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Saturday 29 January 2022

We Score "Most Half Arsed Christmas Song Ever Written with The Other Side Reviews.


Oh we fucking LOVE the Other Side Reviews. It is nice to read an interview that's fun

We won't copy and paste her words, but we did want to share and respond to a few snippets.

9 o’clock Nasty approached the festive season with a hard-hitting, eyebrow-raising smirk on their faces. Showcasing their versatility and eclecticism, the trio take on an alt-rock tune with tinges of contemporary pop and indie-rock 

Hell yeah! I does seem so long ago: we had a lovely Christmas as it turned out but you've just got to kick against the pricks from time to time. 

With the exception of My Chemical Romance’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, I despise Christmas songs; however, 9 o’clock Nasty may change my mind with this track. Adding silvery lashings of sleigh bells and cheery children atop brash, raspy vocals, ‘What Time Is Santa?’ is the eggnog-induced “most half-arsed Christmas song ever written”. 

We will be getting "We Wrote the Most Half Arsed Christmas Song Ever Written" t-shirts made. Nicola, we promise you next year we will produce something that is quarter, or even one eighth arsed! 

What I love about this song is the desperation and despair oozing from the guitar riffs building into a catchy chorus.

Recording Preach Me Down was interesting. It was a slow but steady new wave thing and suddenly we had this chorus that got bigger and bigger and bigger.

So, here’s what we have: slow, steady and intoxicatingly mind-bending tracks followed by laughter, headbanging and infectious sing-along lyrical poetry. 

Bendning minds, laughing and headbanging are our brand. Thank you. 

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