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Wednesday 14 July 2021

Review: Unspool My Heart on Nenes Butler


Thank you to Nenes Butler for their review and for publishing an interview with us, which was a real pleasure. It's a great blog and well-worth a look.

We hope they won't mind us putting a translation of the German section here (and forgive our mashed up efforts at translation. 

What I really appreciate about 9 o'clock Nasty is that they don't play around for long, you get straight to the point.Unspool My Heart starts immediately, starting with the chorus, a chorus in the 60s sound, seasoned with psychedelica, a breeze of rock and sixties harmonies.The sound is very earthy and raw which is absolutely suitable for this genre. The vocals bring you even closer to this musical decade. Original and more than just good, they force you to sing along. If you listen to the rest of their EP "Dry" it quickly becomes clear that they do not concentrate on this style alone or let it be nailed down. We are already eagerly awaiting their next EP which will be released soon.

We shall be asking our good friend Danzig Krupp to check out Nenes Butler (he may be the most dangerous man in Western Music, but his reviews aren't as good as this).