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Friday 17 December 2021

Politic Isn't Even Out Yet and it's reviewed already!

Politic is our release for January 2022, but we do share early versions with some writers, and now that he is talking to us again, failed journalist and cheese rejector Danzig Krupp is back on the list. He continues to be the most dangerous man in Western Music.

He's fucking off back to Germany for the holidays so he dropped his review like a hand-grenade on the way to the bus station.

He likes it. We won't quote it word for word here, please give Danzig a view by clicking the link.

"None of the quirky, tight small band from Leicester sensibility. This sounds like a statement of intent."

Not sure we've ever been described as having small band sensibility, but King Thing certainly is bolder and more loaded than the songs we've put out before. It's an absolute belter of a song.

"It lurks, prowls. Guitar parts fizz into view and then wait in the shadows. The bass drives and drives on the edge of distortion, and the lyrics seem to be actually trying to say something rather than score points. "King of Leicester love me truly. Love me much but love me cruelly." Indeed. It is hard when you are more loved in Brazil than your home city."

We're pretty much on the same page as Danzig here. We wanted the song to tease you and then slap you in the face. The shifts in the dynamics are intentional, and there is still that leftover pivot from King of Hackney from dance to guitar led. He managed to write the line out of the lyrics out accurately, but it is absolutely not about a lack of love from the home city at all.

"Ted meets some strange people in pubs, mostly because of his awful dress sense and inability to apply make up. People feel at once both a need to give comfort, but also a deep atavistic fear that this thing they are in the presence of could ping off in a different and entirely more dangerous direction at any given moment."

Bhangra Assassins were a delight to work with, and yes Ted did meet them at a pub, but only after they'd invited him to come and talk about working with them! We provide a rock dimension to their debut single "The Bomb" out next year on Fuzzbop Records. This did make us laugh though as literally the moment we read it Ted wandered in still made up with a broad stripe of black make-up from last night wearing Pete's Bruce Lee tracksuit bottoms and the biggest anorak ever seen on earth and announced he was off to the Royal Oak for a pint.

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