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Friday 10 September 2021

Less than 1000 Followers: 9 o’clock Nasty makes short direct tracks that never overstay their welcome


Less than 1000 Followers did a positive review of our last EP Growl, so we were hopeful they would like Dust, which is a different animal in some ways, with two of the songs being much looser and more natural. They put up their review and we love it.

To reiterate, these sites depend on viewers to continue, so do please click over to see what they said, we will just lift a few phrases that tickled us.

hard-hitting rock that is not afraid to get dirty and pull no punches mixed with lyrical craziness just to scratch that itch that lives inside of us

The hook was born during idle moments in rehearsals which the band was able to polish throughout the years, leaving us with what we can hear today. 

Say No To Funk is ancient in Song-Years (which are kind of like Dog Years) but this version owes very little to the live-one that we blasted out all over the East Midlands to small crowds and dazed landlords. 

Each of the sounds sounds exactly where it needs to sound, each beat falls exactly where it needs to fall:

We work with Analogue Tape because that is what we love. You cannot fake the warmth and the character of multi-track, although modern kit lets you get close. We aren't trying to make digital stuff sound analogue. We're trying to get that crispness and precision, especially when splicing with a razor blade and pritt stick. If they Won't Eat Beef is more cut than tape and to have that feedback makes Ted and DJ Dirty Boy blush.

Please do check out their website.

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