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Sunday 11 July 2021

New Video for King of Hackney


So we took a large bag of weaponised birdseed and Agnes, the new intern at Koala Studios into downtown Leicester to make a nature documentary. Ended up making a tourist video.

Love you, Leicester.

Nasty Out.


Anonymous said...

Hope you used proper food and not bread or uncooked rice, that can make them sick and is a really irresponsible thing to do.

9 o'clock nasty said...

Please do not concern yourself. We took expert advice from two experts in pigeon digestion and purchases a mealworm based wild-bird food pellet thing in a big bag at a high-street store. The pigeons all commented that it was both flavoursome and nutritious and none (zero) either died there and then, exploded to dry rice swelling in their gizzards, or shuffled off their pigeon coil of mortality.

Thank you for reading and caring - did you actually like the video?

We stand here for Ethical Nasty. Out.