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Wednesday 8 September 2021

Find No Enemy review Dust "Whacky, weird and wonderful."


Launching a band on the modern social-web has been a real education for us. Some sites basically want money to re-publish your press release, which serves a purpose and is no different from pluggers back in the day, but others are thoughtful and their words are their own. Find No Enemy was probably top-three of our reviews for Growl, so much so that we followed the blog and read it every day. So when we saw they'd written about Dust we actually felt a little nervous.

Please do go to the site and read the review there - and if you like it give them a follow. Online blogs that aren't out for cash are precious and they are probably as much dependent on viewers and engagement as anyone else is on the web. We're so happy Kartik liked our new EP.

"Swerving between an aggressive and in your face energy on some tracks to complete languidness on the final piece just highlights their own dexterity and variety"

We do like a swerve. Last Chance is the first real "late night noodle" song we've actually put out. We have a few in the pipeline (my favourites are "Indoor Boyfriend," "Paint Me Like Graffitti" and "When the Ship Goes Down" which were all born in a late night strum) and it's probably fair to say that as we get more confident in what we do, we will relax and be a little less punchy at times.

Thank you Kartik. 

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