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Wednesday 16 June 2021

Missing: Our Sound Engineer Is Lost


Our crisp-guzzling sound engineer Jethro has been lost to us. He was last seen in the Budgens in Birstall at 5.30pm with a carrier bag full of 1/4" multi-track tapes waiting for an Uber. He has our mouse which is making working on this blog a bit of a trial to be honest.

Jethro is a lovely soul. He has recorded and produced all of our material to date and has a hearing range that is four times wider than a baseline human. This means that when he hears most modern music he weeps inconsolably. We need him back to finish mixing "What Time is Nasty?" for our July EP release. Nobody else knows how to operate the 18' wooden sound deck he made with parts left over from the Maplins Clearance Sale. 

We need him back because he is part of our collection. Also, Koala Studios does not like to lose staff. 

If you find Jethro please immobilise him as carefully as possible and contact us through all the usual channels. All of them. 

Nasty, out.

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