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Tuesday 14 December 2021

P***ssBoy Driver Withdrawn, New Merch out nonetheless

We've uploaded some nice new designs to our merch shop this week - all based around songs coming out next year. We have the King Thing hoodie, and tee, badges, baby bib....

Sadly, our tee shirt for Playboy Driver - which actually outsold all our merch because it is a truly wonderful design has been withdrawn. The word "Playboy" isn't allowed on the printing company's shop for trademark reasons, so we named it P***boy Driver. Apparently that wasn't OK. Hey ho. Hopefully the newly renamed Prickboy Driver design will get full approval.

Thank you everyone that has bought our stuff. It is a mind-fuck to think of someone in South Africa wearing our tee, and a true event when we see one worn in Loughborough market!

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