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Thursday 27 January 2022

Dark Strudel Previews Our Next Release "Sex" - Utterly Obvious and Compellingly Original


Danzig over at Dark Strudel is a long-term friend and fixture of the local music scene. We share releases with him a couple of weeks ahead of the due date partly out of courtesy, partly to have something to put in quotes in our press pack!

He doesn't always like our stuff, he is possibly the world's worst at actually promoting his blog which has some cracking reviews that never fail to be funny (he does the BEST bad ones) and he does it for love not money.

"When I met them they were wannabee freak-punks with a cool name and big ideas and I was an established print-journalist fallen on hard times. Now I eat through a straw and they sit at the end of my bed and indulge me."

We met Danzig on tour in Czechia a long long time before 9 o'clock Nasty were spawned. He was always that guy at the back of the room not talking to anyone and making notes about the band, and his photocopied zine handed out at venues was a thing of beauty. It is our fault he came to live in England though.

"Relentless, brutal and poetic, they mapped out a genuine fusion of garage punk and a dancefloor sensibility that made a real statement."

From the point of view of the person that will have to write the press release, that is the hero sentence!

"Do Me Too is anchored by a driving bassline and swirls with guitars and a chorus that tells a story and makes you feel. You can rock around the room to this music, or you can lean back and sigh. It is all there. What Have You Done For Me Lately? picks up where King Thing left off. They blend the utterly obvious with the compellingly original. "

The two songs mentioned were written and recorded in the same week as King Thing, so although they have their own identities and feel they are built from the same palette of noises and the themes running through our brains at the time.

Thank you Danzig for a stellar review. We won't put any of your negative comments here, you don't get many readers so they will live in obscurity with you! Much love.

Sex is released on 12th February.

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