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Saturday 13 January 2024



"Crow makes a glove, like a first from a dove”

Slowly the clocks of Crowland tick backwards to simpler times, when we were frugal. When we were satisfied by less. When men were men and women were women and those that had could majestically sweep past those that did not. In Crowland we know our place.

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Crowland is the January 2024 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

Crowland Artwork by @addermyre

We thank reviewers for taking the time to listen to our stuff - we don't always agree with what they write but we value the effort! Thank you to these reviewers who gave our song a few words.

@jpgchief said ”both exciting and terrifying”

“Exciting, ravaging. Pounding & swinging drums. Catchy vocals that express the authority of the iron hand remind us to stay down and fear no more. Music from the underbelly of a broken society. The deadly whistles of the steam train coming to collect, taking us to all hailing dystopia…”

@plasticmgzn said ““Crowland” distils the dark universe that 9 o’clock Nasty have been crafting for years into a piquant punk rock aesthetic.”

“Opened by the gritty stutter of guitar notes and bass rumbles over the punch of drums, the twang of a guitar riff layers up as the band’s trademark crowd style vocals ride above. Casting a moody garage rock spell with subtle electronic tinges, they create a dystopian sonic landscape full of intense musical energy, thumping rhythm and haunting instrumental tones.” 

@iggymagazine said “This track of more than two minutes is simply destructive. The catchy voices that ravage everything in passing show the raw character of reality.”

“It is violent music with violent and hard lyrics. The fictitious and dark place in which the group leads the listeners is no different from hell because hope does not exist, memories fly away from day to day and the control of the iron hand is increasingly growing and obsessive.” 

@giventorock said “Music from the underbelly of a broken society.”

“This is CROWLAND, where they embrace the violence of nature and the fear of the foreign.  Every string of Pete Brock’s guitar is tuned to RAGE.” 

@york_calling said “… never fail to bring something exciting with their new music. Their latest is no exception. Holding up a mirror to our reality, it’s called Crowland”

“If you’ve ever been a conversation with someone who insists things were better before, you’ll know where 9 o’clock Nasty are coming from with Crowland. It’s set in a fictional universe where those people have gotten their way, leaving them in a safe but stale existence. The band bring that world to life through severe electronica and attitude-filled call and response vocals.”

Nicole Mendes, the most dangerous woman in Western Music at @theothersidereviews said “Instead of backing away from the violence and rage of current society, Ted, Pete and Sydd delve into the chaos embracing the “violence of nature and fear of the foreign” with mad sonic skills.”

“Sauntering along the edge of this world where clocks drift backwards, 9 o’clock Nasty hit you with a barrage of punk rock. Interestingly, while the punk intensity oozes through the melody, a lesser tone of alternative rock soothes any chaotic sentimentality. Have no doubt, the unique brand of 9 o’clock Nasty punk lingers as the bold staccato vocals tap your brain with a repetitive rod and the distorted discomfort screeches beneath with drums, guitar and flits of electronic beats; however, it is a soothing anthem for the lads’ new realm” 

@indieoclock said “9 O'clock Nasty has grown with every release, they do not give up their authenticity, their power of composition, “

“'Crowland' is a powerful sound, striking by the beats that are intense, the vocal that is underground, as if it were a protest, with backing vocals that sings at the end of the verses. It impresses the electro style that elels put in the song, with a 90s punk post that is full of fury, anger on the guitar that strikes our hearts, sound effects that are kind of dark, as if they were a control through sound.”

@musicforallmag said “distorted patterns of reality, which take advantage of synthesized and experimental effects “

“create their own physical and elemental rules, which the guitar will use as a foundation for its elevations and conductions from the vocal to the heights that break the layers of the earth.” 

@headbangersnews_br said “an electric shot of attitude mixed with a fearless attitude”

“Their sound is maturing into something unique, making the whole of the work wonderful from the visual to the unique sound.” 

Kamila Bobin at @the_musical_road said “ a riveting and harrowing glimpse into the imagination of an artist who reflects on uncomfortable realities from his imaginary cruel dystopia.”

“On the level of music, this dystopian quality is underscored by sound ‘ingredients’, which reflect disturbing storytelling. Despite the considerable thematic weight of this lyrical piece, an aural landscape is created through attention to arrangement, tone and pace.” 

