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Saturday 15 January 2022

We're Pirates! Arrrr! Well Indie Dock said so in their Party Review!


Indie Dock Music Blog took a look at Party this week. It feels a bit weird to be talking about last month's EP right now but the article deserves a response. At the moment we're promoting Politic, preparing the promotional material and videos for next month's EP "Sex" (which, spoiler, is about sex), finishing the EP after musically (which will either be called Speed or Thumbs, for reasons that will be made apparent) and writing material for the EP after that. Funny old world. We may be Nasty but we're Busy Nasty.

Anyhoo, Ted loved the review in particular for it's mention of pirates. He seems to think pirates wear monocles. (spoiler: wrong).

'As The Ship Going Down' is an energetic and lively composition. The bass drum sets the pulse for the whole company, which sings like a pack of pirates who are not afraid for a moment of their immersion in the depths of the sea.  

We fear no salty brine. Our starting point for this was a luxury liner and the premise, "the ship is sinking, you have an hour of life before going under, what would you do." Seems our main idea was getting to the Captain's Table and sampling the first food and drinks, getting that freaky haircut you never thought you would, and dropping some over-truthful conversation bombs. Had we thought of us being pirates on the sinking ship we'd have totally come up with another verse!

Thank you Indie Dock. We also really like your playlist to which you've added us!

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