flavours that transport you to the comfort of childhood. Some tastes that melt you. But not the ones arriving at the table in the next two hours. You see, they cannot control you anymore. They cannot make you do anything, except eat. Except eat the meal they have chosen for you next. This isn't hospitality, it is power. Submit or be judged. Judge or submit. You choose.

Sing Along

If They Won't Eat (blank) What They Gonna Eat?

Saturday 4 September 2021

Say No To Funk


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Say No To Funk is the lead track from "Dust," the September 2021 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty. A hook and a punch of a song. Compact and concise.

Listening Notes

Oh how you love to dance. 

It has been years since your calves ached like this. Your breath comes in fits and starts and you can feel a trickle of sweat in the small of your back. The night must go on forever. How long will there be to wait before another night like this comes around again? Lean into the beat. Even when you don't know the song, lean in. Lean further. Farther. 

But do not fall. You may never get up.

Make the last song snappy. Make it short, leaving you needing more. Make it grind. Kick into the groove and move without thinking.

Sing Along

There's a dance sensation, across the nation

Moving With the Groove Generation

Say No, Say No, Say No to Funk 

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Dust: released this Saturday 4th September


Our EP "Dust" is released this weekend on all the usual channels (thank you DistroKid) and is our fourth record.

It features:

  • Say No To Funk, a tight dancefloor groove of a song that hooks, punches and leaves you pressing play again and again.
  • If They Won't Eat Beef? a masterpiece of guitar-driven pop
  • Last Chance, an aching torch song of regret and reconciliation, with a killer-cat video.
All three have videos that will be on our You Tube Channel from Saturday morning onwards. If you prefer to download songs rather than stream them free they will be on our "Music" page available free. If you prefer physical media, you will have to wait a little longer, but we will have got you covered.

Headbanger News on Growl:

Readers of Dark Strudel may experience a guilty pleasure at seeing the way our name was presented....

Our portuguese isn't great at the orbiting HQ so we made use of Google Translate - and the way the site is designed made that tricky, so for any reader that wants it without the fuss, here is the full text in English below, but please do go have a look at their site, they have a big following in Brazil and the music scene there must be something special as they have so many cracking music sites, and they seem to like us....

British power trio 9 o'clock Nasty shared the new EP, titled 'Growl', with three tracks of garage music and alternative art. This is the third release since this year, proving that the group worked hard and managed to release three EPs in three months - 'Dust', 'Dank' and 'Growl'. All with a very eclectic taste and definitely pushing the boundaries of music.

If anyone could embroider "British Power Trio" for us to frame it on our bathroom wall that would be lovely.

It's possible to notice that 9 o'clock Nasty flirts with something truly original, born after some people who've known each other for years, and been in many different bands, came together throughout the Covid-19 experience. Three boys interested in garage rock, trip-hop, dub and new wave songs from the 80s and 90s, post punk, electronic music and indie rock.

The first track, “Monstruosa,” features a dramatic melody, with drums and classic guitar tone keeping a steady rhythm while the bass gives you the feeling you're running away. The audition starts full of feelings with this song. It's a happy song about death. About being ready in the end. free from regret

A nice summary of Monstruosa. It isn't supposed to be morbid or sad. 

Following with “Walkman Walk”, the presence of the bass remains constant with the introduction of the synthesizer. A song that takes us back to the 80s. Contrary to what everyone thinks, the song doesn't talk about love, but about the former band's breakup from the members, as the band tells: The loss in music is actually about the breakup of a band, not a romantic relationship, but in many ways, breaking up a band is not that different.

The last track, “Big Fish (In a Pool of Piss)”, closes the record in a big way with a happy, danceable song. "We found a groove and an idea that made us laugh and followed it. It wasn't until later, when Sydd started playing the drums, that the song got that slippery feeling."

Growl has fun lyrics where musicians have fun with their instruments and whacky music videos that can be seen on youtube. All three releases are easy to listen to, and it's a great addition to the playlist. The best part and what makes the work interesting is that the band doesn't follow standards and does something unusual. "We're not trying to please anyone, we're writing the songs we want to do."

Well, just wait for the new videos this weekend. There are cats people, CATS.