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Monday 6 December 2021

Venuewatch - two new ones as 2021 Farts and Mutters to an End: The Donkey and Royal Oak

Too often we lament the closure of venues, but we can tell anyone of the Leicestershire persuasion that they have not one but two new venues opening their doors for live music.

Already open is the Royal Oak in Rothley, just a jam-jar ride away from our studio. We went to see the first gig there and judging by the state of our bar-tab we had a good time. It was good to see the mix of regulars and band-followers mixing happily and drinking along with the stomp-inducing music. Danzig came with us and of course he wrote it up. They will have live music on Saturdays once they get into full swing.

Meanwhile. we think it is announced elsewhere, but The Donkey looks set to re-open for gigs in Leicester. First night will probably be 11th December and we hope to go along to cheer along and celebrate the happening.

Running a venue is hard. There was a time when music promoters were all stone-hearted bastards making easy money off the sweat, blood and tears of naive bands. Now the sweat, blood and tears is very much from the promoters that have to fight hard to keep venues operating. If you have one near you, give it some love this weekend. Nasty, out x

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