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Monday 5 July 2021

NastyGram - Offer to Instagram Followers


We do, of course, love all social media. But, we keep hearing that Instagram is where it is at. And we want "it" whatever that is. Human Nature. So we have a special offer for anyone that follows us on the other Facebook Platform before Sunday 25th July.

All Instagram followers on that day, will get a link send to them via DM that allows the download of a spacial sneak preview of one of the songs from the September EP "Dusty" - probably a demo mix of "Say No To Funk."

Free mp3 forever.  

We try not to just do the same content on all the social media, so for Instagram we are going with the whole video thing. You'll find 30 second clips of songs we haven't released yet, something new every day, and assorted NastyGrams. It won't just be gently reheated stuff from Facebook.

Please do head to Instagram and give us a Follow.

If you want to complete the set, we do also tweet most days with things that the Internet Needs to Hear.

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