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Thursday 13 January 2022

Roadie Music Bring Out The Wiggle for a Politic Review


Pete loves Brazil. The second he hears it mentioned he's putting his make up on and preparing for some serious dancing.

Roadie Music press those buttons. They wrote a lovely review of Politic. As it's in Portuguese we've done a cod-translation below.

When we listen to a band, or artist, we always look for some kind of differential that makes us want to know more about their work.

If that's the case with a band like 9 o'clock Nasty, let's come across every differential imaginable.

Their latest release, Politic, is something that cannot be explained linearly, as well as the music practiced by the band.

 We are non-linear people. We live the wiggle.

It is a material that does not follow a specific line, but that identifies them even if one composition is quite distinct from the other.

We will listen to heavy guitars with psychedelic tone in the same proportion in which they will appear cleaner and with melodies that remain in the head.

The bass that usually forms a whole basis for the music to develop on it, here is giving support, but also, traveling every second of the tracks on its own, forming a beautiful, crazy, opposition with the guitar.

And then it's up to the drumming to take on the role of containing all this, right?


Percussion enters this musical insanity brilliantly, marking time like clockwork, but also juggling it so that the songs don't sound empty at any time.

And to top it off, we still have some electronic elements to give a totally different colour to what was no longer normal, forming a true surrealist work of art that only Dali could explain.

Politic is a worthwhile EP in all respects as it will open our perception to other, and new, situations within the music.

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