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Saturday 25 September 2021

Out in October "Cut"


Well another month has flown by. To welcome October we will be releasing a new EP "Cut."

Cut features three songs, Dead Planet, Gravy Train and THX-1138. We will probably call it a triple A-side. You may look at us a bit sideways when we say that but just wait..... as soon as Distrokit give us the special preview page we'll put that up and you can decide for yourself.

Before the end of October we also plan to put Catch Nasty on sale. Sixteen banging tunes on one piece of plastic, plus a monstrous super-mp3 download for people that have left the CD-lifestyle behind forever.

The joker in the pack is another new thing that we cannot wait to put out. Indeed we may delay the next scheduled EP "Party" to make space for it as a one-off single.

We love Sexy Back. We love it even more after spending 48 hours locked in a tiny sweaty box recording a new version that..... well it's another story. A long, nasty one.

Nasty, out.

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