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Thursday 9 September 2021

Dust Review: Proletarian music made of sweat and blood

"The raw and rough sound of this band always manages to impress me."

Great words from the Edgar Allen Poets, who as well as being a band themselves, have a thriving side-line in reviewing just about everything.  (and you can tell they're professional when you compare the amount of advertising compared to other music fanzines and blogs!).

It's a really fair review, we especially liked

"This is real music, the one played in garages or small bars. Proletarian music made of sweat and blood"

The kick-off idea for 9 o'clock Nasty was to try and mix the psychedelia and energy of 60s garage with something darker and more modern, but to keep songs raw, tight and short.  We think we're getting there, especially with some of the newer material for next year, and it's great to read someone that hears what we tried to make.

Thank you Poets, please do go and check their site out, it's pretty good (and there is a fine offer for a pizza oven...)

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