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Saturday 11 December 2021

Find No Enemy Declare "Party" Madness and Musical Hooliganism


KartikSundar was one of the first people to listen to our stuff and give us a review. Believe us, we had written a ton of emails without even a reply before he gave Unspool My Heart a really strong review. It doesn't mean we're going out or anything, but at the end of a crazy sixth months, as we release a wonky Christmas Record and know we are sitting on a whole series of amazing unreleased songs for 2022 (we shit you not, if you don't believe us we can argue in 6 months when we've scorched tyre tracks through your synapses) it is good to just pause and think, this is someone that got us in June, is he still on the Nasty Train in December.

Their latest three track EP is a bafflingly all over the place smorgasbord of tunes that span a more mellow pop rock bite size offering to a gloomy gothic horror core track that overbears on you. The group thrives of madness, with their latest release on the eve of Christmas a decision they believe is their duty to add to the god given collective hysteria. Musical hooliganism at its finest.
We prefer all over the place to eclectic. Just as a tasting note. Eclecticism implies a nurturing, curating thoughtful process. This is a musical gatling gun. We only use a gun because we can't afford the steamroller.

Is it our duty to point out how mental Christmas is, whilst pointing that organised religion is a conspiracy of smelly old men with papery skin and delusions that they should control the world around them?

Well yes. There's a reason that Cyril Smith is the cover star. Research him. Go look up old interviews. Check his moves. He wasn't a one off, there are more. We see them everyday.

Kartik, come back in 6 months and tell us we've sold out and lost our mojo. Until then we shall continue to love you.

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