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Saturday 22 January 2022

Find No Enemy nail it: we're Eccentric Eclectic


Kartik Sundar is a true rock guru, well he liked our records so of course we'd say that, but truth is when we started sending out press releases he was one the first to pick up and write about us, and it feels good that he's still throwing in his hand-grenades or critical love from time to time.

Please check out the review.

A couple of snippets

"On the appropriately titled ‘Politic’, the group take their psychotic rock energy and infuse it with a substance that’s pointed and poignant in equal measure."

First off, psychotic rock energy. Yeah Baby. But also he picked up something we are trying to do. We started wanting to be a garage rock band that kicked down doors. Now we want to add poignancy. Sing about how good the door was we just broke. Seriously - the next EP (Sex) reveals a lot more feeling and is decidedly less arch.

"It’s psychotic, messy, but strangely intriguing. All of what makes 9 o’clock Nasty appealing, packaged once again in a short and sumptuous EP that combines elements of hard rock, bhangra, and even more pleasant pop melodies towards the end. "

Thank you.

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