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Saturday 1 January 2022

Happy New Nasty!


Yay, thank god 2021 is over, now we can party right? Well happy new year anyway.


  • We will release Politic on 8th January. Obviously we say it is brilliant etc but it totally fucking is. Even Danzig Krupp likes it and he still hasn't forgiven us for the laxative joke
  • We have releases pretty much ready for February (Sex) and March (Speed) already. We still find ourselves writing songs that don't fit any one genre, but there is definitely a tilt towards the heavier kind of sound you'll hear on King Thing.
  • We will play live. If we can work out a way to make it fun and different.
  • We will release at least one more LP, and several more EPs over the course of the coming months.
  • We will do a video featuring a raccoon driving a high performance sports car.


  • We will not lack authority figures to poke fun at.
  • We will continue to love music released by a number of other people we've found through our own forays. It used to be that you met and loved other bands on the gig circuit, same process, different place. I Am Unicorn Head, Femegades, The Qwarks, Molosser, Our Man In the Bronze Age, we salute you and await your future material with anticipation. Hope to meet you one day, Maybe we should put on a Freakshow?

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