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Friday 16 July 2021

New Video for Gammon v Pilgrim


We are currently hard at work on the next Nasty EP, provisionally entitled "Growl." All work and no work does however make Jack a dull person. Apparently. So we made this for you all. And ourselves, mostly. Jethro hates it and had to leave the room screaming. 

As well as providing a suitable backdrop to dance along with Gammon v Pilgrim the video has a useful educational role in assisting the viewer in Gammon identification. You may disagree with our choice of faces to include, which is fine, if you edit your own video with a different selection please drop us a line.

There is the moment the next morning when you think... dammit, I missed XXXXX. There is always one more Gammon. They are like year-old samosas embedded in the wall like throwing stars the afternoon after you got back from Skegness all high on rock and breeze in the heady days of summer 2020.

Anyway, if you do think of a missing Gammon, feel free to name them in the comments below. One that makes us go "Oh Yes!" the most wins one of Pete Brock's discarded E-Strings.

We'll start the ball rolling. Dyson.... GO! 

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K to the Damage said...

Botham, everyone who voted leave, Bentleys Sheds on the A6, the Warburtons family of shit breadmakers, and Rishi Sunak. ☠️⚰️🤞