@beachhouse.blog “a phenomenal track that encapsulates a unique blend of energy and creativity.”

“Right from the opening notes, the song creates an immersive experience that grips the listener. The band’s signature sound, characterized by a mix of guitar riffs and dynamic percussion, shines through brilliantly.” 

@cosmonauta.radio said “intrepid and daring style has been considerably fortified, its throbbing sounds are made up of powerful guitar riffs and changing rhythms”

“the raw energy that they release is perfect to feel in an immersive atmosphere, intensifying our senses at all times while portentous songs tell us a gloomy world, this imaginative theme will make you vibrate with emotion with a disturbing and phenomenal development.”

@lostinthemanor said “ A head-on take on the entropy of the modern world”

“Crowland plunges into its fictional realm with a punk-rock attitude and electronica aesthetics. The track features gritty electric guitar riffs, booming basslines, and synth pulses that bring to life the enigma of an alternate existence caught in the clutches of widespread fear, violence, and mindless obedience.”

@music_and_entertainers said “the track pulls no punches, bringing the band’s high-intensity post-punk vibe to the forefront.”

“Described as “musical violence” by the band themselves, “Crowland” grabs hold of ears from its opening distorted guitar riffs. The band wastes no time establishing their characteristically forceful rhythm and hard-hitting instrumentation. Layering the instruments in clever ways, 9 O’Clock Nasty showcases their skill in songwriting as they ratchet up the control. Vocalist Ted Pepper leads the charge, his voice half singing, half yelling through the controlled chaos.”

@musikepool said “a place where time bends, TV channels transmit eerie patriotism, and the echoes of Shakespearean classics reverberate through a carefully orchestrated nightmar”

“Within the haunting landscape of Crowland, every detail reflects a meticulous nightmare crafted by the ruling class. The symbolic image of flooded playgrounds serves as a poignant reminder of a bygone era when well-being was more than a distant memory. The song doesn’t merely unfold as a piece of music; it’s a rebellion in sound, a symphony of discord that captures the disquieting essence of a fractured society.“ 

@sinusoidal.music said “Synths swirl through so many unexpected variations, at turns unsettling and mysterious. I loved the smooth yet chaotic atmosphere the band has created with the instrumentation. With an underlying punk spirit, the track gets your head bobbing along to its dystopian textures”

“As the song progresses, it continually shapeshifts, casting you deeper into its moody trance. Halfway through, a stunning shift occurs, with distorted noises coming to the forefront. Dark vibes intensify the haunting undertones of synths moving across inventive frequencies. I was drawn into a stimulating and unexpectedly disorienting immersive musical experience.” This is probably our favourite review so far - the deliberate switch of tone was a @petebrock3 masterstroke. The original was all punk rock anger but he shaped and sharpened it. 

@tune_oasis said “grooving to the beat and heavier than ever.”

“The guitar work is clever, saying a lot without speaking much. The bass accompanies the guitar well all the while filling in where all fades away. Our personal favorites were the parts where the bass is bit-crushed resembling the sound of an old NES game.”

Jane Hawkins included us in a roundup of underground punk at @york_calling “it’s certainly a punk song, but it’s also got a lot of electronic elements, making for one awesome mix altogether! “

“The synths dance around in the background against the rhythm section, consisting of a pulsating bassline, making for something you won’t be able to stop tapping your feet along to! The vocals are half shouted, but they add a really cool vibe into the mix.” 

@thisisapolloharp said “Nobody entails absurdist rebellion as glamorously as 9 ‘o’ Clock Nasty.”

“the band refracts the rock genre with new levels of energy, edge, and excitement. When you listen to their music, you are drawn to both their cynical anthems and their elastic charisma. It extends to all the new territories that they explore, be it the bombastic funk in ‘Unkle Natur’ or the eclectic cultures of ‘Culture War 23’. Their latest single is ‘Crowland’ a gritty, grimy, and groovy rock track that is extrapolated with electronic effects that are reminiscent of vintage space wars. It is littered with nebulous sensibilities, distilling the dark spirit of the theme with slights of macabre, malady, and mystery.”