Welcome to the 9 o'clock nasty

Tuesday 20 July 2021

Video for "What Time Is Nasty?"


Gold Paint. Copious Eyeshadow. The clock ticks up and up to Nine O'Clock. Itch and Burn. New Wave of Garage alt-rockers 9 o'clock Nasty tried their first live-action video shoot and the results were.... Nasty.

It had been a long, hot, sweaty day when the NastyPack congregated at the orbiting HQ. Nobody except Jethro will suffer Koala Studios right now because the accumulated moisture and grease running down the walls is all too much. That and the stench from DJ DirtyBoy's rotting cornish pasties. Imbibements were imbibed. New videos for Monstuosa, Walkman Walk and Big Fish in a Pool of Piss* were viewed. More imbibing went on. It was an all-round imbibathon. 

Then the challenge. Why not make another video? Luckily Band Tour Manager, Millenial Consultant Camera Operator, Marissa (the most dangerous woman in Western Music) had a ton of gold panstick and kohl, so.... the video got made.

Enjoy. Nasty, Out.

*These songs form the August EP release "Growl" which for the first time will have actual proper videos on YouTube from day 1 rather than adding afterwards.

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