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Thursday 20 January 2022

Newsletter: Sign Up!


OK so here is the ways and means and the pitch.

Sign up for our newsletter for love, profit and support.

We promise

  • Never more than one email a month
  • Your email address is safe with us, freak's promise.
You get
  • A vaguely amusing email
  • Access to all our songs as free downloads (we will be taking that away from the website on 1st February because we've had problems with the volume of downloads which is a good problem to have, but it is a problem) - you will have a link to all the songs as high quality mp3s.
  • A free preview every month. It will either be a song that is unreleased, a remix or demo or an as yet unreleased video
  • Access to all the previous month's free preview stuff
We get 
  • A warm glowing feeling
  • The ability to reach our audience even if any particular social media decides to block or ban us for any reason. This is no joke - we have seen it happen to others when it was not deserved,.

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