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Friday 9 July 2021

What Time Is Nasty?


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What Time is Nasty? is the third track from "Dry," the July 2021 EP of 9 o'clock Nasty. The answer cannot come as a surprise, but in truth, don't we always just want to hear the answer we expected when we ask a question?

9 o’clock approaches as the clock ticks down. You gulp, staring at the second hand as each second stretches out to be milliseconds of little devils laughing in your ears. You start sweating in a daze. “What time is nasty?” “9 o’clock!” “What time is nasty?” “9 o’clock!” The night is going to be nasty, and there’s nothing you could do to stop it. Tick-tock, tick-tock. It’s all you could think about.  

9 o’clock nasty has nailed that demonic, poised moment with a fractured, poetic gesture in reminiscence of the 60s psychedelic, garage rock expression. Progressing towards the final madness of the night in a steady, rhymical, endless loop smashing into a clang, joyously and irresponsibly. The band has a nasty sense of humor.  (Phork, July 2021)

Listening Notes

Check your timepiece. Wait until 8.45. It doesn't matter if it is am or pm. 8.45. 

Strip. Strip naked. Dispose of clothes. Cast aside shoes. All of it. Jewellery. Hats. Piercings. 

Return yourself to your original state. Bare.

Shake all the tension from your body. Avoid mirrors. Roll your shoulders. Be at one with the meat that makes you. We are all meat. Meat and Thoughts.

Walk in a slow circle. Pace. Steady. Breathe and breathe. Get the air into your body. Let the clock do its work.

9.00. Exactly. No more, no less. Throw open all windows. Throw open all barriers. Shriek like you were just fucking born. Rebirth yourself into a cruel and stupid world. Fuck this. 

Press play. Get Nasty.

Sing Along

We say "What Time is Nasty?" 

You say "Nine o'clock!"

It really isn't hard. 


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