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We tend to automate our social media at the moment, largely due to Jethro's constant indolence and crisp consumption, so if you're reading this website, you're up to date. However if you want to be warned of new stuff, it may be useful.

On the Twitter we tweet from here: 9nasty (@9nasty2) / Twitter

On the Facebook, much to our regret, we are represented by Mr Benjamin Ding, local Leicester benefactor of independent music, and the son of the original music tycoon Benny Ding of Benny Ding records fame. The family are still looking for Benny, he was last seen heading to Loughborough on a milk float with a carrier bag full of cheap lager. Anyway, we digress. Mr Ding has a Facebook here. Benjamin Ding | Facebook. We should emphasise that although he is known to us, he is not the band. So anything there that later we want to say had nothing to do with us, well it had nothing to do with us. He's sort of an arm's length spokesperson.

He manages a page for the band here.  9 o'clock Nasty | Facebook

On the Instagram we publish 30 second clips of songs, ones that are available and also ones that are not yet available, and sometimes a cover version too. 

We have given Mastadon a go because Twitter is.... 

On TikTok we are trying to share some videos too - as we're allowed 180s ones that is most of one of our songs!

We plan to extend our cyber-network to other places, but Jethro lost the mouse.

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