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Tuesday 11 January 2022

Fresh, Nasty and Full of Mango! Politic gets MangoWaved


MangoWave are a killer site and Politic made it onto their Fresh Mango list and Mango Rotation Playlist.

It might not always be 9 o'clock somewhere, but it is definitely the time to be nasty somewhere.

Well it is always 9 something somewhere! True say, nasty time is anytime, 

The three-track EP is opened by the dark and atmospheric Post Punk anthem 'King Thing'. The second track 'Get into them Part 1' is a brutal mix of Horror Punk, Death Rap, and nightmares, until it suddenly and seemlessly turns into the colourful Brit Pop hymn 'Get into them Part 2'. The theme stays the same, and the message is clear: 'Get into them and fuck them up'.

This is a lovely description, we were going for rabble-rousing Bhangra and landed on Death Rap! 

Happy new year! 9 o'clock nasty are not, they have never been away. And that is just awesome!

Give the wonderful Mango Rotation a look - it changes every fortnight and is always good value. 

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