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Tuesday 7 September 2021

IndieDock reviews Dust


Indie Dock Music Blog reviewed our new EP Dust this weekend and added Say No To Funk to their playlist. They said some nice stuff, which is always positive!

The mini album consists of 3 tracks that perfectly reveal a new line of works from this interesting band.

Every EP to us is the best one ever as we release it - of course it is, or we wouldn't allow it out - but Dust does introduce some new things. It was interesting to go back to an old song and reinvent it, and very interesting to do a song that was more than 4 minutes long. Of the three "Beef" is probably the one that hints most as to the dorection we will take with the next EP ("Cut") in October. 

'Say No To Funk' has its groove and energy relating us to a similar theme in 'Peace Frog' from the legendary The Doors. This motifs sound like a swing that swings us so that we take our breath away.  

Ted  (whose knowledge of the Doors is limited to BBC4 documentaries) was scratching his head about this, but having listened to Peace Frog is really pleased by the comparison.

The band 9 o’clock Nasty sounds casual and lively in their compositions. Their charm is in their desire to experiment with sound and creative material.

Casual and lively is another phrase we'll have to have embroidered and framed in our bathroom! In a way the lockdown(s) gave us the freedom to write and experiment without having to think about rehearsing and arranging songs for live events: when we get into gigging, it will be fascinating to see the sound that emerges. 

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