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Friday 14 January 2022

Voodoo Battle, Headbangers News review Politic "Sound Unlike Any Other"


Meanwhile, elsewhere in Brazil (we do actually see almost 1/3 of our streaming plays from Brazil) Headbangers News wrote a great review for Politic, please give it a read.

As it is in Portuguese we present a cod-translation here (no haddocks were available). The website has some powerful voodoo to prevent copy-pasting but our voodoo is more powerful :)

British power trio 9 o'clock Nasty have shared the new EP, titled 'Politic', featuring garage music and alternative art.

After the incredible and recent EPs, 'Dust', 'Dank', 'Growl' and 'Cut', the 9 o'clock Nasty, never satisfied, deliver another EP in digital format, another work in a short period of time, proving that the group worked hard and managed to release four EPs and a full album in 2021 and starts 2022 with another great release. All with very eclectic tastes and definitely pushing musical boundaries.

It was five EPs in 2021 actually, and a single and an LP. Ha! We love writing and recording. 

'Politic' brings the classic form used by the band, with unusual sounds and indie rock references. In this EP we also have a more funky and electronic sound – Front 242 style. Here we have three powerful tracks that should provoke and evoke feelings, with fresh music and sound unlike any other.

Oooo Front 242 - cool reference! 

These musicians have fun with their eccentric musical instruments and videos – which can be seen on youtube. The releases are easy to listen to, and it's a great choice for the playlist. The best part and what makes the work interesting is that the band does not follow standards and does something unusual. "We're not trying to please anyone, we're writing the songs we want to make."

Thank you Headbangers News - Muito obrigado 

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