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Thursday 8 July 2021

Dark Strudel review "Dry" : der Pfundladen Stalin meines gebrochenen Herzens

Danzig Krupp, blogger, fantasist and "the most dangerous man in Western music" is at it again. We sent him an advance copy of Dry (release this Friday) on red vinyl (10" white label, he insists) and his review does not disappoint. With his permission we reprint his short but poignant bout of narrative abuse here in full.

Dark Strudel. Wednesday 7 Jul 2021

Mit DRY haben die 9-Uhr-Nasty die vierte Wand zwischen dem Interpreten und ihrer Musik durchbrochen. Sie wollten die Mauer durchbrechen, die sie von ihren Fans fernhält, aber in Wahrheit bauen sie diese Mauer immer höher und laufen stattdessen barfuß über die Akkorde und den Rhythmus ihrer Lieder und zerschwirten sie zu Staub.  Sie fragen :dass die Zeit böse ist, aber in ihrem Universum ist jeder Moment NASTY. 

Das englische Phänomen des Gammon zieht seinen lila und abscheulichen Kopf in Sick Child auf, aber der Hauptschub der Platte, wenn der Leser das Wortspiel entschuldigen wird, ist eine rohe Sexualität und die Anbetung der verlorenen Liebe. Buchstäblich die Sehnsucht nach Sex, die verloren geht. Sätze wie "der Pfundladen Stalin meines gebrochenen Herzens" betonen diesen Verlust. Muscially eine Tour de Force. Lyrisch zutiefst beunruhigend.

Danzig, if he will allow us to shorten his already short name by five letters and a space, makes some profound and yet utterly banal comments about our new disc. Our favourites include:

....in truth they build that wall ever higher and instead walk barefoot over the chords and rhythm of their songs, squishing them to dust.

Herr Krupp, we love the feel of broken notes between our toes. But we squish them to jelly. As we point out in the song, we PREACH things down to dust. 

Meanwhile, lurking in the second paragraph a poised observation worthy of a Pope with an urgent telephone call from Leicester coming through...

Literally the desire for sex that is lost.

This is not what we thought about in the writer's room. We worked hard to craft some beautiful words, and we think we hit the target. We do feel like Dennis Potter. But if we had written about sex, it would be for desire for that which we did not have rather than the other kind. All the other kinds.

We probably don't get the subtleties of the review but he gave us five stars so that's a double thumbs up. 


Anonymous said...

Krupp is a dilettante, it’s all that steel money.

9 o'clock nasty said...

His family made their money is the accelerated growth enriched ham (gammon) industry, making life-sized humans out of waste gammon, dressing them up in Burtons two-piece suits and shipping them to the home counties.