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Friday, 9 July 2021

Unspool My Heart


Unspool My Heart Dry EP Track 1 Download or Listen Free

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Unspool My Heart is the first track from "Dry," the July 2021 EP of 9 o'clock Nasty. You may have lived in relationships that wound forwards. Wound back. Forwards. Back. This is for you. Both of you.

We all know one. The idiot the village left behind. The Gammon Believer.

The star of the porno in their freakshow mind. 

"He is the poundshop Stalin of my broken heart."

Reviewers Said

"Wasn’t sure what to expect from such a short track, but it was pleasantly surprising with its cool funky delivery. I enjoyed it, short but sweet!" @Porcupiny 

"Classic Rock Sound with some entertaining lyrics" @IndieBandGuru

Listening Notes

Consider an ex. Consider, really consider where it went wrong. Think about the person they are with now. Be honest, do you like their new lover? Tolerate them? This is the song to sing when you think of that rival. The one that took away your love. Be honest, they defeated you. You lost. 

Now, find a playlist, or a mixtape that you particularly associate with that lost love. Find it but pause there. Pause. Take a deep breath. Delete the fucking pile of shit and play this instead. Dance with joy. You won. It doesn't matter what anyone else may say, there is only one winner in the game of your life, and you are it.

Sing Along

He was a one man conga. An accident of fashion.

The star of the porno in his freak-show mind. 

The idiot the village left behind. 

He was the gammon believer.

The giver not giving. 



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