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Wednesday 1 September 2021

Headbanger News on Growl:

Readers of Dark Strudel may experience a guilty pleasure at seeing the way our name was presented....

Our portuguese isn't great at the orbiting HQ so we made use of Google Translate - and the way the site is designed made that tricky, so for any reader that wants it without the fuss, here is the full text in English below, but please do go have a look at their site, they have a big following in Brazil and the music scene there must be something special as they have so many cracking music sites, and they seem to like us....

British power trio 9 o'clock Nasty shared the new EP, titled 'Growl', with three tracks of garage music and alternative art. This is the third release since this year, proving that the group worked hard and managed to release three EPs in three months - 'Dust', 'Dank' and 'Growl'. All with a very eclectic taste and definitely pushing the boundaries of music.

If anyone could embroider "British Power Trio" for us to frame it on our bathroom wall that would be lovely.

It's possible to notice that 9 o'clock Nasty flirts with something truly original, born after some people who've known each other for years, and been in many different bands, came together throughout the Covid-19 experience. Three boys interested in garage rock, trip-hop, dub and new wave songs from the 80s and 90s, post punk, electronic music and indie rock.

The first track, “Monstruosa,” features a dramatic melody, with drums and classic guitar tone keeping a steady rhythm while the bass gives you the feeling you're running away. The audition starts full of feelings with this song. It's a happy song about death. About being ready in the end. free from regret

A nice summary of Monstruosa. It isn't supposed to be morbid or sad. 

Following with “Walkman Walk”, the presence of the bass remains constant with the introduction of the synthesizer. A song that takes us back to the 80s. Contrary to what everyone thinks, the song doesn't talk about love, but about the former band's breakup from the members, as the band tells: The loss in music is actually about the breakup of a band, not a romantic relationship, but in many ways, breaking up a band is not that different.

The last track, “Big Fish (In a Pool of Piss)”, closes the record in a big way with a happy, danceable song. "We found a groove and an idea that made us laugh and followed it. It wasn't until later, when Sydd started playing the drums, that the song got that slippery feeling."

Growl has fun lyrics where musicians have fun with their instruments and whacky music videos that can be seen on youtube. All three releases are easy to listen to, and it's a great addition to the playlist. The best part and what makes the work interesting is that the band doesn't follow standards and does something unusual. "We're not trying to please anyone, we're writing the songs we want to do."

Well, just wait for the new videos this weekend. There are cats people, CATS. 

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