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Tuesday 27 July 2021

Roadie Music in Brazil reviews Unspool My Heart


It is an absolute pleasure to get a review on Roadie Music, an incredibly popular and well-put-together Brazilian Music blog

We struggle to understand Portuguese but Google Translate works wonders and we really enjoyed Allesandro's words:

Leicester's art-indie collective manages to "insult" virtually every demographic group in its second release, but always with naïve kindness, energy and memorable melodies. They are irresistible songs, with a symbiosis of openly pop aura with experimental elements. The lyrics only makes the artistic precept even more engaging!

We're old enough to remember when the musical universe was the venues within an hour's drive of your house, and if you were lucky a few gigs in London. Those were wonderful days, truly. We had the tremendous good fortune to break out of that bubble and play overseas at different times and that gave us something special. But the joy of being heard on the other side of the world, having music we made in this stunted endurance test of a studio, covered in old crinoline and hairspray, and having the impressions of people there, well it is humbling.

Here is a salute to the internet, social media and of course to Nasty. Perhaps we can include Brazil in our first tour?

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