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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Gammon v Pilgrim

Gammon v Pilgrim (Dank EP Track 1) download or listen free

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Gammon v Pilgrim is the first track from the debut EP of 9 o'clock Nasty. Designed to set the suburban dance-floor alight.

Listening Notes

Best enjoyed in a basement bar at 3.32am. Choose slightly sticky vinyl seating. Find 40 gammons. Prime ones. Suits frayed, tempers on edge, sweat flowing. Watch them pump and dance to the tune as it grinds their souls to dust that will flutter west out over the ocean with sunrise. Drink one martini too many. Consider not drinking another. Ever.

Sing Along

She's a pilgrim for food

She's a pilgrim for water

She's a pilgrim for law

She's a pilgrim for order

Gammon will dine

Gammon consume

Gammon on TV

Liver spot bloom


They are coming to get you. 

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