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Sunday, 5 September 2021

If They Won't Eat Beef?


If They Won't Eat Beef?  EP Track Download or Listen Free

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If They Won't Eat Beef? is the second track from "Dust," the September 2021 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty. A wall of voices with a single purpose. We must know. What do you eat?

Listening Notes

Dinner back at home has always been a little.... awkward. As you've become independent, as you've become an adult, the food of your childhood, the taste of your parents has receded and become associated with the person you once were. You are different now. Be honest, you are better now. There are still some flavours that transport you to the comfort of childhood. Some tastes that melt you. But not the ones arriving at the table in the next two hours. You see, they cannot control you anymore. They cannot make you do anything, except eat. Except eat the meal they have chosen for you next. This isn't hospitality, it is power. Submit or be judged. Judge or submit. You choose.

Sing Along

If They Won't Eat (blank) What They Gonna Eat?

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