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Friday 10 December 2021

Roadie Music calls Party "the product of a madhouse"


Brazil. We love you! Roadie Music? You too. Come here for a big heavy metal hug. You think we're mad? Ha ha you should sit down for a drink with us sometime.

Roadie get what we do, and have done a great write up for us. Have a look-see, as it is in Portuguese we've translated it below.

An EP like this, was recorded in a madhouse and with an absurdly wonderful production.

The 9 o'clock freaks Nasty round out the year with the most wonderfully unbalanced release we could ever come across.

There was a time when we would have been mildly annoyed at being called freaks. We'd have been fetching our pistols and demanding a duel at dawn out by the dog turds near the gas works. Now we are putting on our FreakSuits. 

This British trio managed to produce three highly whimsical pieces that address themes such as religion, Christmas and other subjects that transit in a widely organised chaos and which, despite the difference between the tracks, complement each other in a masterful way.

Ah. The word eclectic was missed. Thank fuck for that! Whimsical is a lovely word. If it means wilfully odd then we're there. 

The 9 o’clock Nasty has musicians of the highest competence who also know very well how to add effects to their compositions so that this journey becomes even more curvy in a car that seems to have no brakes. 

Party is a work that has to be heard at maximum volume so that no details are lost and the party is really good, as it yields a lot to shake, jump and have fun in the most different situations.

If he were alive these days, Frank Zappa would have invited 9 o'clock Nasty to join his band, for sure, such is the madness that permeates the masterly work of these guys.

We would say Mr Zappa was a little straight in his contrived tableaux of artful wonk, whereas we are more instinctive and feral. That said, hell ueah!  

A band highly recommended for anyone with an open mind and hoping to expand their musical horizons to unimaginable levels, and become a fan of one of the coolest combos that have emerged in recent times on the world music scene.

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