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Thursday 16 September 2021

Gammon v Pilgrim Dance Mix by DJ Dirty Boy

We like to keep songs to 2 minutes long. Then some songs flex a little and seem to ask to be given a little more space. When we first wrote Gammon v Pilgrim it started with a karaoke dance beat and layered up from there, and we brutally cut it back to make it snappy. Dirty Boy, who is OK during his time at Her Majesty's Pleasure, but not great, argued for a longer mix and here it is.

Food for the dancefloor. 

Parquet, loaded with glitter and discarded confetti. The last night of the sales conference. Too much cheap white wine. The DJ kicks it on and the crowd move. Watch the gammon sway. They are coming to get you, dance and disguise to pass un-noticed in their midst.

Newsletter members got the free mp3 of the song for download this month.  We have a couple of really off the wall cover versions we are considering as the members-exclusive for October, there is time to sign up.

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