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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Irreverent, Intelligent, Authentic, Indie O'Clock review Politic


Indie O'Clock wrote up Politic, and we hope they won't mind us sharing a translation of sorts here. Bold bits added by us! 

You can play Politic here: https://open.spotify.com/album/72uPJTWslZ6WTcaXQQPfDO?si=rop70hi-RU-ctLhZItdoXA  Please spread the word.

You must have seen 9 o'clock Nasty around here. They are back! The group releases the new EP "Politic", the first of the year, with 3 tracks.

The band has already been here releasing the 2021 works "Dekket" and "Party". With an irreverent, intelligent and authentic way of making music, they arrive with this new EP with a more conceptual tone, instrumental evolution and new rhythm creations.

The EP starts with the track "King Thing" which is an indie rock, drums give the rhythm and the guitar makes the riff, a different sound, with some parts having guitar strumming in the background of the song. The vocal makes a performance that reminds us of Ozzy Osbourne in some songs in Black Sabbath (1). In the chorus, emphasis is given to the guitar making a distorted, light riff and on the other hand, the vocal and backing vocals are in harmony.

The second track is "Get Into Them, Pt.1", an electronic rock, with a voice that resembles a loudspeaker, distorted sound. The singing vocal recalls "What Time is Santa", a song that belongs to the last work "Party". It's a characteristic 9'o clock track, where they improve the sound even more each time they bet on the electronic rock style (2).

"Get Into Them, Pt.2" is a rock with punk elements, a song that lifts the crowd and makes everyone jump (3). The guitar at the beginning shakes, very well played, brings music to life. The whole song has a positive vibe marked by the main voice and backing vocals, which together bring us great vibes, make the song electrifying and mark the EP at the end.

We've been following their work closely for some time now and they show a lot of sound, vocal diversification, with different themes and something more critical or conceptual, in a relaxed and irreverent way. We really like 9 o'clock Nasty and the artistic authenticity they have. Out of curiosity, the EP cover photo shows politicians, star, clothing style that alludes to some rulers or countries that they act or have acted.

Thank you Indie O'Clock - we are planning a bit of a media blitz in Brazil in the next few weeks and we'll be sure to link to your blog at every opportunity.

  1. Ted is not a Black Sabbath fan until he gets compared to Ozzy. He is now devout.
  2. We write the electronic stuff entirely differently and it is almost a refresher before more punk stuff. Watch out for Shoot! Shoot! The Judas Goat which is probably our high point in the genre.
  3. Also watch out for the spiritual successor to this which will be called Rise Up.    

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