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Monday 13 December 2021

Swaggering Down your Spine: Sexy Back gets the Other Side Reviews treatment


Imagine if you will the meeting. The meeting. Sydd has added memes to the Powerpoint. Pete is drinking the coffee straight from the filter machine and Ted has all the paperclips laid out on the table in alphabetical order.

"Right" intones the voice. Our objective gentleman is to "slither into their ears, reverberate around their craniums and swagger down your spines with this cover of Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back'."

"Ted, you're reverberations, Sydd, prepare to slither, Pete, please stop belching. Pete. PETE. You're on swagger for this one mate."

Cut to scene in review room as Nicole Mendes (5th most dangerous woman in modern music) at the Other Side Reviews posts "they slither into your ear, reverberate around your cranium and swagger down your spine with their cover of Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back'."

Cut to scene of high fives and paperclips strewn over the anonymous wipe clean carpet tiles.

It's a lovely review. Go Read It.

"Known for their brash, loud and unmistakeably attention-grabbing style, the UK-based trio are genre-defying with elements of alt-rock, grunge, punk and indie-rock in their sound."

Well just as we finish the mix of our musical collaboration with Jeffrey Epstein we can totally relate to brash!

As mystics, we generally can claim it was the devil that unleashed the Sexy Back bassline that night as we jammed naked until dawn.

"Instead of smooth bubblegum pink sounds, they use gruff vocals to execute a super-sexy grittiness throughout the single. It appears these lads are definitely bringing sexy back with their renovation of ‘Sexy Back’."

Make no mistake, our cover comes from love for the original, we aren't being snide, if we could stretch to be more smooth we assuredly would, but these voices in our heads.... We did bring sexy back. It's locked in our spare room and we aren't going to let it out until after Christmas.

Thank you Nicole. Stay Nasty.

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